Russian Rubix

Materials 100% cotton fabric 100% cotton thread Techniques Machine pieced Longarm quilted   Details: Year: 2013-2015 Size: 85”x85.5” Fabric: various Quilted By: Colleen Granger   Details I saw this pattern at Always Quilting when I was visiting there with Susan, the History Quilter. After some back and forth via email, we decided to both make … Continue reading “Russian Rubix”

Finished: Russian Rubix

Normally, I don’t like to post until the quilt is completely done, but the binding on is good enough for me this time. I never thought I would finish the binding on this monster, but I finally did. I am only half way through the sleeve, but that will be finished soon. I started thinking … Continue reading “Finished: Russian Rubix”

Russian Rubix Big Steps

I was making a trip to see my quilter yesterday so all week I made a huge effort to get the piece done. I had to put on the last border, make a binding, and make the back. I slowly made may way through all the steps a few seams at a time and was … Continue reading “Russian Rubix Big Steps”

More Border on the Russian Rubix

I made some progress over the weekend and it felt good. The whole top is sewn together and I have started work on the border. I didn’t have enough time to do as much I as I would have liked, but I have to be happy with what I was able to do. I really … Continue reading “More Border on the Russian Rubix”

Progress on the Russian Rubix

I did some sewing on the Russian Rubix, but not enough to call the top finished yet. I don’t have dates for finishing the top planned. It will get done when it get done. I moved around some of the blocks with the blanks, because there were too many blank blocks next to each other. … Continue reading “Progress on the Russian Rubix”

Dropping Out of the Russian Rubix

Lots of stuff is about process with me lately. That includes the Russian Rubix. I worked on it, finally, over the weekend and came up with, what I think, is a good idea: Dropping out. By dropping out, I mean that I replaced some of the quarter squares with blank pieces of the background fabric … Continue reading “Dropping Out of the Russian Rubix”

Russian Rubix Potential Layout

You might think that I did a lot of amazing work between Monday and now, but really I made the blocks I showed Monday over the Labor Day weekend and the most recent work, which I will tell you about in this post, was done this past Sunday. It just so happens that I have … Continue reading “Russian Rubix Potential Layout”

Making Progress Again on the Russian Rubix

These blocks had been sewing into quarters and placed on my design wall, where they stayed like that for weeks. I think I had some sort of grand illusions of adding in different colors or something. Last weekend, I just sewed them together, photographed them and put them in the pile with the other blocks. … Continue reading “Making Progress Again on the Russian Rubix”

A Few More Russian Rubix Blocks

I have been piecing parts of the Russian Rubix blocks together, but not putting as many blocks together as one might expect. I am trying to sew grey to all of the octagons, so I have a lot of choices when I go to make the blocks. It is a good plan, but doesn’t always … Continue reading “A Few More Russian Rubix Blocks”