Pat Sloan Website/Blog/Podcast etc

Last week I was tootling around the web on my lunch hour and went from Margi’s blog to Pat Sloan’s blog/website/bonanza.

I first went to her blog and liked the little designs she has up to illustrate her posts. They remind me of Mary Engelbreit’s artwork. As I wandered around I was simply amazed at all the info and links she has on her various media. I was interested in the webcam on her design wall. It would be interesting to see in action, e.g. if she were working on a quilt. I also liked the cheery way she writes.

There is a shop, free patterns, blog, Good Book Cafe, Amazon search button, website, webcam, podcast and much more. Take a look.

Word of the Day: Adoration

The book talks about adoration in terms of imagery and icons in religion. The author says “external worship is merely a means to point within the true source of salvation.” When I saw this word and read the associated piece I immediately got an image of sitting at the sewing machine ripping out a bit of stitching and then sewing it again. For me, stitching is a meditative process that allows my mind to swirl around touching on parts of my life that need attention.