Chocolate Box Again

The Chocolate Box is truly finished now. Except for the quilting, binding and sleeve. 😉

I like the the way it came out, but I wish I had made more of an effort to keep some of the non-chocolate edges larger. Live and learn.

After finishing the back for the Purple Bullseye, I realized that I needed a bit more of an edge to accommodate the jagged edge (photo above, bottom right). Since I was in back making mode anyway, it seemed like a good time.

You can’t see the bit I added, because the back is really large and I really couldn’t get it all in. Now Colleen will be able to get it on the quilting machine with no problem.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Box Again”

  1. Quilt Pixie: thanks so much! This was a total test. I changed the design just before I started cutting! I enjoyed working with the fabrics.

    Julie: thanks! I had fun with the back. I have to make more backs with all the fabric I have! I guess that means I can only buy fabric for the front!

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