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Original Bullseye Border

I don’t always start a quilt and finish it right away. Often, I start a quilt in order to work through an idea and then I get stuck on one part. Putting it away is a good way to let … Continue reading

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Design Exercises

We did a bunch of things at the CQFA meeting and one that I haven’t yet written about was the design exercises. We continued our design and creativity series (not sure if that is the name, but I had to … Continue reading

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Lil Sissy Pencil Roll

Pencil rolls usually take me about 3 hours to make. That assumes, of course, that I don’t sew the ties to the back as I am making the pencil pockets and have to rip out. This one took me three … Continue reading

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Creative Prompt #69: Quirky

quirky manner Quirky Gourmet quirky way of looking at things quirky: The word quirk is used to describe an odd habit, and is used as a surname. (Wikipedia) QN Podcast (formerly Quirky Nomads) Quirky quotes See the Creative Prompt page … Continue reading

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Another Visit to the Amish Quilts

The Amish Quilts from the Stephen and Faith Brown Collection will be leaving the DeYoung on June 6. TFQ bought the exhibit catalog and, before even looking at the whole thing, slammed the book shut and made plane reservations to … Continue reading

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Decorator House Visit

Every year there is a decorator showcase house in my city. This year I was offered free tickets to visit when TFQ was here. The house is in a neighborhood called Presidio Heights. It was a jewel of a house, … Continue reading

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Pineapple Progress

The Pineapple has been on my mind lately. I took TFQ’s visit as an opportunity to get a new perspective. I laid the blocks out in the living room and we looked at them and talked about them. One of … Continue reading

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Fabric Design Insights

I have been trying to clear out my email. One of things I do with my email is that I use my Inbox as a To Do list (one of them). I get notices of happenings in the quilt world … Continue reading

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Sorbet Fabric

I know I haven’t shown Sorbet in awhile. I had a number of different issues and it wasn’t working out as the mind sorbet that I needed. I think what I determined is that quilts are not mind sorbet if … Continue reading

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Merry & Bright Wrap Progress

TFQ came to stay last weekend. She and I wedged a visit in even though we had a family event in the middle of her visit. One of the things *I* like to do when she is here is get … Continue reading

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Creative Prompt #68: Oval

Shape face hockey oval Oval Office oval cut diamond Oval: In technical drawing an oval (from Latin ovum, ‘egg’) is a figure constructed from two pairs of arcs, with two different radii. Wikipedia speed skating oval Oval: An oval is … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Leaf

This is the card and wrapping I received from my mother for Mother’s Day. I love the wrapping paper. I think it is the colors.

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Lush Gift Bags

One of the reasons I buy fabric specifically destined for and make gift bags is so that I don’t have to wrap gifts using paper. I also like to have an excuse to buy holiday fabric that I know I … Continue reading

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Eye Spy & Tumbler

I have been cutting patches for Julie‘s Tumbler quilt for awhile. It seems only fair since she cut a boatload of hexagons for my Eye Spy quilt. Periodically, I get a bunch together and give them to her when I … Continue reading

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Knitting Box Un-Fail?

Last week I discussed the Knitting Box. I thought it was a hopeless failure and I would have to go back to the drawing board. My fabulous readers came up with some solutions, including a list of comments about “portable … Continue reading

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