Fabric of the Year 2011 – Update

FOTY 2011 top
FOTY 2011 top

The Fabric of the Year 2011 top, back and binding are finished and ready to be sent to the quilter.

As you may know from my previous post, I ripped out the first inner border (which meant ripping out all of the outer borders as well) and replaced it with a different fabric. The ‘different’ fabric, is a 2002 star fabric from kp kids. I used it a few years ago on Women’s Work #1. The stars suggest the same form as the triangles and the color is the right amount of black to frame the piece.

I also trimmed a bit of the grey Ta Dot from the top and bottom borders. The top and bottom borders didn’t need that much space.

FOTY 2011 before removing diamond border
FOTY 2011 before removing diamond border

You might think I am crazy for doing all that ripping. I really think I need to make visual decisions visually, but sometimes I can’t see the piece as a whole until I get pretty far along the sewing path. I really want to do my best work and in order to do my best work I needed to get rid of that diamond border. I couldn’t get the joins in the strips I was using for the border to match up to my satisfaction. TFQ pointed out that the diamond fabric was printed off grain so the parts of the pattern printed on the fabric was not the same each section of the strip I used. She is right and I didn’t notice it until she articulated it. All I could tell is that I didn’t like the border and I needed to rip it out. So, I ripped it out.

FOTY 2011 back
FOTY 2011 back

I used large pieces to make the back, for once. The two fabrics on the left are Basic Grey and I thought using the large pieces would show off the labels and the portions of letters, which are part of the pattern of the fabric. I was also pleased that I was able to use the last bit of the Belle Fleur fabric. I like that fabric and I am glad I have a piece that I can keep for awhile.

Backs are arduous and I am really glad I was able to focus on using large pieces and getting the back finished.

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7 thoughts on “Fabric of the Year 2011 – Update”

  1. I totally get the ripping out, even after the top is ‘finished.’

    I cannot always articulate the ‘why it’s not working’ look to something, but I get a gut feeling that something is wrong. I took apart and redid sections of my Iditarod quilt twice. Yes, it was work, but the finished product was worth it.

    1. This is one of the reasons I am doing the design series with Sandy on Quilting for the Rest of Us. I still can’t clearly articulate everything about the piece, but the design series is helping.

  2. This top is spectacular! I understand completely what you are saying about the need to rip out – if it’s not working, it’s not working! I often have to construct (and then deconstruct) to see if I’ve gotten it right.

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