Opposite Tote

Striped Tote with Flowers
Striped Tote with Flowers

You might think that this is the same tote I posted last week. It is, however, the opposite of the one I posted last week. I used the stripe for the main part of the fabric as opposed to the flower fabric, which I used for the accents this time.

I think that this may be the best tote that I have ever made. I don’t think that I made any mistakes (knock wood). One thing I did with this tote was sew on the button before I sewed all the pieces together. It was a lot easier!

I guess it is time to move on to another pattern. We’ll see.

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8 thoughts on “Opposite Tote”

  1. Why change if you’re happy with what you’re working with? Don’t take my question about patterns as a suggestion that you should do something different — that was just curiosity. The nice thing about continuing to use the same pattern is that you get better at the construction and don’t have to worry about that — you can just focus on the design elements!

  2. TFQ: Well, in terms of a series, I think I have done everything I can with this pattern. I might make more. I have enough fabric to make two more – actually that is dedicated fabric that I bought to make totes. I am looking at other patterns and thinking about making one just to try something new and to hone my 3D skills. That Liesl backpack is on the list. It would be nice to get it done BEFORE PIQF so I could say that a year hadn’t past. The totes are definitely a comfort project. We’ll see.

  3. I especially love the floral fabric. and your sketches are nice, i love the simple lines. thanks for the ideas (creative prompts) you have so much to look at and i appreciated your reviews of other blogs/stuff online. i’m going to bookmark your spot and return again!! thanks! happy “crafting”!

    1. Hi Leah: Thanks for stopping by and for bookmarking my site. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and then you will get an email (etc.) each time the site is updated. I would love to see what you come up with for the creative prompt! Hope you join in.

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