Pillowcase Finished!

Robot Pillowcase #2

Robot Pillowcase #2

I had to finish something this weekend aside from the interminable pressing and patch cutting. I pulled out one of the pillowcases I had prepared when The Child was making his and finished it. These pillowcases are soooo unbelieveably easy. The worst part is cutting the fabric. I think I have one more prepared and then I’ll have organize more fabric to make a few more.

TFQ is making a bunch and she tried sizing down the Twiddletails pattern slightly. She said it came out fine and she didn’t have to cram the pillow into the case. I want to avoid that at all costs. I want the pillow to slide in so it is a 2 second linen changing job rather than a 20 minute pain and torture session.

One of the best things about this particular pillowcase is that the seam where the cuff, trim and body of the pillowcase all come together matched up! I was really excited about that!

Matching Seams

Matching Seams

I know it is silly, but I really like doing the best job possible so that people don’t say that I didn’t pay attention. Since these are going to kids with cancer, I really want mine to be the best they can be.

On another, but slightly related note, my mom loved her Sweet Dreams Pillowcase. She left SoCal almost as soon as she received it, but she said she used it at least once.

I am still working on a number of projects on which I have made incremental progress. That is one reason I needed to whip out the pillowcase. I needed to finish something!

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14 Responses to Pillowcase Finished!

  1. SherriD says:

    You said TQF downsized the pattern a bit. I assume you did not on yours. Did your pillow, using the exact measurements of the pattern, seem too big? I had printed out that pillow pattern when you first posted about it on your blog and will be making some pillowcases for our guild charity, as well as for Christmas gifts soon. I’d love to know your thoughts on the pattern sizing please. 😀

  2. JayeL says:

    The pattern is generously sized. I don’t think that it would be a problem to downsize it. I don’t know the exact measurements that TFQ used. I think that she downsized the main body of the pillowcase to 26″ and the cuff to 9″. Try the pattern out and see what you think.

  3. TFQ says:

    I tried out a couple of different variations, and ended up with the body of the pillowcase at 26.5″, and the cuff at 9″ (instead of 27″ and 12″ in the Twiddletails tutorial). The dimensions I used are still bigger than the size of my store-bought cases — I just prefer the cuff to be smaller in proportion to the body of the pilllowcase.

  4. Jaye says:

    You can also see, in the picture, that the cuff is mostly on the floor. I think that it would be safe to downsize, especially since TFQ tried and provided the measurements!

  5. SherriD says:

    What size pillows are you using? We have normal sized and huge (extra long, probably queen or king size)

  6. SherriD says:

    Thank you TQF and Jaye. I will be working on some Panda pillowcases tomorrow! My daughter, though 24, LOVES ANYTHING Panda-ish! :) I will post them on my blog next week, after she has gotten them. :)

  7. SherriD says:

    Since my daughter doesn’t read my blog, I posted the finished pillow cases today!

  8. SherriD says:

    I actually have used a similar pattern before. Twiddletails’ was written much more clearly though and her photographs were definitely better!

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