Various & Sundry 2017 #9

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Get some discounts on Craftsy.

Projects, Exhibits & Shows

New Zealand creatives are hosting a 100 day paper cutting project. which started on May 22. I saw it on Ms. Lottie’s blog. She and her daughter are participating and each have their own pages to show the results of that day’s cutting. I like seeing each day’s work all together.

I am sure you have heard about the EPP Party going on around Pat Bravo. Today’s Quilter published an “Essential Guide to EPP” on their blog. Take a look.

Patterns, Fabric, Supplies & Tools

As you know, I am a huge fan of Judy Martin’s patterns and techniques. She operates a small business in Iowa and has a wonderful newsletter that reads like a friend is sharing news with you. You may have heard (did I mention it?) that Judy Martin has launched a new eBook venture called Judy Martin eBooks. While I am an Amazon Affiliate, I have rebuffed all other offers to become affiliates with other ventures. I am delighted however to be a new Judy Martin Affiliate. I love her patterns and books and, most importantly, her sound quiltmaking techniques. I have a goal to take a class with her sometime. This means that I will probably have to travel to Iowa since she rarely teaches outside the area anymore. Anyway, she already has some of her eBooks up on her site. I encourage you to look through her offerings and purchase some. Yes, I will get a cut if you click on the links listed, but you will also be directly supporting her hardworking family. Links:

  • July Fireworks: this is the first e-pattern I saw as a sample. I was blown away. I love the innovation in the layout
  • Star Happy Quilts is an e-book, originally published in 2001. The patterns are comprised of 3 different star blocks, which are arranged and resized in different ways. The books gives you the design practice to create tons of star quilt designs!
  • Celtic Squares Deluxe is a new-to-me pattern and very modern. The interlocking squares make my mind dance with ideas for gradations of color.
  • Patchwork Among Friends is not just a pattern e-book, but is a resource guide for getting people together to sew. There are 10 patterns, recipes for potluck dishes and ideas for getting quiltmakers together.
  • Starry Night Log Cabin is a pattern from her book Extraordinary Log Cabins for you log cabin fans. Judy has some different techniques for making log cabins that improve accuracy. It is also free!
  • Scraps is an e-book of one of Martin’s classics. There are 16 original designs presented in 3 different sizes to help you customize for your needs. The instructions contain a choice of accurate rotary cutting instructions or templates. Fat quarter requirements and yardage are listed for each quilt in every size. Color diagrams show piecing instructions. There are also ratings for each pattern to tell you ease of cutting, ease of sewing, and ease of thinking.  ;-0

Hints, Tips & Tricks

We all need some help in the measuring department. Riley Blake and Sew4Home are there for you. Riley Blake tweeted out a link to Sew4Home’s post about deciphering measurements on a measuring tape. This can be used as a guide for other measuring tools also. The post comes with printables for your wall. For you enlightened users of the metric system, there is a conversion chart from fractions to metric as well. If you aren’t following Riley Blake on Twitter, it is well worth the follow. They have clever quips and tweets that entertain me.

Charlotte of The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady has been working on her sewing space. Her most recent blog post talks about her new pressing station. She has ‘made do” with some things she had around the house (or boat, in her case). The thing that impressed me most was her testing. She used a folding table with a plastic top. Melting plastic could be a problem. Her tips for testing to see if the plastic would melt were helpful. She links out to a post on her cutting station rebuild and her new studio (few months old now), so you might want to check those posts out as well.


Frances has a series of posts on process. One things she says, which is absolutely true is “One of the things I enjoy about the creative process is the serendipitous moment.” I find I really have to play around with pieces (making visual decisions visually) to get to where the quilt should be. I am very interested in process and I like the way she has put all the pieces of the process together into a couple of posts. This is different from me where I post what is currently going on in my projects and don’t usually put them together. I’ll have to perhaps do something about that. At least I’ll think about it. In meantime go read Frances’ posts.

Various & Sundry 2017 #8

Please check out my For Sale page. I know you want a new design wall.

Patterns &Projects

Fabric Mutt has a project called the Gingham Girls Stationery Kit. I am not sure why it is called ‘stationery’ unless that is part of the name of the fabric line? This is a small sewing kit project, similar to the needle case that I make sometimes.

Tools & Techniques

Applegreen Cottage posted a tutorial about starting off sewing without a knot. This is useful in theory, but genius. It is easy and I was amazed by the effectiveness. Apparently, the blog owner has a lot of tutorials on the site, which I have not yet reviewed.


Pam has a pattern in an Australian Modern Quilting magazine. Take a look at her blog and listen to her podcast for a discount code. It is downloadable so you won’t have to wait for it to arrive AND you won’t have to devote shelf space to the issue.

Gretchen has pointed me to Margaret Soloman Gunn’s work and her blog. The description of herself and her blog made me smile and I love the style of her writing.

Sad news that a majority share of Craftsy is being purchased by NBCUniversal. I am sure we will get more spam, more PITA and less content. I am sure the owners are happy. I got an email with this news and don’t see it on the Craftsy blog.


Jackie has upgraded her workroom. She wrote a blog post about what she did and what she used.

Various & Sundry 2017 #7

Books, Blocks, Patterns & Projects

Modern quilt block library by AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters can be found on her block. Great and interesting block ideas.

Have you seen Yuliya Reshetnikova’s work? I found her on IG and then went to her website to look around. Her website is in Russian, so it is a good thing images are universal. What drew me to her first was her Oddfellows blocks. She chooses fabulous fabrics and does a great job fussy cutting. It has a lot of pieces (which you know I can’t stay away from) and reminds me of my Carpenter’s Wheel blocks. I might need to make some of these blocks. 😉

THEN I saw her Dear Jane blocks. She is making them from Kaffe Collective fabrics. YES! Including my man Phil’s fabrics. Oh what a great idea. I have often thought of making a Dear Jane quilt using modern or more up to date fabrics, but never had an idea that made me really excited. This does, though I would be copying someone else’s idea. Good to know I can still get excited about Dear Jane.

Judy Martin is still one of my favorite quiltmakers. She has such great patterns and her advice and pattern writing is supreme. She may not be considered a modern quiltmaker or au courant, but she keeps putting out patterns and books that are suitable for all levels and all fabrics.  Her Celtic Squares Deluxe quilt pattern would be gorgeous in modern fabrics and has a lot of background space for quilting. She has a new venture: e-books and patterns, which means you can order and receive your purchase immediately. Check out her new site. You can also get a sneak peek at her new Lone Star book. Some of the variations she shows are fantastic. Not stodgy at all.

Pat Bravo is hosting an EPP Party and it starts today. Check her blog for all of the details. It is a good way to dip your toe into English Paper Piecing without committing to La Passacaglia. The EPP Party will run for 24 weeks providing 1 block each other week, so plenty of time to learn and finish your blocks. This post also provides a list of supplies and says that the first block comes out May 1. Of course there will be prizes.

Moda is having a challenge called the Moda Bella Challenge. The idea is to celebrate Mark Dunn’s love of color and passion for textiles. The piece must use certain Bella solids and have a contemporary feel. Full details are in the PDF. There is also a blog post written about the challenge on the Moda Cutting Table. I wasn’t that enamored of the colors. Some are okay, but the primaries are a bit too nursery-ish for me and the selected fabrics are the only ones that can be used. I have a idea in my mind, but since the selected fabrics are the only ones that can be used, I am not interested in spending the time. The first prize is $5000. All the prizes are purchase awards.

Fabric, Notions & Tools

Jennifer Paganelli is a fabric designer favorite. I see her designs as consistently appealing. Her latest offering is Sunny Isle, which is so pretty and definitely goes with her other lines, such as Queen Street (the fabric I used to make the Improv Round Robin).

Prairie Twilight is on sale at Craftsy.

I just started following Riley Blake on Twitter. They post very clever tweets, also useful tweets. One recent one was a yardage card.

Inspiration & Other Artists

As you may have seen, if you have spent any time in my Gallery, I have a small series of political quilts. Politics are hard, because people feel differently about politics and very strongly. I am politically active, but in a quiet and personal way. I don’t talk much about politics, not because I don’t want to talk about them, but because I don’t want to get in a fight with people. I don’t think, in general, we know how to have a civilized conversation about politics. Lately, I have been feeling the urge to make another political quilt expressing my concerns. I haven’t quite figured out what to make. Then I saw my friend Sarah’s quilt. Sarah Ann Smith made the quilt that I want to make for this year. She wrote about Speak Up, Speak Out on her blog a couple of days ago. It is a homage to our right to demonstrate peacefully. It also has messages that are relevant. I really like it.

I saw an ad for beautiful cards on Instagram. One was a lovely in bloom cherry tree. Another was a wonderful cherry pie. So clever. They also have a 5 pack in case you have need of five Mother’s day cards. 😉 The cards are pricey and I would use them more for inspiration than sending one to someone who would just toss it out.

I saw a photo on IG and immediately translated it in my head to a quilt design. What do you see?

I have been thinking about a Jack’s Chain quilt for a long time. I remember seeing a sample at the Cotton Patch when I first started quilting. Recently I saw a super upgraded and upsized version on IG that really excited me. It made me think of my recent review of the New Hexagon.

Friend Mary turned me on to Sotak Handmade. The site has a great look and lots of interesting projects, tutorials, links and fabric. I haven’t had much of a chance to surf the site, but do like the Olivia pouch and the grocery bags.

Feedback & Surveys

If you want to have a say in what videos Sara from Sew Sweetness, creates, now is your chance. She has a short survey that allows you to do just that. All I could think of was techniques she uses in her patterns such as sewing inside pockets. I also said that she would do well to think of producing the videos in such to help us think about using the technique for other patterns.


Riley Blake Sewing Machine
Riley Blake Sewing Machine

Riley Blake Designs posted this fabulous picture on Twitter. It looks innocuous enough until you start reading the labels.

Shop Update

I talked about my trip to Portland in a previous post. I went to a couple of shops for a second time and I want to give brief updates. I went to Bolt again. It is a very sharp contrast to Modern Domestic. It is small, more jammed with fabrics and their aesthetic is really different. i didn’t enjoy as much as I did last time, but I don’t think it is a bad shop. I think I was coming down off of a different aesthetic high. I found some great text fabric I plan to use as the inside of one or two Poolside totes.

I also went back to Cool Cottons. I love the neighborhood it is in and the house where it is housed. The fabrics were also really great, though not as fresh as I was hoping for. I found some more text fabrics and a Blueberry Park I couldn’t resist.

It is hard to know what is a good expectation and what is unreasonable. when I go to shops out of town, I really want to see fabrics and notions I haven’t seen before. I want to take a advantage of the different perspective of a different location. I feel like that expectation might be too much. Still, I don’t want to see the same old-same old. I guess the thing is that shops have to move their fabric through and out and that requires some marketing savvy, knowing the customers and increasing foot traffic. It is hard for a small business owner to be all things.

Various & Sundry 2017 #6

See For Sale Items: fabric, design wall and canvas. Great deals!!!

Short but sweet.

Blocks, Quilts & Projects

I saw a reference to improvisational hashtag blocks on Carol’s blog and took a look. At first I didn’t read ‘improvisational’ correctly. I read it as a weird word related to improving something. Somehow stitching words on a hashtag block as a way of improving something (society??) makes sense to me. What if we made blocks with words on them and sent them….somewhere…to Congress? 45? They probably wouldn’t know what to do with them, but aren’t allowed to throw them out, so we could blanket the Capitol with hashtag blocks. Remember how many quilts and blocks Orlando MQG got? I am sure such a project would be a success.

Fabric, Tools & Notions

Carrie Bloomston of Creative Spark fame (are you working through her book with us on Fridays?) sent me a peep at her new line of fabric. The colors are similar to her previous line, with different motifs. The similar colors mean you can blend it with scraps you might have around. The line and Windham also support the Xerces Society for Pollinator Conservation.

Do you need the Milliefiori 1 & 2 (EPP) books by Willyne Hammerstein? Scruffy Quilts (no affilliation) has them on their website. They aren’t cheap, but essential if you are making La Passacaglia.

Events & Exhibits

WWI will be the topic for this summer’s symposium, July 27-29, 2017. at the Virginia Quilt Museum, Harrisonburg, VA. Speakers such as Madelyn Shaw and well-known quilt collector Sue Reich will present programs on the pacifists, Red Cross (quilts) & Jr. Red Cross efforts, and what folks at home did to “do your bit.” Tours will include Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and the ORIGINAL Air Force One which is being renovated nearby. Thanks to the American Quilt Study Group for the info.


Various & Sundry 2017 #5

Books, Magazines and other Media

Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries fame has written an interesting book, Quilts with a New Attitude, which is reviewed on the Quilts with Love site. I have never been a fan of Thimbleberries. Despite the probably timeless nature of the patterns, I couldn’t get past the fabrics. All that beige and baby poop brown depressed me. I am not saying YOU shouldn’t like her fabrics. If you like beige and brown, more power to you. Those colors are just not for me. She has come out with an interesting idea. Each pattern has a quilt made in her Thimbleberries line and other version in brighter, more colorful fabrics. The effect is startling. Patterns and block ideas I would have never looked at suddenly seem interesting. The Sawtooth Stars that died in a field of beige are amazingly highlighted in blues, yellows and bright whites. I have always felt that blocks are more universal than we realize and this book proves that. Nota bene: I haven’t seen the book; I have only seen the review and the photos included. I would love to hear your feedback.

The new ‘TV’ show, Fresh Quilting, is now available via the MQG. Have you heard of it? It is also showing on some PBS stations and I am sure you can request it.

Crayola is retiring one of its colors according to a USA Today article. It doesn’t say which one. Apparently, Crayola has to have fanfare and has announced that they will announce which color. Sigh. Why? Why do they need to get rid of any colors. Save those old boxes, people. You’ll have a classic there somewhere.

Patterns & Tutorials

Need a pussy hat for the Science March? The Zen of Making has a knitting pattern. You can find a whole host of tutorials on her site. The list includes vegan recipes including a vegan/gluten-free lasagna that caught my attention.

Do you want to make EPP papers? I found a tutorial that shows you how to make them using Microsoft Word.

The Angela shoulder bag has a great set of pockets on the inside.

I saw a cute little sewing kit that would make a great gift. The tutorial is posted, though embedded in an article which shows nice pictures of what you would be making. There is even a zipper in case you need some zipper practice. My only question is why anyone would need a strand for so many safety pins?

I need another bag like I need another hole in my head. Still, I have found myself, lately, looking a vertical format messenger bags. Not sure what my sewing subconscious is thinking. I found the Pacific Northwest Messenger bag and I think it looks interesting. The article links out to a tutorial and, of course, the shop of the designer. I looked at both carefully and can’t find any interior pictures. ERGH! That makes me crazy. How am I supposed to know if I want to spend time on a bag when I don’t know the layout of the inside pockets? A giant bucket will become a black hole of doom for me.

Events & Exhibits

Sew Sweetness has a bag contest going. Bags must be made and photographed between between March 21, 2017 and April 30, 2017. You can use any of her patterns. See all the details on the website.

Stitch Modern 2017 will be held at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, 801 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont, Calif, April 3-25. The Opening Reception will be held on April 7 at 7pm. Thereafter the gallery hours will be Fr-Sat-Sun 12-3pm. Visit the East Bay Modern Quilters website for more information on workshops, etc

Need a place to sew? Sips ‘n Sews is a membership sewing studio that includes a 3500 sq. ft. workspace, 58 machines a thread wall and notions nook, dress forms, a library of patterns free wifi, discounts and a self-serve tea bar. Check it out at 1167 Sutter Street, SF, Calif. (415) 814-2036.

The Seven Sisters Quilt Show will be held June 24-25, 2017 at the Alex Madonna Expo Center in San Luis Obispo, Calif. There are workshops and pre-registration begins April 2.

People and Personalities

I have never been to Mary Jo’s, the famed fabric mecca in Gastonia, NC between Charlotte and Atlanta. I have always wanted to go and will some day. Schmetz Needles reported her death in a tweet from March 18 and it is a sad loss. The Charlotte Observer did a lovely article.


I often use a book to facilitate working out feelings that might lay dormant and insidious. It is called 365 Tao. While it is based in Daoism, it is useful for those of other faiths and spiritual heritage as well.

Various & Sundry 2017 #4

AQ Updates

I finally put all the finished quilts from last year on the Gallery page. On the Gallery page, you can see a list of all the quilts I have ever made. Not all have links to photos, but I am working on that. Take a look

I have updated the tutorials page. Have you looked at it recently?

I also updated the Lanyard tutorial. Have you made a lanyard for your guild meeting nametag?


The Quilt Alliance has a new post about saving our quilt stories.

Frances of The Off Kilter Quilt podcast and QuiltFiction fame has a new story posted. You must sign up for her newsletter in order to read it. Well worth it as her newsletters are short and sweet, but packed with info.

Projects & Patterns

Remember the Lined Drawstring Bag from InColorOrder? She has a new post out that details all the variations for her bags. One of them is a shoe bag. I was thinking about Grand Parlor and making shoe bags for the 9-10 pair of shoes I bring. Kismet, I think! She also has a slide show of all the bags she has made. Take a look.

Oliver+S posted about seam finishing techniques. There are visual examples as well as explanation.

I like some papercrafts and like them even more when they flow over into fabric. You might remember the paper wreath tutorial I posted, which I then translated into fabric.  I found a Scandinavian Heart tutorial that is made from fabric. It would be a great gift! The Quilting Daily (@QuiltingDaily) tweeted the link out originally.

I went on a little EPP tangent looking for a Jack’s Chain (now called Ferris Wheel) pattern. It started on the site, but branched off into a search and then down a rabbit hole to different sites.  One site with multiple interesting patterns is Imaginesque, a UK site. I saw a very interesting block with no name, beyond Block 21, but infinite possibilities in terms of color transparency.

I also found a pattern for an EPP Travel Kit, which I might add to my list of gifts.

Imaginesque also has a pattern and instructions for Block 49, which looks like a flower to me. I haven’t thought much about curves in terms of English paper piecing, but seeing these blocks makes me start to think about it.

I spent some time burrowing around in the Imaginesque site to see if I could find an explanation for the numbered quilt blocks. I found block number 1, though it is just posted as another pattern and doesn’t seem to be any sort of specific project. Imaginesque is no longer updated, but there are a lot of posts with patterns to explore.

Techniques, Tips & Tricks

I heard about the ‘flat back stitch’ for sewing together EPP recently. I didn’t know how to do it, but tried and like that the stitches do not show on the front. The video I had marked was actually a JPG, so I had to go searching for one to see if I was doing it right. 😉 I found one by Step Gingerly that is useful, but there are a lot of different ones you can review.

Have you see the hand sewing guide at Art Gallery Fabrics?

Cluck Cluck Sew has some great tips about healthy sewing. As usual DO NOT self diagnose. Go to the doctor if you have pain. Her tips, however, are useful and sensible. I have been taking Pilates for awhile, but my new focus is stretching. I have been feeling tight and creaky, so back to stretching for me. What about you?

Events, Exhibits & Projects

Some people attended QuiltCon and, kindly, wrote about it. Quiltin’ Jenny was instrumental in getting Frances to Savannah, I believe. Quiltin’ Jenny’s post talks about 6 things she saw there. There is so much more in her post than 6 things. It is a fantastic post and you should go read it. Frances has a special podcast where she talks about her experiences there. I know there are a lot of other posts, so go read some of them and plan to be in Pasadena in 2018. HollyAnne of String & Story and Quilts for a Cure also has a post, which is a more general recap, but has fantastic pictures. She posted a lot of insightful thoughts on the quilts.

Are you participating in the Scientific Quilter’s March-a-Long?

The Chester County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society is holding a Quilt Day in May. Check their newsletter for details. Thanks to AQSG’s Barb Garrett for the tip.

The Virginia Quilt Museum is showing a stunning exhibit of early applique quilts from the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a small but serious exhibit which includes 20th century examples of appliqued beauties. The museum is located a short hop off the interstate in Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg, Va. See the website for details on hours etc. Thanks to AQSG’s Neva Hart for the tip.

Pat Bravo and Mr. Domestic are having an EPP party in April 2017.

Quilt San Francisco 2017 Show and sale will be presented by the San Francisco Quilters’ Guild on Friday, March 24 10:00-7:00 and Saturday, March 25 10:00-4:00. Check the website for more details.

Pine Tree Quilt Guild presents their Springtime in the Pines show on May 6-7, 2017 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley, Calif. Admission is $7 and there is free parking.

The Roseville Quilters Guild presents Oceans of Fabrics, Waves of Quilts, May 19-20, 2017. It will be held at the Lutheran Church of the Ressurrection, 6365 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay. It will be open Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-4. Admission is $7.


The BBC had an article on some of the funny names of London Underground stations. I found them entertaining and they made my mind race around in creative ways.

Products, Tools and Fabric

New Workroom Chair
New Workroom Chair

There is a TJ Maxx near my house and, as it is the one outlet type store I can actually stand shopping at, I go in for a look occasionally to see what they have. I have found some great finds: dresses for #politicalwifery, a set of sunflower plates for a gift swooned over by the recipient and recently a chair for my workroom.

I had a chair. It was an office chair we got for free when the bank DH worked at (about 1,000 years ago) was purchased and they were closing his location. It no longer moved up and down and was not hideous, but not pretty either. I saw this chair and knew it would be perfect or the new look I am working on for my workroom. It is slightly lighter weight than my old one, so I can’t pile up as much fabric on it, but all parts function and it is pretty.

Bag clips
Bag clips

I bought this pack of bag clips not for chip and bread bags in the kitchen, but for my workroom. They are too pretty to hide away in the pantry. I have decided that the things I use should be pretty.

No more beige and brown for me.

Various & Sundry 2017 #3


Reminding ourselves periodically of good technique helps keep us on the quilting straight and narrow. I found a cutting tutorial that I thought was interesting. It starts out talking about tools – rotary cutters, mats and rulers. I usually position my ruler so that more of one of the lines is on the fold of the fabric. This tutorial does it differently. My ever burning question was not answered and that is: when lining up the ruler do you put the fabric on the line or next to the line. Anyone know?

Moda put up a blog post on working with coated fabrics. This should help provide an alternative to the problem we discussed in the Hack that Tote post.

Art Gallery Fabrics has a guide to machine stitches.

Color, Patterns and Projects

Love of Patchwork & Quilting have a Selvedge Sewing – DIY Taravel case project on their blog. This could make another useful and interesting addition to my gift list. I haven’t tried this pattern, but based on my experience with the Clippy Pincushion project, it shouldn’t be difficult. Looks like a good way to use up selvedges as well.

Have you seen the Pantone Color of the Year? What do you think?

I found a good laptop sleeve pattern. I want to try it.

Fun and Games

You know those hotel door hangers that keep the cleaning people out until you are out of  bed? Moda has one to keep the family out while you are sewing. There is a little bit of crafting required, but not too much for some much needed peace and quiet.

Some comments on artists as hoarders.

Other Artists

I happened on an old post over at Lily Street Quilts and was amazed at the fabric. Marci has done a bargello type quilt using pebbly fabric and the choice is so effective.

Weeks Ringle has written a post about a traditional Japanese Festival which facilitates giving thanks to our tools and supplies.

My sister sent me a link to an article about Yayoi Kusama, thinking her designs would make great quilt patterns. I think her work looks like Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Mom made placemats
Mom made placemats

My mom made some placemats for my niece’s wedding shower. They came out really well and are perfect colors for her.

Fabric, Notions, Tools and Machines

I was looking at text themed fabrics and saw that Pink Castle Fabrics also sold sewing machines. I was very pleased to see that they include the price on their site, which I find unusual, but also very pleasing. For kicks, I looked at the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8900QCP SE machine. The color and the wheel on the front bother me, but the specs tell me that it has everything I want. Since the price was listed, I was pleased that it and the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 were not as expensive as I thought.


The New England Regional Quilt Study Group/American Quilt Study Group is having a quilt study day in Rhode Island at Quinn Hall, 55 Lower College Rd, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI on April 8, 2017.
Dr. Margaret Ordoñez and Dr. Linda Welters will present our program featuring materials from the Historic Textile and Costume Collection at the University of Rhode Island. This is a rare opportunity, and we will need to limit the group to 48 attendees. To read more about our presenters, here are the links to their pages at URI:

Meet Margaret Ordonez

Meet Linda Welters

Morning program
Lunch – Bring your own bag lunch. Beverages will be provided.
Afternoon Show and Tell – Bring an antique quilt from your own collection. (Dr. Ordoñez and Dr. Welters have promised to share quilts of their own too!)
Fee: $55.00
To sign up:

Please send your registration and check made out to Marjorie Farquharson:

Marjorie Farquharson
682 Great Plain Ave.
Needham, MA 02492

Name:   _______________________________________
Email:  ________________________________________
Telephone: ____________________________________________

The deadline to register with payment must be received by April 1, 2017.


Additionally, there will be a WQSG meeting on Saturday, March 18th.  We will be starting at 10:00.  Welcome/social time begins at 9:30.  The meeting is being held at the Oshkosh Library, 106 Washington Ave, Oshkosh WI  54901.  It is one block east of Main Street in downtown Oshkosh. There is a large on site parking lot just north of the building.  Our meeting will be in the basement. A donation to the library will be collected as the room will cost us $40.

Bring a sack lunch or there are several fun eating options within a short walk of the library.  Allison is bringing water and she says there are two excellent coffee places within two blocks along with a hot dog joint, a wine bar and cafe, and the best cookies in Oshkosh.  Allison will be talking about quilts associated with the Temperance movement and said she found some really interesting information and photos to share.  Please bring any quilts you may have from that time period to share as well as any new acquisitions you’ve come up with since the last meeting.

Shameless Plug

Verity Creek
Verity Creek

My brother-in-law has published his first book, Verity Creek. It is on Kindle and in paperback. Please try it out.

Various & Sundry 2017 #2

Other Artists & Exhibits

Privacy is a tricky thing on social media. Where do you draw the line? Most of us nickname our spouses and children to provide some semblence of privacy. With the right access, it is a poor effort. For quilt celebrities it is harder. They don’t have the funds to employ teams of cyber security professionals to scour their accounts for stalkers. Bonnie Hunter posted a picture on Facebook of the cabin she is buying. The next day she posted about a reader who had sent her an MLS listing in a private message asking the price and other personal questions. Bonnie related that she preferred not to disclose such personal information and the person replied huffily that Bonnie was rude and would no longer follow her. Other people told Bonnie, before I could, to block that person and not worry about it. I added later that I would ask my readers to go follow her blog and her FB groups to make up for the ‘loss’ of that rude woman. If you don’t already follow her, please consider it. She is the queen of leaders and enders and is very giving to the quilt community. Her posts are cheerful and helpful. She does a mystery quilt every year and has a number of free patterns available. Thanks!

Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania is having an exhibit until March 3, 2017, featuring documented (often still in the family) quilts from this area, mostly Mennonite, but there is a Brethren star quilt on display.  The blog post talks about some of the quilts, and information about visiting can be found using the links at the top of the page.

Cuesta Benberry’s collection from the Michigan State is on display at the DuSable Museum in Chicago until February 28, 2017.

Patterns, Fabrics, Tools & Supplies

I saw Tooly pattern and thought two things. First, it would make a great gift. Second, it would be great for a quiltmaker’s ‘Go’ bag. I know you know I am big on having a bag with all the essentials to take to retreats and classes. I have a Tupperware box, but it is getting pretty stuffed. I might just need to clear it out, but having this stand in easel format would be convenient for accessing frequently used tools. This is sold via Craftsy by Sew Together. I don’t think it is the same designer of the Sew Together Bag.

If you still want to make a pussy hat, Knifty Knittings has a pattern.

Not a fan of LP Sharp? Scottie Dogs has another option for bulk rotary cutter blade replacement.

AQ Follow-up

Susan and Gretchen both left kind comments on the Wonder clip pincushion gifts.

Susan wrote: “LOVE, LOVE this project. I want to make some as I use the wonderclips all the time. Could you give more of a reference to where you found the pattern? Love of Patchwork and Quilting magazine has many issues. Thanks, S”

I got the pattern from issue 39 of Love Patchwork and Quilting. You can see a photo on their blog post related to this issue, but there are no directions. It is available digitally in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Gretchen wrote: “These are adorable and I wish I had a giant one (I have a lot of wonderclips). You sacrificed Beanie Babies to make these? A worthy use!”

No no no no no! No Beanie Babies were sacrificed in the making of these pincushions! The pellets are available in bags at Beverly’s. I am sure other similar stores have them as well. Since many people are allergic to nuts, including my SIL#2, the standard walnut shells do not work for me. I use a combination of Beanie Baby pellets (I am sure they have some other more generic name) and wool roving for the filling on pincushions. I buy  these items when they are on sale at Beverly’s.

Media & Events

Scruffy Quilts is a shop near my house. I took a look at their blog recently. I love the pictures they show. The Prismatic Star is especially nice.

The American Quilt Study Group will host their seminar on October 18-22 in Manchester, New Hampshire. The forms to sign up are available on their site.

Frances has put out her second emailed newsletter and it is as good as the first. She talks about getting quilts ready for QuiltCon. If you don’t receive her newsletter, go to her QuiltFiction website.



Various & Sundry 2017 #1


The City Quilter Online Store is now working.

Have you looked at Stash Fabrics? I really like the fabrics they have – motifs and colors.

I finally took a look at The Precut Shop by the fabulous Christa Watson. I am remorseful that it wasn’t sooner, but very glad I did now. First, the shop is Amazon based, so easy payment and, presumably, easy shipping options. The stock, however is amazing. There was page after page of every precut imaginable. I couldn’t even look at all the offerings! Take a look.

Fabric and Tools

Pam has a blank copy of her fabric usage spreadsheet available on a post from a few years back. It is a good time to start tracking your usage. I did it all last year and it helped me to understand what fabrics I was using and how much. I made much better choices about fabric purchases. Cheryl, a BAMer, wrote a great post about her spreadsheet for the BAM blog. She talks about her theories around it, why she does it and how she does it.

Accuquilt is having a die sale through January 31. They have some great dies, even basic options. The site also has an option to register your dies, which creates a list of all of your dies in one place. I have been using my Accuquilt and the dies on and off for various projects as well as for clearing out my scrap bin. It really helps with cutting.


Friend Julie turned me on to Makelight, which has some interesting visual reports. They appear to be in the business of improving followers on Instagram, so they are selling something. I am just in the process of trying out the tools.

Frances of The Off Kilter Quilt podcast fame has a new website called Quilt Fiction. You might be able to read her newsletter on the site, but you can definitely subscribe. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you get a lovely short story. I read the short story and definitely wanted to know more about the characters. If you can’t read the newsletter on the site, there is plenty of other quilty-goodness to read. She has frequent blog posts about books related to quilts. One of my favorite posts is one called Everyday Uses. While it is brief, it makes me think about the everyday use of quilts. I agree with the mother in the story in that you make a quilt and if it gets used up, you make another one. I don’t want to say that quilts aren’t precious to me, but there is always more fabric.

I follow Schmetz Needles on Twitter and was pleased and intrigued to see that they have an online magazine called Inspired to Sew. Check out their site for the current and archived issues.


You might have seen the whole unpleasant drama about someone stealing  an image of FOTY 2015. Someone sent me a link to another site that was discussing the same issue. Please note that I am not a lawyer.


If you want a lovely downloadable calendar, check out the Grove website.


Various & Sundry 2016 #13

Off Topic: Crafts

We had a meeting for NSGW Grand Parlor the other night, so the planning has finally kicked off. In an effort to show people what the boxes I want for the favors to be I went looking on the web. I found a couple of folded paper boxes tutorials, one from Origami Instructions and the other from Simply Notable. Both are essentially the same, but I find it good to get different perspectives, especially with the written word. These are great for gifts. Cut a second piece of paper 1/2 inch larger to make a top.

Projects, Patterns & Tutorials

Bonnie Hunter came out with part two and part three of her En Provence mystery quilt. You can find the pattern on her website. Download it now (she has a printer friendly version I save to my computer) as the clues go away in about 6 months.

This coffee ornament is a great Christmas ornament, but could also be used for other gift giving opportunities.

Gift Bag pattern and video from All People Quilt. I still like mine as it is easy to make, but it is great to have options.

Various & Sundry 2016 #12

Doing Good

Valerie makes blocks every month for charity via Kat’s blog, Kat & Cat Quilts. If you are looking for an organized way to contribute to something good this might be an opportunity for you.

I found another update on the Pulse quilts in Orlando. This one has a slide show of a variety of the quilts.


Need some easy color work? Need to relax? Nerdy Mama has 20 free coloring pages for you.

My pal, Jill (Quilt Rat) has found another IoS creativity tool. I am so sad it doesn’t work on Android devices! It is called Amaziograph. With this app, you can create amazing kaleidoscopic designs a la color pages and La Passacaglia (without the color). Jill has written a blog post and created a basic video tutorial.

Projects, Patterns & Tutorials

Wanda, over at Exhuberent Color posted these sunflower blocks. I didn’t know these were in the Farm Girl Vintage book. I have that book and have looked at it, but must have missed this block.

Aren’t these monsters great? I love them and want to make one.

As per usual, Bonnie Hunter has released the first clue to her 2016 mystery quilt, En Provence. Download it now (she has a printer friendly version I save to my computer) as the clues go away in about 6 months. She has some excellent cutting tips in the first clue. It is always good to check in on our sewing technique.


Sara, over at Sew Sweetness, has posted a list of Cool Tools. Which do you use?

Definitely check out the sincere and lovely thank you from EQ.

Other Artists

My sister shared Christine Peloquin’s website with me. She commented that the art looked like ours would look if we were one person. I think it is true. I am not much of a face-in-quilt-form person (to each his own), but I do like the face painted over the quilt top. The imagery I saw on the day  I looked (11/11/2016) was dominated by images of women. I thought the images were profound given the current discussions on the status of women. Christine is located in Florida.

This subsection will be called the Judy Martin section. I know many modern quiltmakers have never heard of Judy Martin, but I love her work and especially her block designs. She also has a very friendly newsletter. They are not high tech, but cheerful, upbeat and entertaining. They are archived on her website. Judy, seriously, makes me want to visit Iowa again. It sounds much more interesting that I found it to be when I visited my great grandparents for summers as a kid.

In the November issue of her newsletter, she mentions that the Electric Quilt Company has a new download product that originated as her book, Knockout Blocks & Sampler Quilts (now out of print).

She also has a quilt at the Iowa Quilt Museum, which I mentioned previously. Judy writes “Nestled in an old J.C. Penney storefront on the picturesque courthouse square of historic Winterset, Iowa is the new Iowa Quilt Museum. It’s not a huge space with a large permanent collection. Rather it’s a small, nimble space given over to interesting exhibits curated especially for the museum. Through January 24, 2017 the exhibit of star quilts features “State Fair Star,” a Feathered Star variation I made for Patchwork Among Friends. The quilt shares the airy, well-lit space with 29 other star quilts. If you’re traveling to Des Moines or simply passing through on I-80 or I-35, the Iowa Quilt Museum is worth stopping for.”

Judy also mentions “a web site for a socially minded company that is making fabric from empty plastic bottles! They are trying to create opportunities for people in Haiti and Honduras while reducing the ecological impact of littered plastic bottles.” She says that she hasn’t “sampled any of their products, but” that she is “intrigued by the whole thing and certainly support[s] their goals. Take a look and see what you think.”

[end of Judy Martin subsection]


Quilt World News

Christen Daniels has resigned from the MQG board due to time constraints. The Nominating Committee put out a call to assist with the task of filling the volunteer board elected seat. They sought candidates with strong strategic planning skills and knowledge for nomination by November 12.

Not Quilt Related

From the Doing Good-NQR Department comes an article about the Native Sons and their donation to the Craniofacial Center at UCSF. Much of this money comes from $1 raffle tickets, $5 chances on gift baskets and $10 dinner tickets rather than $10,000 donations from rich people. You can make a difference by making a donation.

Various & Sundry 2016 #11

Doing Good

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild updated their meeting minutes and included a detailed description of their Pulse Project. The scale of the project is mind boggling. I am amazed at what they have accomplished. They also posted some photos of the first distribution on the OrMQG Instagram feed.

If you want an ongoing way to use up scraps by doing some good, take a look at Kat’s Block Drive. She requests blocks every month to make quilts for families who have lost loved ones.


SF School of Needlework and Design opened in September.

I was pleased to get Marsha McCloskey‘s newsletter. I was not so happy to hear that she has been 24/7 caregiver for her very ill husband. Send her good wishes via her website if you have a chance. She mentioned the Stargazing: American Star Quilts exhibit at the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset. It runs now until January 24. Her Star of Chamblie Sampler quilt is in the exhibit. I want to make a version of that quilt!


Johanna Bashford, coloring queen, has a line of tech cases for Apple products. Samsung owners, including me, are SOL.

Patterns, Tutorials and Projects

I recently saw a link to the Queen Bee handbag pattern from U-Handbag, a British company owned and operated by Lisa Lam. I love the look and the design, but didn’t really want to deal with British pounds (sorry, UK friends, I am not trying to be an ugly American). I looked around and found the pattern on Craftsy, but without the purse frame and other bits and pieces. Sigh.

My sister, not as well versed in the ways of fabric as some of you, dear readers, but she has a good eye and sent me a link to a fabric rugmaking tutorial. The fabrics used in the tutorial are very appealing. The technique is similar to one in which bowls are made. It is nice and would be a good way to use FabMo scraps.

I love the look of this pieced Pineapple quilt pattern. Tutorials are linked on the page.

I have been talking about making a Lozenge quilt for awhile. While I have a number of projects in process, I think the stars have almost aligned for me to do this. I found a pattern that works with charm packs (5 inch squares) and a layer cake (10 inch squares), which is kind of what I want to use. I got a layer cake of Manor by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and have been looking for a reason to use it. This might be it. Looking back at the page of ideas I gathered, though, makes me wonder if that is the right fabric. I’ll have to dig around in my fabric closet and see if there is a more suitable layer cake. God forbid, I should actually CUT fabric for this project. 😉

Bonnie Hunter has announced her 2016 mystery quilt, En Provence. It is inspired by that region and the photos are worth viewing even if you don’t want to participate.

Other Artists

Christa Watson has a post on a series of black and white quilts she did after choosing black & white for her ‘color of the month’. I really hope she didn’t make all of those quilts in one month. I’ll feel quite lazy if she did! Regardless, Christa has a great design sense. Her Illusions piece moves when you look at it. As she says, black & white quilts have a high impact graphic quality that is hard to beat. Information about the Color Blog Series can be found on Michelle Wilkie’s site.

Marie Webster was active in the early part of the 20th century and owned a pattern and kit company before such things really existed. A lot of her patterns were applique’ and very different from the feedsack and pieced patterns of the 1920s and 1930s. Kathy Matthews wrote an article about an art quilt exhibit responding to Webster’s patterns in a new way. You can read about her in a book.


You might have heard of Frances Dowell’s new book, Birds in the Air. She also has a different site from The Off Kilter Quilt that is all about Quilt Fiction. You know that my librarian heart loves this type of compilation. Frances notes in her recent episode (#199) that the Quilt Fiction site is a still a work in progress. You get a free story if you sign up for her newsletter.

Christa Watson republished an NQA article about QuiltCon on her blog recently.

If you have wanted to start a La Passacaglia quilt, but don’t know where to start, take a look at Dana’s post. First, she has great photos of her “La Pass.” I like the way she approached the project and it has given me ideas for getting started, which I have been avoiding. (N.B. I do have an idea that will help me take the leap). She also has an idea about combining shapes to make a larger space. This is an interesting idea that I might use when I get farther along. Not only is this post helpful, it is also written in a great tone.

Tips and Tricks

Kathy Matthews posted a link to some still relevant vintage tips and then she wrote an article talking more in depth about the tips booklets.

Quilt World News

Sadly, art quilts were stolen off the walls of a church in Vancouver. The article states that the quilts were worth $6 million. The article has a link to photos of the stolen quilts. There are two sites that list lost and stolen quilts, and a page for Missing Quilts on Quilter’s Cache. While there is no good in stolen quilts, I am pleased that the quilts are considered art in this instance.

Various & Sundry 2016 #10

Patterns and Projects

I added a free Craftsy pattern by “Alex Ledgerwood, who created the fabulous “Twiligig” pattern for Scraps Inc., Vol. 2, ” to my Craftsy account. “It’s a paper-pieced pumpkin block, and it’s simply adorable!” (from a Lucky Spools email)

Kristin Esser has just had her book, Sew Illustrated, published by C&T. They kicked off a blog tour earlier this week. The kickoff page has a  idea flip-through of the book, which we all do when we see a book we like, but is hard to do when shopping online. Frances had some info on her podcast about this book.

Other Artists

I saw an article, which turned out to be a video, about folded books sculptures. As you know I am interested in bookmaking and this was a completely different take on using books for art.

Doing Good

SFQG Blocks for Pulse
SFQG Blocks for Pulse

I am so excited about all of the ways quiltmakers and quilt guilds have made a basic design for the Pulse Quilts their own. I saw the blocks SFQG were making when I went to a guild meeting as a visitor. I am tempted to make one for them because I like the pattern so much. I found another great quilt example by Kristen Welsh the other day. Gorgeous! I also love the cheerfulness of the quilt by SonicStitches. There is so much love flowing out via these quilts. You can see more on Instagram by clicking on the #quiltsforpulse hashtag. Everyone is so creative, caring and giving.

Quilt World News

Generation Q magazine has reported that AQS will stop producing books next year. I wonder what will happen with the challenges that result in books. They also let me know that the International Machine Quilters’ Association is folding. This news follows hard on the heels of QNM closing down. The article mentions, of course, the MQG and the success there. There is no panacea, but the old ways don’t work. The existing shows and organizations need to take a page from QuiltCon and make their events about more than quilts and shopping. Yes, those get us in the door, but the passiveness of viewing and shopping don’t make people want to go back. I want to go back to QuiltCon, because of the excitement at the show, the app to answer quick questions, the activities and meeting people I ‘know’ on social media. This is a really good article and I hope you will read it and comment on it.

Well, it seems like dire times for the quiltmaking industry. Perhaps the industry is just right-sizing? Rachel from Stitched in color talks about changes to blogs.

City Quilter in NYC is closing their brick & mortar shop in the fall. I am sorry I never got there. They wrote in a recent email: “After almost 20 years and more than 20,000 students passing through our classrooms, we’re sad to announce the closing of The City Quilter in October.  We have enjoyed getting to know many wonderful people and have had an exhilarating time building up our business from scratch.   But Dale and I feel it is time for a change.  Our focus will be selling our exclusive New York fabric on-line, and, indeed, we intend to expand our offerings.

A huge thank-you to all our loyal customers and friends who have supported our presence in Chelsea at The City Quilter for the last 20 years.  We are so pleased to have helped grow and sustain the quilting community in New York, as well as having brought quilts and quilt-making in NYC to a greater national and international audience.

We are always amazed at the number of real and lasting friendships that have been made in our classroom.  In many ways, The City Quilter always felt like a family and we will truly miss our teachers, employees and customers.

We will be selling our Bernina 550 classroom machines as well as all our floor models of both Bernina and HandiQuilter machines.  Except for the HQ Avanté long arm machine.  That, I’m taking with me.  So there will be some good deals to be had.

Again, many thanks for the experience of a lifetime. We hope to see many of you between now and October.”

It isn’t all bad news. Pokey Bolton will be publishing her first book under the Crafting a Life LLC imprint. It will be a surface design book by Melanie Testa and Carol Soderlund. She is going to be choosy about her titles and hope they focus more on technique and less on patterns.


I have added a few books to the Quilts in Print page.

2016 Various & Sundry #9

Media & Events

I heard about Flow magazine from Deanna Raybourn. It is Dutch and can be found at Barnes & Noble. Deanna writes “Imported from the Netherlands, it bills itself as a periodical for paper lovers, but it is so much more! Each issue is jam-packed with articles on creativity, activities, interviews, graphics, and freebies.” I am going to take a look at an issue when I go past the Barnes & Noble tomorrow.

I watched the TQS Show with March Lipinski that came out on 6/20/2016. In it he talked about the Quilts of Valor. I LOVE the pattern he designed. Of course, I imagine it in turquoise and pinky-red.

Apparently there is a Bay Area shop hop in November. It took Alex Veronelli from Italy to let me know. Where is the Quiltmaker’s News Network?

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine is shutting down.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is having a fundraiser called Tying the Knot on August 27, 2016, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. Their site has more information about this event and all of their programs.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

I know some of you are sewing garments with some of the new knits from our favorite designers. Sarai of Colette Patterns has a guide to finishing knits.

I’ll be sewing the Cargo Duffel 2 by Noodlehead in an upcoming class. Someone replied to my comment questioning zipper lengths that I could “easily shorten a zipper”. The person who made the comment is really nice and means well, so I refrained from making a snarky comeback, but I have to say that the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony pattern I made that asked me to shorten a zipper rather than buying the correct size still stings. Instead of the snarky comment I looked up tutorials. One I found was perfectly adequate, but had no photos, so I had very little idea what they were talking about past the first step. I avoided the videos except as a last resort and finally found the Indie Sews tutorial, which I think I can actually use.

Jackie has a money saving tip to extend the life of a worn out cutting mat.

Katie has a new video tutorial on mitered bindings with no ruler.

Products, Tools, Fabric & Supplies

I saw an article on thread, which mentions EPP in a significant way. It is a little biased towards Superior thread, but we do need a little perspective and the Superior threads I have tried have been a pleasure to use.

Friend Julie wrote a review of Steady Betty Hands on her blog. I bought these also, have used them and find that the review is accurate. My favorite part about Steady Betty Hands is that I can tie off threads, change needles and bobbins without taking them off.

I was just thinking about Pink Chalk Fabric the other day and wondering if the company was dead. I received an email with an update. The shop is finally reopening, but with a new name: I am not sure why they are making the change since Pink Chalk had such a good reputation. My understanding was the sale was for the social media aspects of the company, but who knows. I am sure there is a reason. Their mailing address is 5653 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 109 Pleasanton, California 94588 USA and they can be reached by telephone at: (925) 399-6550

Patterns and Projects

I have been wanting to make tea cozies- a couple for myself and others as gifts. I saw a tutorial on TQS, which might just spur me on.

Garnet Hill Door Mat Inspiration
Garnet Hill Door Mat Inspiration

Friend Julie has gotten me into collecting patterns for the Row by Row Experience 2016. I make no promises about making quilts or rows, but it is kind of fun to see the patterns. Also, as a side benefit, the list of shops is awesome! Start at the state page to find participating shops in your area. You can all the FAQs, too. I saw a doormat in the Garnet Hill sale catalog that would be a great row. I am sorely tempted to make a pattern for it. What does that mean? I have to make it, which might mean further rows. That means another project. I am sorely tempted.

We are making the Cargo Duffel in a workshop at my guild. It looks like the pattern on the Kaufman site got an update.

Amy Ellis has a new line of fabric and a new pattern. The colors aren’t really bright enough for me, but I like the designs. Kelly will like the large prints!


Do you remember collecting fabric patches when you went places? They were inexpensive souvenirs. I have a small basket of them and still have illusions of making a quilt and incorporating the patches into it. In terms of collecting, that ship has sailed, I think. Boy Scouts still get patches, but they aren’t very prevalent in souvenir shops anymore. Still, I was pleased to see some very clever sewing and quilting related patches on Instagram. SIL has made specialty patches for her Scout trip over the years and I think these would be great gifts for guild officers.

2016 Various & Sundry #8

Doing Good for Orlando

By now most of us have heard of the horrendous massacre in Orlando. All I can think about is that the victims could have easily been people in my family, good friends or work colleagues. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this supreme and unnecessary tragedy. All I can think about is that this could have happened to one of family or friends. None of us are immune. In true quiltmaker fashion the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild has started a block and quilt drive to create quilts for the victims and families of the slain. They are collecting quilts and blocks.

The idea is to make heart blocks in bright, rainbow colors to represent everyone affected (including YOU), and obviously represent the love we are sending them. Use the tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew to make 10″ blocks in rainbow of bright colors, with a low volume background. The quilts should be no smaller than 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. You’re more than welcome to make them larger, they’d like to keep them at the very least lap sized.

Pattern: Cluck Cluck Sew Hearts
Size: 10″x 10″
Colors: varying rainbow of prints with low volume background
Send quilt to Orlando MQG (check blog for address)
Send money, blocks and quilts to: Alissa Lapinsky c/o A List Hair Salon, 106 South Woodland Blvd, Suite B, DeLand, FL 32720
Timeframe: By August 15
Send this form with your submission.


A lot of questions were brought up in the comments on the original Orlando MQG post. This is a big project and they are working through the details now, but most of the answers have been posted today, including what you can send (quilts, blocks, batting, money, binding strips, etc). Also keep an eye on that blog for more information. I am sure your patience will be appreciated.

Julie is hosting a get together this weekend to make blocks and quilts. Contact Julie at the Intrepid Thread for more details. If you have any other questions, please email alissalapinsky [at] gmail [dot] com. She is the president of the Orlando MQG.

Do something! Help in some small way- whatever works for you.

Patterns, Tutorials & Classes

This is a GREAT idea. Jackie over at Sewexcited Quilts has a tutorial for an I.C.E. pouch. I.C.E. stands for In Case of Emergency. I have a contact called this on my phone, but if my phone flies across the car in a crash, it doesn’t help. Jackie writes “Local emergency personnel want these in every household. On strollers, backpacks, bikes, seat belts, the list can go on and on. They said it is helpful in saving lives and people getting the proper help” in her post. She has printables included in the post, not only for the tutorial, but also for the form to include and the logo. The tutorial is also included in the post. This is a great idea for gifts!

Kelby of One Hour Basket fame has a new pattern with 8 patterns included.

I was pretty excited about these foundation piecing patterns from Tartan Kiwi except that they are foundation piecing. The seahorse is my favorite and I might just make that one even though it is foundation piecing.

The Aurifil Thread Box and Sewing Caddy is the first sew4home tutorial after their partnership with Aurifil thread. The colors they used in the project are right up my alley and the bag is shaped more like a briefcase than a tote bag. It has some structure and that is also appealing to me. After some history of Aurifil and some information on their different weights of the different Aurifil threads Sew4Home provides a comprehensive tutorial with a lot of good pictures. I learned to use my Edgestitch foot, which I have never used from looking at the photos. I haven’t made one, but from looking at the photos, I think this is a comprehensive tutorial and I encourage you to let me know how yours comes out.

There is a super cute popsicle mini-quilt pattern that I adore. It brings back good memories of the freezer in my granparents’ play room that I am sure was stuffed with popsicles. I saw it first on Twitter. Then I saw the actual pattern and realized it is from Fig Tree. You can buy it from them directly. I love the colors they use.

Media & Books

Here’s the scoop on why Quilt Your Heart Out died.

Lucky Spools has a new book out, The Quilt Blocks Cookbook. When I saw ‘cookbook’ I thought actual cooking with teaspoons and hot oil. I delved a little deeper and saw that it might be a block dictionary. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy, but the guild might get a copy and I can take a look.

I totally missed Amy bringing the Creative Mom podcast back. She has about 15 episodes waiting for your listening pleasure. I just downloaded them and started listening. The episode called Flip-through has a lot of interesting concepts and thought provoking ideas. I might try and get together with an art friend and do a flip-through. This might be a good idea for CQFA.

I am gearing up for my next round of dresses for #politicalwifery and bought 2 patterns from the Indie designer, Colette Patterns. As a result, I received a newsletter called Get Snippets. The issue I received had 10 free resources for better sewing. I wasn’t able to find a web version, so they were:

1. 50 favorite sewing books. Looking to build up your library? The internet is great and all, but I truly believe there’s no substitute for a well-written, specific book. These are my top choices (including some great vintage ones), and be sure to check out the comments for more ideas.

2. Seamwork Radio. We love to share sewing stories. Our podcast brings you personal stories about all the ways designing, making, and wearing your own clothing can alter your life.

3. How to maintain your sewing machine. We all forget that our little machines need love. Keep yours in good working order with some simple cleaning and maintenance.

4. The free Sorbetto pattern. If you haven’t tried this pattern yet, you can download it for free today. A simple basic that’s been wildly popular, this pattern has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

5. Wardrobe Architect. This blog series covers a step-by-step process for constructing a wardrobe you actually want to wear – and that feels like you. It’s one of the most popular things we’ve ever published!

6. 6 apps to help you plan your sewing.These days, most of us likely bring a smart phone to the fabric store. Here’s how you can use your phone to stay inspired, capture ideas, and track your sewing goals.

7. How to install an invisible zipper (with video). Learning to do this can be life-changing for your sewing, so check out the complete photo tutorial with video to see how easy it is.

8. How to prevent DIY anxiety. Like author Annaliese Fidgeon notes, “DIY anxiety is not something that can be cured,” but be sure to bookmark this post for when you need a boost.

9. This is where we offer free real-time sewalong classes using our patterns! You can browse past sewalongs, or sign up to hear about the next one we offer. It’s all totally free and lots of fun.

10. Coletterie by email. Don’t want to miss any of our discussions and tutorials? We update our blog 3 times a week with thought-provoking and useful articles. Click here and enter your email to get them all delivered to you.

These link out to blog posts, of which I was not aware and was interested to read. You can sign up for the newsletter yourself at Get Snippets.

Cheryl has written a great post about what she has learned from using sheets as quilt backs. She is very thorough in this post. Keep in mind that YMMV.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

Jackie has a series of blog posts about irons. Very interesting info!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe has new Sizzix dies coming out. I don’t have a Sizzix (yet??), but still admire the designs. She is right that the parallelogram design would make a great teen/young adult quilt, but especially a boy quilt. Interesting and not girly (assuming you don’t use floral swirly pink fabric).

Other Artists

I was thrilled to see Jill contribute a response to one of the last Creative Prompts. I adore her response, as I do most of her responses. In addition, I looked through her tag for “iPad doodles” and read more about the tools she uses, Tophatch Concepts app and the 53 stylus. I want them both and that means I need a new iPad. I have slowly been moving all of my mobile life to Samsung, but this app and the stylus are giving me pause.

If you are thinking about doing the La Passacaglia quilt (and why wouldn’t you be thinking about it with a name like that???), Massdrop has the templates and papers again. Take a look at Wendy’s quilt, which she is now quilting. Yes, I am doing it. No, I haven’t really started.

Johanna Bashford, the Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest coloring book queen will receive an Order of the British Empire award. She called Buckingham Palace, because she thought it was a prank. Amazing!

Group Projects, Challenges and Ideas

You can always dive into the Creative Prompt Project. Choose a prompt and go for it!

Exhibits and Events

Iowa Quilt Museum Opens in Winterset. As you know Winterset, Iowa is the home of Marianne Fons.

Lake County is a county north of me. Someone sent me an article about a new block added to a quilt trail up there. The article also talks about the history of the family on whose barn the quilt block has been installed. There is no additional information about the Lake County Quilt Trail, but a quick search found a site.