Grand Parlor Chaos

Door Prize Gift Basket
Door Prize Gift Basket

The week is nearly upon us. My house looks like a bomb of tissue paper, decorative paper and ribbon went off in it. There are gifts and baskets everywhere. I haven’t even begun to inventory my clothes for the week yet. That will only add to the chaos.

In addition to the physical chaos, we also had some other chaos: our washer broke and is unfixable and one of the Grand Officers died so some of our precious prep time was, understandably, devoted to a rosary and a funeral.

My SILs, a friend and I spent Craft Night on Monday boxing and wrapping favors for the Ladies Luncheon. These soaps were made my my sister, owner of Wooden Heart Soaps (go buy some-they are awesome), the wallpaper from which we made the boxes was from FabMo and one of my SILs dug into her stash of gift bag ribbon for our use.

The soaps are Grapefruit Bellini scent. I wanted something that most people would like and was not too strong. Cross your fingers.

Gifts for Ladies Committee
Gifts for Ladies Committee

I also had to procure a number of thank you gifts for the people who helped with all of the events.

I decided to use handbags as the holders since they were nice and could be used later. I hope the committee likes them. If they don’t, I know they won’t say anything. 😉

One Centerpiece
One Centerpiece

Maureen designed the centerpieces and Carol took them and designed a tableau around Maureen’s work. The plate holder will be clear or white (I can’t remember); the one in the picture is just a sample. Carol designed the waves and put together enough for all the tables. She did a wonderful job, especially using the lace doily to add a bit of finish to work.

After organizing my clothes, I think I will be done. We’ll see whatever other crises fate throws in our way.

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