Mosaic Monday

One of the things I enjoy about my city are the unexpected mosaic and tile art I see around. At one point, apparently, mosaics and tiles were used commonly for entry ways and they are little pieces of art hiding in unexpected places.

Castro Entryway Circle

Castro Entryway Circle

I went to get my hair cut the other day and walked past a doorway I must have walked past 1,000 times only to notice a mosaic design I have never seen before. I feel fortunate to have a camera on my cell phone which I can use to snap pictures of things I see around town. I know this photo isn’t great (someday I will learn Photoshop), but you can get the idea. I don’t remember seeing many circles like this in other entryway mosaics I have seen. The idea could be used for a quilt block, but it wouldn’t be for the faint of heart.

Castro Entryway Corner

Castro Entryway Corner

Corners are always the hardest part of borders, so I try to take a photo of the corner of the mosaics also. This one isn’t very difficult to piece. I wish I could talk with some of the craftsmen who did these entryways.

Also, last week I went to the State Capital with the Young Man’s class (As an aside, it was exhausting being around 60 teenagers!). It is the last chance I have to go on a field trip with him and I haven’t been to the Capitol in awhile. I went with DH some time ago and it was interesting to see the changes.

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