I mentioned a week or so ago that I had spent some time doing rote sewing. Part of that day of roteness (is that a word?) was making backs.

Tarts Back

Tarts Back

Above is the back for the Tarts. As I said previously, it went together really quickly. I am showing it again so you can see the contrast. Making the Tarts backĀ  made me think that I could get the back for FOTY 2009 done really quickly.


FOTY 2009 back

FOTY 2009 back

I gave myself the rule of using only fabrics I bought or received in 2009 for the back. That meant a lot of rummaging through fabric. That meant a lot of FQs and piecing fabrics together to make them fit. When I finally finished at 9pm on Sunday, I felt like I had accomplished something.

It is a strange looking back and I hope all the seams won’t be a problem on the longarm.

FOTY 2009 detail

FOTY 2009 detail

One thing I found when I came back from the CQFA Retreat was a bunch of other FOTY 2009 blocks! Nooooo! I can’t believe they weren’t with all the others. I could have added another row of blocks if I had found them BEFORE the retreat. I decided to get over it and put them on the back.

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2 Responses to Backs

  1. JulieZS says:

    Dang! All those blocks left off the front?! Well they look great on the back anyways.

    • Jaye says:

      Yes, I was annoyed, but life is short so I moved on. I put them in a different place and it reminds me I need more organizational structure in my workroom. another to-do/to-buy list item.

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