Pokey Bolton Moves On

Pokey Bolton announced that there is a shakeup at Quilting Arts. You can read the whole deal on her blog. I’d like my title to be Chief Creative Officer. I’ll get right on that.

I would have kept this news for a Various and Sundry post, since this is the perfect tidbit for that kind of post.  I didn’t want to be posting it in 3-4 weeks, however.

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6 Responses to Pokey Bolton Moves On

  1. Angela O. says:

    Whoa! Thanks for the info.

    I’m with you and want to add “CCO” to my name. Now to find someone who will pay me to do that!

    Since you seem to be in the quilty-know, do you know what’s going on at Fabric Trends? I’m dying of curiousity and can’t find anything on the net about it.

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