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Continuing Odds and Ends Tuesday, I found this blog post.

Denyse Schmidt has some great things to say about art quilts, classic quilts as well as color in a variety of styles of quilts.

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Denyse Schmidt: The Modern Quilt

Denyse: “I had been admiring old quilts (late 19th century, but also early 20th century), but found that what I loved about them – simple color palettes, lots of solid fabrics, a spareness and sometimes quirkiness – wasn’t being widely referenced in contemporary quilts. Art quilters were making quilts to be hung that were more conceptual or about making a statement, home quilters were using traditional palettes with way too many prints and colors that were murky, and the commercial world – quilts made overseas for department or specialty stores, were not very exciting. I loved the history and lore of quilting, the community and family feeling of it, and the tactile-ness and collective memory of fabric combined with designs that are very graphic. As a designer, I wanted to get other people to see quilts in the same way that I did, to bring this amazing craft to a wider audience”.
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