Fabric of the Year Project etc.

I decided to do the fabric project that I discussed in two previous posts here and here. This project uses fabrics I have recently purchased in some project right away.
This is the fabric I recently washed (a light load). They are arranged in no particular order. I cut the pieces and slapped them up on the wall.

Above are the fabrics after I rearranged them a bit and sewed them together. You can see the test block in there as well.

I did run across a few situations I had to decide about as I pressed the fabric, so here are the complete new rules:

  1. 2.5″x4.5″ pieces of each fabric purchased.
  2. Fabrics that have been washed, but not pressed are ok to add to the mix, even if they were purchased last year.
  3. Fabrics purchased twice in the same year should be included twice.
  4. OK to rearrange fabrics as desired.
  5. Press to the dark.

I did find it to be fun, as TFQ said it was. I did find one fabric that I really didn’t like and will put in the Freecycle pile.

Needing some retail therapy this week and still having Friend Julie’s post on my mind drove me to the Artgirlz site. I was amazed to find that the creativity pack and the rubber stamps came within a few days, even though it was sen from Rhode Island. Nice service! The thing I have to figure out is how to mount the rubber stamps. I know how to mount them, but don’t have the mounting thingies. Perhaps there is a rubber stamp store somewhere where I can buy some. Artgirlz have some, but they have a variety of sizes in one pack and not enough of the little ones.
A few months ago when I was really trying to get inspired to do some visual journaling, I bought a few writing/drawing instruments to inspire me. I finally tried these NeoColors last week. They are like crayons, but more waxy. I wasn’t that impressed as I was looking for something softer. I probably won’t be buying more of them.
Finally, there is good news and bad news on the Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowball). The good news is that I finished another block. I have been working on this one for several weeks, which means that it was mostly languishing in my handwork bag. It is displayed above with some new fun fabrics.

The bad news is that I seem to have lost the templates. In a frenzy of tidying, the stack where the templates lived for months was swept away and no longer exists. The templates are gone now, too, and I can’t think of where I might have put them. Darn! I wanted to cut some more pieces. I can reprint them and start over, but I don’t want to get into a problem with piecing (I have had enough of that!), so I will look for them some more. Cross your fingers that they show up.

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2 thoughts on “Fabric of the Year Project etc.”

  1. I like the fabric of the year idea, and that shape will make a very interesting design. You didn’t like the neocolors? That is funny as I find them very un-waxy and almost too soft. I’m using the watercolor ones though. Cool that the artgirlz had the stuff you wanted. I like to use the stamps unmounted, since they are slightly sticky and pretty small, they are manageable just with fingers. Practice! I hope you can find or re-create your templates, yikes!

  2. Julie,

    I really had fun cutting into the new fabrics and sewing them together. Who knew?

    While I didn’t HATE the Neocolors, but I also didn’t find them that appealing. I have never found the exact right drawing implement and am still searching. It has to be soft and smooth, but not goopy and can’t leave globs if I pause. And no mixing or messiness. Doesn’t work for quick drawings.

    Perhaps I will try the rubber stamps unmounted. I never thought of that. Again, though, I have to contend with the messy factor. You know, it becomes unappealing for me if it gets too messy. 😉 There is obviously some latent art thing going on inside my body that I need to acknowledge beyond just buying art supplies.

    I hope I can find my templates, too. So unlike me not to put them away. I must have put them somewhere very clever.

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