Non-Christmas Gift Bags

December Gift Bags
December Gift Bags

What the heck? I know you are wondering. Christmas is exploding all over and I am making birthday and Mother’s Day bags? Huh?

A week or so ago, I did some cleaning and clearing. Nothing crazy, just a bit. I found these fabrics and was about to get rid of them when we had to wrap gifts for the Young Man’s birthday. I used the same gift bags I always use. I don’t know what happens to them all, but they disappear except for the few that I snatch out of people’s hands as soon as they remove the gift, so they don’t walk off. I also love them and am not giving them up.

I thought that these fabrics would make nice additional gift bags, so I sewed for about 20 minutes and have 3 new gift bags. I had four, but one piece of fabric disappeared. I am sure it will turn up, but I didn’t take the time to look for it.

Need to make gift bags to save trees and save wrapping time. I have a tutorial. Now go make some gift bags!


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2 thoughts on “Non-Christmas Gift Bags”

  1. Mom and I have made gift bags for years now. We should make some more soon. They are wonderful fun. And yes, I’ve been known to grab them after the gift has been opened as well. If it is someone that I know will use them, awesome, but otherwise, I just might take it back.

  2. When I make LARGE gift bags I use the standard pillow case pattern. I hem the flange so I can thread a ribbon through it. I see this as part of the gift. The bag becomes a pillow case after it is used to wrap the gift. I do not do this to everyone only my favorite people or for a special gift for a special occasion. …. NONNIE

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