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CPP: Look what Kathy Made

I took a look at Kathy’s Finishing Lines site and was pleased to see that she used one of her CPP responses to make a little quiltlet. I am so thrilled! I think that this is the ultimate goal of … Continue reading

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Sketching #33

After working so hard on the detail on last week’s response, I find that this one doesn’t have enough detail. I did a number of studies and couldn’t figure out what else to add so I am just posting it. … Continue reading

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Review: Clear Tote

I decided, when I was on a recent trip, that I wanted to write a review of this bag, because it is pretty different from the others I have made from fabric. As you can see from the picture, I … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Commitment

I am still doing the Word of the Day, even though I haven’t been posting most of the words here. I find it to be a good meditation and a good way to start my day. Today’s word is commitment … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Quilters’ Guild Collection, Contemporary Quilts, Heritage Inspiration

Quilters Guild Collection: Contemporary Quilts, Heritage Inspiration by Bridget Long My rating: 5 of 5 stars While this book does have projects, the focus seems to be on looking at artists’ process and inspiration. In this case antique quilts were … Continue reading

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More Carpet Inspiration

I must walk around looking at my shoes, because I admire a lot of carpets. I, especially, find hotel carpets very interesting. You might remember that I was inspired by some carpet in Dallas in April? Once again, as you … Continue reading

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Nosegay Comments

You might remember that I moved the blog over to WordPress (here) in February or so of this year. The Blogger version of this blog still exists, but It is not being updated. Thus, I was surprised to get a … Continue reading

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Holiday Crafting – YES! Already

Melanie Falick is a goddess! I love the books she edits, her practicality and her blog. I stopped by Melanie’s blog and found some great patterns for holiday crafting. “So soon?” you are thinking. Yes, I say. Get moving so … Continue reading

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Creative Prompt #33: Spiral

You should all have fun with this one! Definition from Wikipedia: In mathematics, a spiral is a curve which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point. Fibonacci Spiral. 2007 movie directed by … Continue reading

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Sketching #32

After looking at a few of my recent drawings and I realized that I hadn’t been adding as much detail as I had in the past. I had some bits of time this week, so I decided to try and … Continue reading

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Various and Sundry Thursday

I am on a trip to the Midwest so I wrote this post in advance so you would have something to read, and, hopefully, enjoy,  while I am away. I’ll be back tomorrow and the Creative Prompt will be posted … Continue reading

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Citrus Holiday and Decorating

I get a Janome email periodically and when I have a chance to look at it, I am usually impressed with something. One thing I like about the photos below is the different colors – not the usual red and … Continue reading

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Totes with Oval Bottoms

I had no idea I would ever need a book called the Illustrated Dictionary of Math. I now find that I actually might. I have mentioned Craft Nectar before and Weeks Ringle does not disappoint. She talks about the usefulness … Continue reading

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Deirdre sent me the link to this entry in Susan Shie’s blog. The post is all about the process of making one of her pieces. I was riveted reading the detail which she includes in her post. clipped from … Continue reading

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Julie Tote

I spent some time sewing yesterday in between soccer and a movie. As a result, I finished the Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker Tote. I keep thinking of it as the Julie tote, since Julie looked high and low and found … Continue reading

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