We Have a Winner!

Fresh Fruit: San Mateo County Fair 2014

Fresh Fruit: San Mateo County Fair 2014

I visited the county fair last week to see the quilts and eat a frozen chocolate covered banana. Why else would I go? 😉

I was pleased to see I had another winner!

Fresh Fruit got an Honorable Mention. Nothing like the bonanza last year, but respectable nonetheless. It is certainly nice to win.

The Whole Cloth Quilt got nothing. :(

I am happy that Fresh Fruit is a winner, but also irritated. As I told you, it is a pattern e.g. not an original design, like the Whole Cloth Quilt. I used the same fabric as the designer used int he magazine picture. There was very little that was original in that quilt, unlike the Whole Cloth Quilt, which was completely original.

Silly Boys: Fresh Fruit: San Mateo County Fair 2014

Silly Boys: Fresh Fruit: San Mateo County Fair 2014

As they did last year, I had the boys make a fuss over my quilt, mostly because they are so hilarious.

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    Either way, congratulations! I can totally understand your frustration as I also like to design my quilts.

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