CQFA February ATCs

February CQFA ATCs
February CQFA ATCs

I made a second CQFA meeting in a row. It was exciting to have two weekends in row to devote to doing what I wanted.

As per usual, I made ATCs for the meeting. I never quite know what design I am going to use until I do it. Often, I look in my scrap drawer to see what is available. On this day, I had straightened up the scraps from some tunics I had made. There were some large pieces of Philip Jacobs fabric available without much rummaging and I used that to make the flowers.

In this case, I also wanted to use some of my new Sue Spargo Perl-type cottons and came up with this design to do so. I had some trouble getting the stitch to be smooth, but as I worked through the cards, I got the optimal length worked out.

I noticed from looking at the last group of ATCs that I tend to embellish them.

As in October, few people made ATCs. Bron and I were the only ones who had any to share, so we exchanged one each with each other. I made an extra one when I got home and will use these for the April meeting, assuming I can attend.

ATCs Again! Finally!

December 2016 ATCs
December 2016 ATCs

I finally made some ATCs! After missing several meetings, then not having time to make any before the October meeting I feel like I have reached the summit of a high mountain. Additionally, I used the charms that have been sitting on my cutting table (or falling off repeatedly) for months!

I wanted a fall theme to go with the leaves and it is still Fall, though it feels like winter some days.

Today is the CQFA meeting, so we will see how they are received.

Freddy Moran Lecture

Freddy Moran -http://www.santabarbaraquilting.com/images/freddy-1.jpg
Freddy Moran -http://www.santabarbaraquilting.com/images/freddy-1.jpg

At the end of July, I went to a Freddy Moran lecture at the San Francisco Quilter’s Guild. I am not a member, but they do get good speakers, so I try and go once in a while.

End of July? I know. This post has been laying around for awhile.

I like Freddy’s work because it is bright and I like her work because of her collaborations with Gwen Marston. I have heard her speak a few times and have dozens of quilts from the books she has written on my “to make” list. Actually, I want to make quilts as bright as hers more than I want to make the actual patterns. She inspired me to use dots and colors as neutrals.

Freddy is getting quite old (approaching 90) and her husband died last year, which sent her into a tailspin. She talked about the changes in her life affecting her work and methods in the lecture.

Freddy started out her quiltmaking “career” with a sampler quilt, but didn’t feel she was very good at the technical aspects of quiltmaking. She didn’t start until she was over 60 and her kids were grown, which she thought was part of the issue. At some point she made a house block and that sent her off in the direction of multiple house blocks. She made a number of house quilts and found that bright colors were what she liked. She doesn’t think she is particularly good at technique and now doesn’t even sew much.

Freddy showed a number of quilts, which look different from her house quilts. I could still see the ‘Freddy touch’ when I looked at them as well as the influence of her collaboration with Gwen Marston. I especially like the basket quilt. I’d also love to make a row quilt like hers.

Freddy Moran's Applique'
Freddy Moran’s Applique’

She is doing a new collaboration with her quilter now where she glue sticks fabric and motifs to a background fabric and then her quilter “appli-quilts” the pieces to the background.

She has other new pieces which remind me of Mary Mashuta’s “Pushed Neutral” technique, which was so intriguing when I started making art quilts.

I really enjoyed the lecture. I wish I could go and spend time with the various quiltmakers I admire and see what they think of my work.

CQFA Show and Tell

Rhonda and I ducked out of the BAM Retreat to attend the CQFA meeting. They are often conflicting at the moment, which is a challenge. I didn’t want to leave the retreat, however I have missed so many CQFA meetings that I felt bad about missing another. Since Rhonda was going, I decided to go for the meeting, but not stay for the workshop.

Despite my perpetual To Do List item to make ATCs, I didn’t make any. I wasn’t the only one. Poor Virginia had nobody with whom to exchange.

Tea in a Cafe
Tea in a Cafe

One of the most exciting things to happen to other guild is that there will be a show either in July 2017 or in 2018. The theme will be “In Conversation.” I immediately got a flash of an idea in my mind and drew it out in my journal. It is loosely based on a picture I took in Austria.

The picture is just the start. I want to add in some hands. I don’t know the angle yet, though straight on sideways or straight from the top would be easier to draw. I do like the angle shown in the picture, but I don’t know if I can do it credible justice. My UFO list is creeping up, but I am excited about this project and wonder if I can get started on it and get it to a good point before I lose interest?

Maureen's Book
Maureen’s Book

Anyway. Show and Tell was awesome. I was especially inspired by Maureen’s book. She is in a collage group that meets once a week. She has been doing some great stuff in that group. In a recent meeting, she learned about a simple Japanese binding and made a book.

The content/pages are always a problem for me. How many journals does a person need? Maureen had a genius idea to use black and white drawings from a previous class.

I love this book! The overall content and structure are great, but the best part is the little surprises inside. She added a window on to the next page. One of the pages has a rounded edge, again providing a glimpse farther in the book. Another page is cut at an angle and the following page is so carefully placed that the reader cannot tell they are two separate pages right away.

Julie brought her Tumbler quilt.

Dolores' Cube
Dolores’ Cube

Dolores showed an almost finished fabric sculpture. She has been working on studies to get the process down for awhile. I have seen the smaller ones, but was thrilled to see the large version.

Each side has a different texture. Some of them are achieved through quilting, but others are kind of sewing techniques such as smocking.

I love the textures she achieved, especially from some serious quilting on the sides.

Carol is still working in solids and brought two of her quilts. These are a follow up to the quilt she worked on at the Retreat. I really like the subtle shifts in color in the Tulip quilt. I know that there are depths that tone-on-tones achieve that solids can’t, however I can’t help but love what people can achieve with solids as well.

Jennifer brought more of her felted wool pieces. Nancy brought a journal cover she made using my tutorial. I was pretty excited about that, because someone actually used one of my tutorials! Virginia brought some placemats. Reva made a 3D owl. The list goes on and one. I am always so inspired by the ladies who create and share at CQFA.

Craft Night

Recently we started having Craft Night again.I am not sure when we stopped, but I know that I was able to finish my Sampler because I took it to Craft Night. Life became too busy with little kids around.

This time the attendees consist of my two SILs and me. Almost all of our kids are out of the house. One left Tuesday for college, three are out on their own with jobs, families, etc and my YM is back at school and out of my hair until Thanksgiving. (I say that in a loving way) We alternate houses and mostly do crafts rather than quilting, though all of my projects are quilt related — or fabric related, I guess.

Craft Night Selfie
Craft Night Selfie

The other week the SILs made cushions for SIL #3’s couch. SIL #2 has a lot of fabric so they used fabric she had on hand. SIL #2 had all of the supplies on hand including pillow forms and by the end of the night SIL #3, who did the work, had two new cushions.

I have been able to cut up Triangle Technique pieces, finish Red, work on Under the Sea and do other handwork. It is sometimes a crush to get there, but I am getting a lot done and having fun catching up with the SILs.

Fun Sew Day

I had a great time at the Sew Day yesterday and really got a lot done!

Gerre & Jaye work area
Gerre & Jaye work area

It was a small crowd and I was the second person there! That was shocking since I have to go far to get there, but it was a great opportunity to chat with Mary a little and get to know her better. The tables were all there since camp is over, but they were sticky and dirty, so we spent some time cleaning them. We also set up a few tables and the cutting table. By the time we were satisfied we were still the only people there. We both started to sew and continued to chat. Bang on 11am, others rolled in and the party really got started. πŸ˜‰

I decided that I would work on projects that were hanging around. First up was the Circles Charity Quilt. Gerre and I started working on it at the May Sew Day. MAY!!! I can’t believe it has been 4 months.

Circles Charity Quilt
Circles Charity Quilt

I had worked on it a few times after Gerre gave it to me, but it was hanging around not getting done, so I decided I would work on that even if it took me all day. It turned out that I only had a little more to do. I had about 6 circles to applique’, tying off threads and trimming. It didn’t take me very long at all. I pressed it and gave it back to Gerre who will quilt it or give it to the guild to quilt. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

My “reward” was to work on the Petrillo bag that I cut about 15 years ago. Not really, I cut it out, maybe, a year and half ago. It has been on my to do list forever and it was time to sew it, so I started. I don’t know why I waited because the bag started to look like a bag before I left. I was short some supplies, so I skipped a couple of steps, but did as much as I could in the time I had and really made some progress. I am really kicking myself or not getting to this bag sooner and having it take up space in one of my Chubby Charmers.

Angela basted one of the Pulse quilts the guild made. She is getting ready to quilt it. She was a rock star. She just got on with it and pretty soon the whole quilt was basted. I knew she would be working on it so I checked the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild website to see how they were progressing. They are really making progress. The creativity used in creating the layouts is wonderful. They have a lot of quilts completed and more in progress. I am so glad I was able to contribute.

Lizzie's IRR - before
Lizzie’s IRR – before

Mary worked on the Improv Round Robin project. She had Lizzie’s piece.

Susan worked on her Cargo Duffle and was able to finish that. Patti was sewing doll clothes for her granddaughters.

Karen was working on another quilt in her series of art quilts related to Black Lives Matter.

Gerre's Feathers
Gerre’s Feathers

Gerre pulled out some AMH feather blocks and was putting them together. She is pretty close as all the blocks are done and just has to finish sewing the rows. This is one of her earlier quilts and I love it.

One fun thing is that we talked about sewing – tips, tricks, techniques, hacks. Someone is thinking of making Sew Together Bags, so we discussed making them just as functional, but a bit easier. All in all, it was a great day and I really enjoyed myself.




Bay Area Modern June Meeting

I was pretty excited to get back to BAM to see my pals. I only missed the May meeting, but it felt like an eternity. I finally had some things to show. You, of course, have seen them all, but I showed:

My SIL came along. She hasn’t been a member of a guild in awhile, if ever, but I dragged her along. She said she had a good time, which made me happy.

June Charity Sew Day quilt
June Charity Sew Day quilt

More details about the meeting can be found on the BAM blog.

I missed the Charity Sew Day due to Political Wifery, but some of the quilts they made were shown. Michelle B. designed the pattern and they sewed the quilts together using the quilt-as-you-go technique. This was a brilliant idea as it made the quilting after the piecing unnecessary.

Claire's innovative quilt
Claire’s innovative quilt

Show and Tell was fabulous as well. Joy-Lily has finished her 100 quilts project. Not all are quilted, but she has a nice variety of pieces. Zoe brought her tiny baby and the black and white playmat she is making. I loved them both! Claire set a bunch of blocks together in a really unique and innovative fashion.

I know it isn’t true, but I feel like I haven’t sewed at all after seeing all the great stuff people brought.

Jaime will be leading a workshop on making the Noodlehead Cargo Duffle. She has made a few and has made some changes to the pattern including more pockets. I signed up because I admire Jaime’s bag making skills.

We both helped work on the Hearts for Orlando blocks, which I wrote a bit about yesterday. You can see the full details at the BAM blog.

I dropped Cityscape off with my SIL who is the new owner after the meeting. I think she liked it.

April ATCs

April 2016 CQFA ATCs
April 2016 CQFA ATCs

We had the CQFA meeting on Saturday. Of course there was an ATC swap. Not participated in the swap this time, but I received two lovely cards and got to keep one of my own.

As usual I intended to make them well in advance. Friday morning (day before the meeting!!) became unusually busy and I still hadn’t made any. Eventually I tore myself away from all the other things demanding my attention. I went for a walk determined to decide on a design. As I walked it occurred to me that I wanted to do something very simple and I came up with a design comprising an orange circle on a blue background. I was imagining the colors I used in the Wonky 9 Patch quilt. That particular blue and orange glow when put together.

I also remembered Ms. Lottie’s directions for finishing the edges and decided I would try the technique. I would have done a better job if I had actually read the directions again, but I did what I thought I remembered the directions saying. I had some trouble with the corners. They don’t look very tidy and I realized why after I read the directions when I finished. Such a great plan (<–irony). I’ll give it another try next time.

I like to put stiffener in my ATCs so they are more like cards. This meant that the fusible on the inside of the backing was adhering to loose Pellon interfacing. It didn’t secure the three layers together at all. I liked the technique and the little frame it makes. I’ll just have to make the technique my own for next time.Reading the directions might help. πŸ˜‰

April 2016 ATCs in progress
April 2016 ATCs in progress

By the time I arrived home I had an idea. It didn’t quite work out the way I imagined, but turned out satisfactorily. I didn’t have the exact colors I saw in my minds eye, but I did have colors that worked well together.

When I put the initial pieces together, they looked unfinished. I always like to do handwork and haven’t had many bindings to hand sew recently, so I sat on Friday night and stitched some Perl cotton on to these ATC pieces to add interest and finish them. I seem to often do embroidery or beading on these pieces. I wonder if it is a signature?

Bron & Jaye's ATCs
Bron & Jaye’s ATCs
Virginia's ATCs
Virginia’s ATCs

Bron and Virginia also participated. We each got one of our own and gave Rhonda the extras to bring to Angela.

CQFA Meeting

Yes, right after the Retreat, we were back at it with a meeting. We didn’t have regular show and tell at the December meeting, so we had to catch up and have a big show and tell in February.

The business meeting portion wasn’t that big of a deal or very long. The topics discussed were important, but we dealt with them quickly – dues, meetings for the rest of the year, etc. We are discussing the possibility of having a show. It is a lot of work for a small group, above and beyond the making of the pieces, so there is discussion.

We traded ATCs and they were great this time. Valentine’s Day is coming, so you can see the red theme was prevalent. I was somewhat embarrassed with mine (upper left hand corner), because they were quick and dirty and I forgot to sew the charms on. I’ll call them minimalist.

Show and Tell is always the best part. There wasn’t a lot. I showed Tuffet #2 and FOTY 2014, both of which were finished since the last regular show and tell.

Rhonda's Blue Shirts
Rhonda’s Blue Shirts

Rhonda showed the quilt she made for her dad, which she made as almost her first quilt. The design is her own and I think it is one of the best shirt patterns I have seen.

Gerre's Vintage Spin
Gerre’s Vintage Spin

Gerre showed her Vintage Spin again. I love this quilt so much that I had to show it to you again.

Bron's Fibershot #1
Bron’s Fibershot #1
Bron's Fibershot #2
Bron’s Fibershot #2

Bron made two quilt-lets for Fibershots based on her paintings. She spent the work time after the meeting, while I quilted my quilt-lets, fashioning some hangers using some pretty chopsticks.

After the meeting, the plan was to work on Fibershots pieces in a group setting and possibly collaborate. Maureen, Bron and I were the only ones who stayed and I was determined to make some progress on my two. I had hauled my machine and gear down to the meeting, so I felt like I had to. I was pleased that they stayed.

Before we started sewing and working, Bron and I went to Asian Box (no affiliation!) and grabbed lunch. I also got some Pho for dinner and I had two of the best meals ever. I can still taste them in my mouth and I am drooling just thinking about them. Bron and I decided that we could share a box (rice, vegees, meat) as it was enough for two. I can’t wait! Yum!


You can read all about the meeting from the minutes, which are already up on the Bay Area Modern blog. I am just going to show you photos and include my comments about them.

Angela's Goodies
Angela’s Goodies

You saw the One Hour Baskets I made for the Charity Girls. I, mostly, forgot to take photos of the fabulous bags made for the other officers. People did such great jobs on them. Kelly got a Chubby Charmer with a sunshine yellow inside from Amanda. Cheryl received a small handbag (we needed and extra bag for all of her goodies) from Rhonda and Angela got a beautifully structured bag from Gerre, which you can see in the photo (left).

Cheryl's Treasures
Cheryl’s Treasures

The idea is that everyone brings a small gift for each officer and we will fill up the bag with them. This allows people to manage their own budget or make something, if they are inclined. Not everyone participates, but you can see from the stash above that there was no shortage of fabulous gifties.

Getting down to business
Getting down to business

After the meeting, people brought handwork. As I suspected, I was too busy socializing to get my (yes the one I am I am making for me!) Sew Together Bag cut out. πŸ™ Never fear, I am working on it. Others did work on their projects. Ruth is a master at getting down to business.

Lynette cozied up, too and others (Gerre, Molly, Bonnie and Joelle) stood around chatting. I was there for a bit talking to Lynette about her Bionic Bag, which is similar to my Sew Together Bag, but more evolved. Lynette showed the quilt in the front at Show & Tell. It is a great boy quilt. The pattern is Fireside Chat by Blue Nickel Studios. It might be worth checking out for one of the nephews.

Gerre's Quilt
Gerre’s Quilt

Gerre brought the most fantastic quilt. I don’t know the pattern (and am too lazy to look it up) except that she said she made it in a workshop with Freddy Moran. Take a class from Freddy if you can. You won’t regret it!

The fabrics remind me of Jane Sassaman, but the most interesting part is the Big Stitch quilting, which she is doing with 12wt Aurifil. I love that she is using different colors for the quilting. Gerre is not afraid of color and I love her work. Check out a detail.

Donation Quilt
Donation Quilt

Angela worked on basting a donation quilt, which is bright and cheery.

All in all it was a great meeting. I did want to cut out my project, but that got done and it was great to chat with people.

BAMQG Meeting Last Sat

We had a Winter Extravaganza-palooza last Saturday. We had a regular meeting (see the notes on the BAMQG blog) and then we had food laden party. Part of the party was that the swappers exchanged gifts. I talked about that in the BBE post. A lot of people made bags as gifts. There was an exceptional amount of good work.

There were a lot of good show and tell as well. I didn’t have anything finished, so I only showed the BBE.

Claire's Vintage Quilt
Claire’s Vintage Quilt

Claire showed an amazing vintage quilt. It gave me an opportunity to voice a design thought I have been mulling over.

This pattern in this vintage quilt looks like a Sawtooth Star to me. I have been thinking that taking some of the Postage Stamp donation blocks and adding Flying Geese to each side would make an interesting star.

I mentioned it to the Charity Girls, Peggy and Michelle, and they loved the idea. I am going to see how it would work using my Wing Clipper.

Exciting color choices
Exciting color choices

I really liked some of the color combinations of this quilt. They were really bold and exciting. I have to remember to think about it when I am choosing fabrics. I just don’t think about it.

The blue and the dark salmon (pinky red??) are a really excellent combination! I want to make something with that color combo!

The quilt is in horrendous condition and I am not sure it can be saved. The design inspiration CAN be saved, though.

Amanda's Love Quilt
Amanda’s Love Quilt

Amanda finally finished her Love Quilt. At least, I called it a love quilt. She made it for friends who had a wedding anniversary. It is her own design and I have seen her working on it for a few years. I am sure others would love to make this and think she should create a pattern.

CC's Fireworks
CC’s Fireworks

CC made a really interesting quilt that looked like fireworks or something exploding to me. In a good way, of course.

There was too much going on to really relay it all. You should come to a meeting. The first one is free.

CQFA December 2015 Meeting-Art Walk

Maureen had a great idea, which was to bring all of our challenge and swap pieces, regardless of level of finishing. The idea was show the pieces off in groups. I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but it turned out to be fantastic.

Lobster Placemat in progress
Lobster Placemat in progress

First, this idea inspired me to work on the Lobster Placemat (for the placemat challenge), which, as I said, had been on my mind for awhile. I really felt some freedom in making this piece. It was fun to work on layering and also to work on a more casual applique piece. I am looking forward to getting back to it and adding some embroidery and other embellishments to it.

I am thinking of using small black fused fabric for the eyes, but may do some fancy embroidery. In order make a good eye with embroidery, I would need to use a satin stitch or something similar and I don’t have much experience with those types of stitches. We’ll see.

Amy's Response to the Pink Flower challenge
Amy’s Response to the Pink Flower challenge

Next, the idea worked out really well. We had some time while we enjoyed the snacks everyone brought and took the time to look at the pieces.Β  We were able to take our own time as well as informally chatting with others about the pieces.

Amy’s response to my Pink Flower Challenge is fantastic. Her piece looks like a Ruth McDowell piece and I couldn’t get over how great the piece looked. Her work is so amazing. I have seen such growth in her work since the first Primal Green exhibit.

Next, also, we sat down together and, with Amy’s guidance, we went through each piece andΒ  discussed our thoughts on the pieces. We were able to ask questions of the artists as well as explain our thoughts on our own pieces.

Finally, seeing all these pieces together and talking about them with the other members really inspired me to get back to some art quiltmaking. I’ll work on the Lobster Placemat and, perhaps, get back to the Serendipity Lady.

CQFA December 2015 Meeting-ATCs

The meeting on Saturday was long and fabulous. I can’t write one post on all that happened. It is too much to include.

We had a short business meeting, then everyone put their challenge and workshop pieces up and we all walked around and looked at them.

Nancy, Virginia, Angela, Jaye (Top left to bottom right)
Nancy, Virginia, Angela, Jaye (Top left to bottom right)

While this was happening, some of us exchanged ATCs. Virginia, Angela, Nancy and I were the only ones who made ATCs. This was a GREAT batch, though, and I love the ones I received, including one of my own.

I almost never get one of my own, mostly because I don’t make an extra to keep. My own fault, but it is nice to get one once in a while.

I spent part of the day, and most of the evening, Friday making my ATCs. The big piece of ATC backing that I made at the beginning of the year to help make the ATC process progress more quickly has disappeared (sigh), so I had to start at the beginning. Part of this process was clearing off my cutting/worktable. I had things in progress there, which took up space, so I cleared them off, made the backs of the ATCs and then started in on the fronts.

I used scraps, mostly. I also decided to try using some of the sheer ribbon I save from gifts for gift bags as a starting point. I enjoyed using it as it gave the piece a bit of a sparkle, but I think I should have used a darker fabric if I wanted the ribbon to show up more.

Jaye's ATCs in progress
Jaye’s ATCs in progress

I usually make the 4 ATCs as one big piece and then cut them up. It makes for less fiddliness. This time I was smart and left a little bit between each ATC so I had room to cut them apart. You can see the stitching lines around each 2.5″x3.5″ rectangle. This rectangle is my canvas and helps me remember that whatever is between those two lines will not be seen.

That blue thread is very thin and almost looks like a length of single crochets. I carefully placed it next to the stitching where I stitched down the ribbon and sewed it on with a straight stitch. I bought it and a few other colors on a card that had 5 different types of embellishing thread in about 2-3 yard lengths. I use them periodically for ATCs.

In the evening, I added french knots using several blues, greens and purples from the Anna Maria Horner set of Perl Cotton I bought some time ago. I also put beads on each card, using a Bead Soup selection. I love doing the handwork, especially as it gives me something to do when I watch TV that makes me feel like I am making progress. The handwork was a little hard on my hand. I need to think about that next time.

Angela's ATCs
Angela’s ATCs

Angela told me that she took a class from Valerie Goodwin and used the techniques of blending and adding sheers for her ATCs. The sheers are a similarity between Angela’s and my ATCs.

Virginia's ATCs
Virginia’s ATCs

Virginia’s ATCs felt like they were painted on paper, though mine has part of a leaf under, what looks like, a piece of decoupaged tissue paper. There is some stitching as well. Virginia is immensely talented and I am continually in awe of what she makes.

Nancy's ATCs
Nancy’s ATCs

Nancy used a printing press at work for a project and was inspired to come home and do some printing with glass sheets. I really like her designs and kind of wish she would upload them to Spoonflower and make the designs available as fabric.

One of the things I like about ATC swaps is the opportunity to play a little bit. Of course, I could do that all the time, but I don’t. This is a deadline I can use to make a little piece of art.

BAMQG November Meeting

The BAMQG Meeting was Saturday and it felt like an eternity since we had a meeting. We really just missed the October meeting (because of PIQF). Still it was too long. I enjoyed seeing people and the show and tell was amazing.

Going to the meeting
Going to the meeting

This is a photo of what I took to the meeting. Fortunately I didn’t come home with nearly that much.

As a result of missing October, there was a lot of business to cover. The question of the month was good but hard, because the “low hanging fruit” was taken right away: For what are you grateful in the quiltmaking realm. Some of the answers were:

  • Time to quilt
  • Rotary cutter
  • Eleanor Burns
  • People who accept and love quilted gifts
  • Design board
  • Internet tutorials
  • Online buying opportunities
  • Playing with fabric
  • Electric sewing machine
  • Organized charity function
  • Designers
  • Modern fabric
  • Space to sew
  • Creative inspiration

Kelly, who went first since she is the boss lady, said she was very grateful for all of us. She said in such a sweet and sincere way that we were really touched. At least I was. Many people agreed that the guild was a great group.

To Do List
QuiltCon entries due November 30. Kelly encouraged everyone to enter. While I want my quilts to get in, I think that everyone’s work is spectacular and high quality enough to get in.

Claire talked about reimbursements.

The charity Sew Day was a success. About 10 wheelchair quilts were completed and will be donated to a local nursing home.

The guild has donated 65 quilts to local charities this year, which is so fantastic! This is less than last year bit many of those were larger quilts than were donated last year.

Opportunity Quilt
Winning ticket was drawn and someone in Pacifica won.

Cat Beds
Are back! The kits I cut and packaged joined the kits that Amanda brought and were all swept by willing members. She gave a little presentation on making cat beds, which I think got people excited about it again.

New one due in January using Carol Van Zant fabric. I received a piece of fuschia. I don’t know what I will make, but perhaps a simple journal cover.

The guild will not renew the guild’s membership. The board decided that the promised technological infrastructure, other promised features and functionality, especially roster management, had not been realized. The board wants to focus its resources on local activities and members. Members were encouraged to join the MQG individually since the benefits are much more robust for individual members. The guild will pay for Mike’s membership and he will continue as MQG liaison for guild members. He will also advise the Board on MQG matters. The group will reevaluate MQG membership in the future.

I plan to join as an individual member for at least one year. We’ll see if I renew in 2017.

Alison will be transitioning membership function to Annemarie.

Favorite blog swap coming to an end and Joy-Lily will produce a paper and virtual list for everyone.

2016 Speakers
Angela Walters cancelled her workshop with us, because she no longer wants to do 2 day trips. While I didn’t know this workshop was coming, it is huge blow to Amanda who has been working on getting AW to us for 2 years. It makes me upset that she would just cancel like that without consideration for the work Amanda put in.

Officer Elections
Nobody has stepped forward to be president so Ruth and Joelle will share the role of point person this year and a Mistress (or master) of Ceremonies will be selected for each meeting. Lynette and Gerre will be co-VPs. Claire has agreed to continue on as Treasurer. Angela will be Workshop Coordinator and others will take on other roles.

Next Meeting
Winter Extravaganza swap and party is December 12.

Presentation: Ruth’s Scrap Management

Ruth gave us a presentation about her use and management of scraps. She called it Scrap Magic and talked about her system of scrap organization.

Scrap Organization
Scrap Organization

Scraps can be better used if they are organized. Everyone’s organization system will be different and personal to them and how they work. Remember mine?

She uses scraps as soon as she is done with the quilt so that she doesn’t have to file the scraps away. This is a little ambitious for me since I am usually sick of the fabrics by the time I am done with a quilt BUT they are exciting again after they have sat for awhile.

She said that using scraps adds interest to your quilts. I agree! I never thought of this, but her view is that making scrap quilts is like getting a free quilt. Since you don’t have to buy the fabric for the new quilt, the quilt is free.


  • faster to sew into quilts
  • saves space
  • Makes quilts more interesting


  • can lose possibilities because you cut to a certain size.

Organize what you keep so it will be useful. Identify your scrap limits before you start to organize:

  • Size – is there a size that is too small for you to use?
  • Personal taste – do you like the fabric enough to keep it around?
  • Quality – is it good enough quality to continue to use?
  • Shape – is the piece a weird shape or a shape you don’t want to keep?

If your scraps are still overwhelming you, your limits might be too low.

Ruth talked about cutting scraps to defined sizes. She, mostly, doesn’t do it, because she feels it limits her options. If she cuts a 4.5″ scrap down to a 2.5″ square, she has lost an inch or so of fabric that could have been used when a larger piece was required.

Nota bene: I cut defined pieces if I have a project in mind for them. I wrote a post on scrap organization, which will give you other ideas about cutting to defined sizes.

Ruth also curates her scraps. When she chooses fabrics, including scraps, she has an idea of the color scheme or motifs she wants to use. She tries to avoid the Scrap Vomit look. She selects parameters to create cohesion. Not everything works well together, despite what some experts say.

Scraps are good for paper piecing.

You can cut pieces to add to a pre-cut project

  • replace unsuitable charms or strips
  • add darks or lights as needed to a fabric line

Start by selecting yardage and then bringing in scraps to add interest.

I thought the presentation was interesting and a good addition to what has already been posted here about scraps.

CQFA Meeting

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this was the first meeting I attended since April. The meetings are only every other month, so if I miss one, time passes quickly. I like these meetings, because I always go home wanting to sew. I also feel like people genuinely like me and that is always good for my ego.

There were no new members this time, but lots of new faces that were new since I last attended. I also re-met Lynette who I know from back in the dark ages when I first got on the Internet. She hosted a local Bay Area quilt listserve and we met up a few times to put names and projects to faces. Back then we could only describe our work. There wasn’t really any economical way to post photos.

Maureen's Strata Quilt
Maureen’s Strata Quilt

A number of the members have quilts in shows: Maureen has a quilt in Strata, which I think is an SAQA related show. Maureen started her piece at the most recent retreat, so I was glad to see what happened with the work. Ann M. will be at PIQF. She has a one woman show there. Dolores has a quilt coming back from a show in Brazil and also sold a piece!

A number of the members are selling their pieces at various local events, too. One is the Book Arts Jam. Because of the bookmaking I have done (and want to do more of), I would like to attend this event. We’ll see if I can fit it in.

As usual, Show and Tell was awesome. This part of the meeting is what makes excited to go home and sew. People in this group are so unbelievably creative! I also sort of feel, sometimes, that I couldn’t do what they are doing. Don’t worry, I don’t let that stop me!

Gerre & Dolores with Peace Monument Quilt
Gerre & Dolores with Peace Monument Quilt

Dolores brought a quilt that was inspired by the Peace Monument in Paris. Some of the fabric for the steps is hand-dyed fabric. She told us that she made a conscious decision to use commercial fabric for the other parts of the quilt. I was really impressed with her people. They are simple, but clearly people, too. The whole piece is simple, in a way, but encouraged me to look and look. She did a great job.

Jen made a piece that made me think of my Change of Seasons piece. I have wanted to do more pieces like this where there are 4 parts of one image. It is on the list. πŸ˜‰

Jen's piece
Jen’s piece

Jen’s piece was inspired by a call for quilts for a show. I am not sure what show.

Jen does spinning so there is often yarn type fiber attached to her quilts. She also does a lot of fabric manipulation: painting, stamping, couching, etc. This quilt is no exception. She painted part behind the tree and the pipes on the left are twisted newspaper, a fair trade product from India. The aerial views behind the tree and the building relate each other IMO, but are not traditional backgrounds. I think the whole piece works really well and it makes me think of my own piece again.

Amy brought one of her nature pieces, this time an abstract artichoke. She had an interesting idea for machine quilting practice: copy part of your piece on to fabric and machine quilt that as practice. Later you can use it as a small wall hanging, cubicle art or cut it up and make ATCs. I never thought of that and thought it was a great idea.

I accidentally agreed to run the ATCs swap. Oops! It went fine and Maureen, who is a real pro, had to do some treasurer stuff, so I was happy to do it.

I was sad not to get one of Nancy’s flowers, but we can’t have all of them when there are more than 4 swappers. People did nice work.

The December meeting will, again, be at FabMo. Guests can attend for $5. We will bring all of our challenge pieces to show. I really need to get on the placemat challenge and do it. While Maureen was talking about this part, I had a flash of what to use for the actual placemat part of the piece. I hope that means I am closer to making the piece.