A Little More Scrapitude


I finally finished the square blocks for Scrapitude. The above photo shows a sample if the two kinds of blocks required for the project. I still have some pressing to do to completely finish this part.

I worked on them on and off using Bonnie Hunter’s leaders and enders method while I worked on other projects over the past few days.

There is quite a bit of pink, which is a little worrisome. I hope it work out.

I think they look cheerful.


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4 Responses to A Little More Scrapitude

  1. tfq says:

    I like these a lot! I haven’t done FOTY for a couple of years, but am thinking these might be a good unit to play with ….

  2. Sandy H says:

    I’m just now working through step 2…. As I started sewing pieces together for step 1, I realized I seemed to have a preponderance of green. I tried to mix up how I was sewing everything together to hopefully spread it out. Funny how you don’t notice these things until you see them all stacked…

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