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Creative Prompt #65: Arches

Arches National Park An arch is a structure that spans a space while supporting weight (e.g. a doorway in a stone wall). Wikipedia high arch fallen arches Golden Arches See the Creative Prompt page if you have questions about this … Continue reading

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Longarming a FOTY

I need to stop with the large quilts. However, I like making large-ish quilts, though. The problem is that I am too short to photograph them. Perhaps I just need to win the lottery and have my own personal photographer … Continue reading

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Announcing EQ7

I just heard the announcement for the new version of the Electric Quilt software, EQ7. This is an update to Electric Quilt 6. I have used EQ since the dark ages of EQ3? EQ4? I can’t even remember. There are … Continue reading

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2 Quilts Have Returned: Chocolate Box

I am really pleased with the quilting on the Chocolate Box. The whole quilt came out really well, which was surprising, since I don’t usually use much brown (as you might have noticed). I did like that brown – kind … Continue reading

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2 Quilts Have Returned: Passionate Purple

As you may remember, this is part of a series of Bullseye quilts I am working on with JulieZS and Adrienne. I tool Thursday off of work so that I could rest up for my quilt marathon. One of the … Continue reading

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Sketching #61: Branch

This prompt response rattled around in my head for quite a while. I had a different imageof what I wanted to do in my mind, but changed what I drew at the last second after looking through my prompt responses … Continue reading

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Sketching #63: Cafe’

I am trying to get back to sketching more detail. I am still trying to refer back to other responses. Do you remember the umbrella from Flame and Summer?

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Hideous Tarts

Ta Da! The Tarts are ready to quilt. Don’t have a heart attack when you see the grey border. I know it is ugly fabric that does not coordinate with the bright cheerfulness of the rest of the quilt. It … Continue reading

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Creative Prompt #64: Flower

I can’t help myself with this week’s word. I saw so many wonderful flowers in the past week that they are really on my mind. Spring has sprung! Vase of flowers Bouquet of flowers See the Creative Prompt page if … Continue reading

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Inspiration Thursday

Tomorrow is my longarming day. I plan to quilt FOTY 2009. As a result I have quilt designs on the mind. What do you think of that swirled design? I am thinking of looking at it as a line drawing. … Continue reading

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Various & Sundry Wednesday

Janome One of the great things about being a fan of Janome on FB is that they interact with their fans. I love that. I love it that they actually answer questions. Periodically I have a question about a foot … Continue reading

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Spoon Jewelry

My sister went to A Work of Heart last week. She asked me to go, but I had stuff to do, was tired and thought Spoon jewelry would look lame. WRONG! I should have known that between my sister and … Continue reading

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Artquiltmaker Giveaway

I did the One World One Heart blog round robin thing, as you probably noticed, back in February. I had hoped that people would take some time with their comments, and join the CPP. I see a lot of new … Continue reading

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Cartier Again

I went to the Cartier exhibit with my MIL on Friday. The exhibit will be leaving in the next few weeks and I didn’t feel like I had seen enough the last time I went. I wrote about going a … Continue reading

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Aurifil Thread Thoughts

Somehow, in my travels around the web, I was pointed to Blue Moon River (News from the Studio of Susan Brubaker Knapp, her blog). In the April 15, 2010 post, she tells the world that she has been selected for … Continue reading

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