Fabric Papermaking

Last Saturday, CQFAers met at Sue’s house where she tried to teach us the secrets from Stitch Alchemy, a book by Kelli Perkins. The idea is to make fabric paper – a combination of fabric and paper. I hope to use mine for journal pages for journals like the Red Journal.

Rhonda's Raffia
Rhonda's Raffia

I don’t share well, but space was limited and Rhonda (of BAMQG fame – she plays with both teams πŸ˜‰ )and I ended up next to each other. She is a great tablemate! We shared well and she is extremely creative. I felt like an idea-less boob next to her. She is like me in that we just got down to it. We also had fun.

During the time I thought of texture, because of the podcast I had just recorded with Sandy. I have a lot of schnibbles from pressing fabric so I brought that with me and adhered them to the paper. Sue wasn’t sure if it would work but it was worth a try.

The next step is to paint the fabric. We will do that at the next CQFA meeting.

Author: Jaye

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7 thoughts on “Fabric Papermaking”

  1. You have some great fabric papers! Rhonda shared her expertise with me and Angela yesterday. It was so much fun, but we were not nearly as prolific as you. I am very happy with a couple of my pieces, but definitely need to be less “theme-y” and more “collage-y” with the next batch. I tend to look at them as whole canvas rather than something I’ll likely cut up and use in small, very interesting, bits.

    1. I am so glad she is spreading the wealth. I was working pretty fast when I was making mine. I figure that quantity is better than quality, though I do think I made some nice pieces.

    2. I love this technique! I had so much fun working with you, Jaye. Look at all those beautiful things you made! You definitely didn’t sacrifice quality. I was so inspired I had to do more! I roped in Angela and Kelly for another session and now I’ve made as many as you made in one go! Really looking forward to phase II.

  2. Rhonda can’t help being creative – it just comes out of her. As a little bitty kid she wanted to be a poet. A poet! First it was words and now it’s fabric.

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