Gift Bags So Far

Gift Bags 1&2
Gift Bags 1&2

One of my medium nephews was over while his parents were gone and he decided he wanted to make a pillowcase.

The first step was to select fabrics. In the course of doing that, we pawed through my Christmas bag fabrics. I was reminded that I needed to get busy on some bags for 2010.

I have two gifts for two different people at work who have been especially helpful to me this year, so I decided to make bags for them. I don’t normally spread bags outside of the family, but the alternative would be to actually wrap the gifts with PAPER. Ugh! So, above are the bags. I used the French Seam method that I learned from the Twiddletails pillowcase pattern. I am not at all near making very many bags this year so far. That can always change, though, right?

Author: Jaye

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6 thoughts on “Gift Bags So Far”

  1. Just wanted to let you know I AM reading your blog. I have been in la la land for weeks now, it seems. Finished up the last of the Christmas shopping today, so am hoping to get back into the studio a bit….even if to just fondle fabric. πŸ™‚

    I love that paisley-esk print you used on the gift post before this one. Warm right tans and browns too. It is very elegant looking.

    I did not make a single gift bag this year!!! I have some leftover from last year though. I cannot see how you manage and hold down a job too!!! I have all I can do to keep the dust bunnies at bay and run the house! πŸ™‚

  2. Sherri:
    Glad you are still reading. I have been feeling a little lonely lately. I like right tans as well. The browns I used are very chocolatey. I selected that fabric, because the person I made the Little Wallet for is from New Zealand and I thought the fabric looked like the art from the area without being a bad reproduction. It gave the feel of it.

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