Donation Blocks

Donation Blocks - June 2014
Donation Blocks – June 2014

I started a couple of these blocks at the BAMQG Retreat in hopes of adding to the giant pile, but I just couldn’t get them done. I was using a non-quarter inch foot for the Petrillo Bag and that foot doesn’t work when I need a quarter inch seam.

I had a couple of extra kits at home and a set of 2.5′ squares (green batik, middle of top row), so I ran them through the sewing machine one afternoon and suddenly had 6 donation squares. I’ll bring them to the next meeting.

I have also been working on the grey and black donation quilt. We are getting into our foggy time of year and I may not be able to work on it much longer as it is too depressing. Not good for a donation quilt. I have a lot of squares cut, but enough blocks for a baby quilt. I was just kind of hoping to make a teenage boy sized top as the colors would be better for a teenaged boy. I will keep running the squares through the machine and see what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Donation Blocks”

  1. Hi Jaye! I received the package – thank you!! I’ll get the blocks, clips, and ruler to their proper places at the meeting next weekend.

    It’s never as foggy here as it is there….I’d be happy to do some of the grey/black donation squares if you’d like. I think a teen boy donation quilt is a great idea! Any chance we could get together when you get back? School’s out for the summer, so it’s likely L would have to be involved/brought along. But she’s easily amused with some ipad time if necessary…lol

    1. Definitely. It would be great if you could make some blocks as well (I know it is piecing, but….). We would get the project done a lot faster. They are the regular 2.5″ squares and I have tons cut. Not sure how many blocks, but I’ll let you know when we talk.

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