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Applique’ Task

The Food Quilt #2 still needs a back. I have been putting it off, because I wanted to applique’ the recipient’s name on to a piece of fabric as part of the back. The idea is to discourage theft. We’ll … Continue reading

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Going for Broke with Peacocks

I decided to make the peacock One Block Wonder project. I was really on the fence, as you may have gathered from my previous posts, about making it. I talked about some of my concerns in the last post and … Continue reading

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More Peacocks

 I had pretty much decided to skip the One Block Wonder this time. I really like how Pam’s piece came out, but wasn’t sure I could replicate her success with work as interesting or cheerful. I have seen others that … Continue reading

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Tsukineko Inks Class

I have a lot of Tsukineko Inks. I love the idea of them. They don’t change the hand of the fabric. They purport to be permanent (have not Googled that nor do I have personal experience). They are not too … Continue reading

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When Leaders & Enders Go Wrong

I was thinking about my WIPs last Sunday as I tried to adjust to the horror that is Daylight Savings Time. There is a lot of chaos in my head about projects lately. I couldn’t figure out why until I … Continue reading

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Tutorial: LeMoyne Star

This is a tutorial on making a LeMoyne Star. This block is also called an Eight Pointed Star. This is one of the ways that I make it. There are many methods and I encourage you to try different techniques. … Continue reading

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Triangle Technique

The other night I caught a new episode of Love of Quilting and Jo Morton was a guest again. She was showing another technique for making half square triangles. I first became aware of Jo last year when I watched … Continue reading

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Flying Geese Tutorial

This is a thinking girl’s tutorial to making flying geese.Knowing how to make Flying Geese allows you to make Sawtooth Star blocks, Dutchman’s Puzzle blocks, borders and other parts needed for your quilts. You are going to have to use … Continue reading

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Twirling Triangles Test

I think this might be alliteration week. First, Food Fabric FQs and now Twirling Triangles Test. I got the Pyramid Ruler from Fons & Porter and decided, once I started sort scraps for various scrap projects, that it was time … Continue reading

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Chunking It – For Frances

If you haven’t started listening to the Off Kilter Quilter podcast, I suggest that you go over and start right away! TFQ taught me this method of putting quilts together. I have adopted it as my own and use it … Continue reading

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Dale Fleming Class

I took the Dale Fleming circles class through EBHQ last weekend. Short Answer: AWESOME. I was a little skeptical when I saw the supply list and began trying to gather the items required for the class. I talked about this … Continue reading

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Update re: Stellar Quilts

Last week, I posted an Odds and Ends post that included some information about a new Judy Martin video. Hope you watched it. After I watched it I had the following question: “I was just wondering if I cut the … Continue reading

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My New Best Friend

As soon as I got home on Friday, I pulled out the Jem and set it up. I figured that if I didn’t do it right then, I would put it off and all of my sewing projects would languish. … Continue reading

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Thinking about Throw Pillows

Some years ago I took a pillow making class at the Sewing Workshop. Sewing Workshop classes are fabulous: thorough, and inspiring. I am sorry to say that, although the class was fabulous (with Linda Lee, no less), the pillows are … Continue reading

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Perfect Circles from Linda M. Poole

Linda M. Poole, appliquer extraordinaire has posted a tutorial for making perfect circles on her blog (http://www.lmpoole.blogspot.com). Take a look. The lightweight fusible, I think is the secret. I have seen similar techniques, but not using the lightweight fusible. clipped … Continue reading

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