Even More Gift Bags

I didn’t intend to make more gift bags. However,  I cleared off my cutting/work table and found some cuffs waiting to become Christmas pillowcases. I stared at them and finally decided to make them into gift bags instead. I am done with pillowcases for this year, I think.

Formerly cuffs, now gift bags
Formerly cuffs, now gift bags

They are long skinny bags, but what the heck?

The one on the right will fit a gift I have to give on Saturday at the BAMQG gift exchange, which is great. I am sure I will find a use for the other one. Pretty soon I am going to have to do a gift inventory and see what I still have to make or buy. at that time, I will wrap gifts with bags I have handy.

Thinking about gift bags, this reminds me that I have a huge gift to wrap. I don’t think I want to make a gift bag that big that will only be used once, or very occasionally. I might drape some Christmas fabric over it and tie a ribbon around it and call it done. Did I mention I found another stash of Christmas fabric when I was looking for beads for the ATCs?

More Christmas wrapping
More Christmas wrapping

I also made a few bags from the leftover lights fabrics. These are so cheerful.

Have you been making gift bags?

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