BAMQG May Meeting

A-B-C Challenge: O & P Blocks
A-B-C Challenge: O & P Blocks

I went to the CQFA meeting today, but not BAMQG. 🙁 , I know. Too much family stuff going on and I needed at least a few hours off. We have more tomorrow, so choices had to be made. I miss the BAMQG people. I really thank Angela for bringing a bunch of stuff to the meeting for me.

A-B-C Challenge

I made the O and the P blocks for the A-B-C Challenge.

Ocean Wave
Ocean Wave
A-B-C Challenge: Peace & Plenty
A-B-C Challenge: Peace & Plenty

I am pretty pleased with the way these blocks turned out. They are the first blocks I chose based on what type of blocks I need to finish the quilt. The Peace & Plenty block goes well with the Electric Fan while the Ocean Wave goes well with the King’s Crown in terms of shape and style.

Q and R are next month. I hope there is something good for Q!


Blue Donation Quilt
Blue Donation Quilt

Angela agreed to drop off the Blue Donation quilt I made so somebody can quilt it.

I also finished the back yesterday. I made the back from the cut off edges of the Stars for San Bruno quilts. I could only find enough of those large strips to finish about half of a back, but decided to just bite the bullet, pull from my stash and finish it. I had pulled out some fabrics last weekend, but didn’t think there was enough. There was one big piece that started the finishing process off and that piece made the back nearly large enough. All I had to do was put a couple more inches on two sides and, unless someone plans to longarm the quilt, I was good to go.

The back is one of my usual pieced backs, but not very ‘modern.’ I hope they don’t mind. It is what it is.

Blue donation quilt back
Blue donation quilt back

I also had a few donation blocks, but not very many. I felt bad about that until I realized I had put a whole quilt AND Frankenbatting AND back together! Now I don’t feel bad and I am moving forward on the next donation piece!

I decided I wanted to work with pink. I actually have been cutting pieces for a pink quilt for awhile, but I want to work with pink for a donation quilt. I am sure there are some girly girls out there who will appreciate it. I am prepping pinks to cut into 2.5″ squares to combine with the black on white fabrics. I am interested to see how those blocks will look. Hope the Charity girls don’t mind my experimentation. 😉

Kona quilts

BAMQG RK Kona Challenge
BAMQG RK Kona Challenge

The group is entering Kona challenge quilts into the Fair as a group, so Angela took my Kona challenge quilt to the meeting as well. Amanda kindly agreed to drop it off for me. I have to do the paperwork, though. AND I need to do the paperwork NOW!

I wanted to enter something into the Fair and this is as good a thing as any. Perhaps I will still get the parking passes.

I am off to sew. I am determined to finish the latest Swoon block today and perhaps get started on those pink donation blocks. Have a great rest of your day!


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2 thoughts on “BAMQG May Meeting”

  1. What a post full of productivity! You inspire me. Three thoughts while reading your post:
    1. How is the back of the Blue Donation Quilt NOT modern? I’ll admit that to me abstract = modern, and the back is as modern as one can get.
    2. I must have missed your Kona Challenge quilt while in production… I love it! The area outside of the thirteen main blocks (guess could be considered a border?) frames those blocks perfectly and with the addition of the super thin binding, it just works.
    3. Which Fair?
    Lastly, get your paperwork done.

    1. Thanks!!!! I don’t feel like this was productive at all, but I am taking it to heart that it was since you were inspired.
      1. The “Modern” quilts seem to have only one strip across the back, so it might be modern to me, but I don’t think the true “modern” quiltmakers would consider it modern.
      2. The border is done with a method I call “self bordering.” It has to do with the comment you noticed in the Design Series on Rhythm. This method helps finish the design.
      3. San Mateo County Fair. I entered online, now get the to your entry form! I remember you saying you would enter!!!

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