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Sketching #43

This responses shows many of the things for which I feel gratitude: creativity/fiber art my two ovens my wonderful kitchen people coming over to eat with us a view out my window my Clairefontaine drawing the CPP etc.

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Share and Share Alike

Sadly, no child close to me is really very interested in learning to make quilts or about any fabric related opportunities at all. I am hopeful that Kathy‘s Jessie may take an interest, or one of the nieces will come … Continue reading

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A Dotty Bag

Here is my latest Multi-tasker tote. As usual, I made it from the Anna Maria Horner pattern. The more MTTs I make, the easier this pattern gets. Will this be my new tote bag pattern of choice? I bought the … Continue reading

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Creative Prompt #43: Gratitude

There is more information on the Creative Prompt Page. Gratitude: thankfulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. (from Wikipedia) Thank you! Alfred Painter: Saying thank you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I am very grateful for many things in my life, including all of you who read this blog. Best wishes for a wonderful day with family, friends of with some peace and quiet.

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The Return of Kissy Fish

Back in the Quilting Arts Dark Ages, they showed some embroidery stitches over a series of pages. Somehow those embroidery stitches combined with a viewing of  quilt artist Susan Carlson’s work on Simply Quilts inspired me to get started on … Continue reading

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Christmas Early

I have a number of tote bags with different projects in them. The idea is to be able to “grab and go.” The Big Game (we won, in case you needed to know) was this weekend. It is, generally, the … Continue reading

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Babies Finished

Babies and wedding some in waves and I am in a baby wave right now. I am not having my own baby, just to be very clear. Friends are in baby producing mode, however. I have made a few quilts … Continue reading

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More Catch Up Monday

Yes, I know. You want to know why all of my post titles have ‘catch up’ in them? I suppose that I am entering the time of the year when I am perpetually behind. It started early this year. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Kim’s Garland

This is a cool garland that my sister made.I thought I wrote about it before, but apparently not. If you want to buy it, go to her Etsy shop. I love it and hope she will just make one for … Continue reading

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Sketching #42

I am pretty pleased with this response to the prompt, Knot. What do you think of when you see or think about the word knot?

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Sketching #39

I forgot to post this one when I posted all the others. Sorry about that. I have Thanksgiving on the mind. We always set up a drinks area by our downstairs sink. It works very well.

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Creative Prompt #42: Knot

Bowline Celtic Knot Slip knot Granny knot Square knot Turk’s head Knot tying Macrame’ Windsor knot – tie your tie Gallery of Knots Untangle the knots There is more information on the recently updated Creative Prompt Page. NASDAQ:KNOT Diamond Knot … Continue reading

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Catch Up Thursday

It turns out that Sunday’s Catch Up post wasn’t enough. I have more photos to show you and stuff to tell you. I may have to start doubling up on posts each day! I showed you TFQ’s Fresh Modern (or … Continue reading

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Using Oilcloth

Most of you have probably heard about oilcloth recently.  Anna Maria Horner has some as does Michael Miller and many other designers. While on my week away, I bought some dotted oilcloth designed/produced by Michael Miller from the Quilting Loft. … Continue reading

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