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Can’t Do Without the Fabric

This is what I bought at Quiltworks Northwest. I hadn’t been there in a long time and they had a TON of fabric. It was everywhere. This is where TFQ bought the bag pattern. The Quilting Loft is a new-ish … Continue reading

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The Many Fabrics of Sawtooth Stars

The Sawtooth Star is a great block. Lots of options, but if you just make them out of two fabrics, they are fabulous as well. Here are TFQ’s 4″ Sawtooth Star blocks: all 685 approximately of them. Sit back and … Continue reading

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Series of Bags

TFQ and I went to Quiltworks Northwest in Bellevue on Friday. At the shop, TFQ saw this bag made up and bought the pattern. The pattern is called Eco Market Tote and is from Favorite Things. I don’t normally buy … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Wood hyacinth. TFQ says they are a weed in Seattle. I just thought they looked beautiful in this setting. Mosaic entry way on Market Street. I like the shadow on the tree. Ornamental cabbage. Art tree and Seattle face.

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Sleeping Well in Seattle

Inspiration a la Red Shoe Rambling TFQ’s Propellers Propeller Detail

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Circles on the Mind

I have this design on my mind. It keeps coming out in different forms all over the place. I think of it as a Mandala, but I don’t know if it can rightly be called a Mandala. I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Another Visual Exercise

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Moving Right Along

I have been trying all week to get a few free moments to show you some pictures. I am off on a trip tomorrow and don’t know if I will get to posting until the first weekend in March, which … Continue reading

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Mind Sorbet

The Chocolate Box quilt, which I talked about in the post about the retreat is what is discussed in Judy Martin‘s February 2008 newsletter. Kristin, one of her readers writes: “I agree that there is nothing wrong with fast quilts. … Continue reading

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Really Look!

Friend Julie is really taking her course with Gabrielle Swain seriously. I wouldn’t expect any less, of course. It is great that she is sharing. I have been working on REALLY looking at things when I draw in my journal … Continue reading

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Thr3fold Journal Issue 2

Linda, Laura and Catherine are back with issue 2 of Thr3fold Journal. They have also updated their website to include a wonderful video of the three of them talking about themselves and the journal. Take a look. clipped from … Continue reading

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One Night Stand

I don’t know what got into me last night, but I had a one night stand. Not the kind you are thinking of, but an art encounter where I finished a small book. I am calling it the Be Brave … Continue reading

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New Way of Drawing?

I saw Sketchcast on one of the blogs that look at occasionally. I thought it was an interesting concept and have been exploring it a little bit this evening. The intriguing part is that they provide the code so you … Continue reading

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Fabric of the Year Project etc.

I decided to do the fabric project that I discussed in two previous posts here and here. This project uses fabrics I have recently purchased in some project right away. This is the fabric I recently washed (a light load). … Continue reading

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Coalescing Ideas Continued…

If you don’t go back and read the comments to some of my posts, I encourage you to do it every once in a while. I don’t get a lot of comments, so it shouldn’t really be a hardship. You … Continue reading

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