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I have noticed a lot of, for lack of a better term, quilt clubs popping up. I joined one so that I could watch the Quilt Out Loud videos with Mark Lipinski. Then I didn’t watch many and then he left the show. Now he is back and I can’t login. Oh well.

I noticed this one from All People Quilt today. There are couple of things I noticed:
1. The “value” is always higher than the cost.
2. I don’t know what the cost is by looking at one page.
3. I don’t know if this is the same club as the one I already joined.
4. I am not really excited about receiving a HARDCOVER pattern book. As a librarian, I am just not impressed with hardcover books anymore. They have the same info as softcovers, but they do stand up on the shelves better. However, if you have your quilt books packed tightly on the shelves, the softcovers stand up just fine!
5. In general, I am not sure if I want the benefits the club is offering.

I do like Quilts & More. They often have a good tote bag pattern and bright colors in their magazine. Frankly, after my book bonanza from Christmas and my birthday, I think I may be on quilt information overload. The Leaning Tower of Book Pisa is threatening to injure a small child or kill a small pet. Something has to be done, but I cannot catalog this behemouth, because my quilt book catalog database is locked into a dead laptop

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