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NOT All Talk and No Action

Darling Boy and I drew together last night and I started the visual journaling I have been wanting to try. I didn’t do any writing, which I think I should. I found a picture of a fabric flower (fusing probably) … Continue reading

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Thinking Blogger Award

Kristen awarded me the Thinking blogger Award. While it has taken me awhile to post this on my blog and write about it, I was really glad. I don’t think I have ever really shared my writing in any meaningful … Continue reading

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CPS Writes Tips for Creative Sketchbooks

This is the e-mail newsletter that Cloth Paper Scissors sends out. I am including it here to give you another resource for creative sketchbooks and journals. If you want more information go to the Cloth Paper Scissors website. In This … Continue reading

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Hiatus Progress

I decided that this brief interlude while the 9K is in the shop can be considered a Pineapple hiatus. I don’t want to take the blocks off the wall and put them away, because then it will be a year … Continue reading

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Making Lemonade

When you have lemons, make lemonade. As you know, the machine is gone and I can’t work on the Pineapples (Well, I suppose I could, but I want to be sure all of the problems are consistent by using the … Continue reading

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Oh Joyous Day!!

I had a lot to do today, as is par for the course, I guess. I needed to be out of the house early, because I had an appointment and wanted to stop by my designer as well as take … Continue reading

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Sad Day

Today I lost my thimble. It was in my little handwork bag, I think, when I worked on the Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowballs) on Tuesday. Now it is not there. I loved that thimble and used it constantly for handwork. … Continue reading

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Yarnstorm’s Colors

The writer of the Yarnstorm blog has posted photos of her house. Of course, she has a much more interesting house than I do: window seats, interesting mantels, built in bookshelves, etc, but the colors she has used are fantastic. … Continue reading

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Today’s Work

Remember those three half completed blocks from last weekend? Here they are. Complete. I think they came out pretty well. I like the colored pieces I chose. I was rummaging though my blue bin and came across these old dots. … Continue reading

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Making Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowballs) Tutorial

Judith asked about making the Flowering Snowball blocks, so here is a visual tutorial. Please note that this is the “Jaye-Way” and may not get you an prizes at Houston. I would suggest that you read the book by Jinny … Continue reading

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New Inspiration

The seasons are changing here. I think we are past late summer and entering early Fall. The clouds are changing and the air feels different. Work got me a new device, which has a camera. It is not as good … Continue reading

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Project Progress

I now have 15 Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowball). I could have laid them out in a 3×5 grid, but it didn’t look that good.MavMomMary and I took the Pineapple Quilt Class together back in January. She is already putting her … Continue reading

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New Fabrics. Again.

I couldn’t manage to finish entire blocks over the weekend (remember? I was staring at the screen all day Sunday hoping a blog post would magically appear?). I did get part way through these, though, and it will be a … Continue reading

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Thr3fold Journal Articles Review Part 4

The last part of the journal is what I would call the how-to section. I can accept this section as it does not tell me how to do a certain project. I don’t want to do someone else’s project. I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Visual Journals

I stared at the screen all day yesterday and was amazed when no new posts materialized. Today Deirdre got me thinking with her post mentioning a new box of crayons. This dovetailed with me finding two sets of felt tip … Continue reading

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