Back Porch Redux

I meant to write about this sooner, but it just didn’t happen. I saw this Flowering Snowball quilt when I went to Back Porch in October. I have to admit that I was shocked, because I thought that nobody was making that pattern except for me and here was a semi-local quilt shop teaching a … Continue reading “Back Porch Redux”

Triple Star Progress

Lots of prep this week. I suppose that is what has to happen at some point. I know I mitigate massive bouts of cutting by breaking it up, but occasionally, I can’t get away from it. In addition to everything else I did at Sew Day, I also cut background squares for the Triple Star. … Continue reading “Triple Star Progress”

Triple Star

I have liked this quilt for a long time. The photo shows a version that I have admired multiple times at Back Porch Fabrics. This version uses primarily Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs fabrics with a charcoal (description not actual color name) solid background. I really like it. As described in a previous post, I … Continue reading “Triple Star”

Book Review: Quilt As You Go Made Modern

Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern: Fresh Techniques for Busy Quilters by Jera Brandvig I bought this book at Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove, California back in November when Friend Julie, Mom and I did our mini-shop hop. The publisher should pay Gail at Back Porch Quilts to sell this book, because I would never have … Continue reading “Book Review: Quilt As You Go Made Modern”

Fabric of the Year 2017 Again

It was the end of April when I last posted an update for FOTY 2017. I am still cutting, but the endless Carpenter’s Wheel and brief detour into designing for FOTY 2016 are just two of the projects that have distracted me. These fabrics reflect a couple of projects. First, the text prints were cut … Continue reading “Fabric of the Year 2017 Again”

Various & Sundry #11 – early September 2015

Articles, Classes and Information The Fons & Porter TV show comes and goes on my local PBS station and it is currently available. I watched an episode the other night and the Memory Star block caught my attention. I was excited to share this project with you, because of the way they used the Flying … Continue reading “Various & Sundry #11 – early September 2015”

Gift Post #1: Gifts for Me

I got a nice group of quilt/sewing related gifts for Christmas this year. It was also the right amount of stuff. I really wanted that Scrap Basket Beauties book after seeing one of the quilts made up during a visit to Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove with Friend Julie. The Young Man came through … Continue reading “Gift Post #1: Gifts for Me”

The Princess and the Pea

On Tuesday July 20, I set off from home for the airport to pick up TFQ before heading south for a quilt adventure along the coast. We were headed to Long Beach for the big quilt festival there put on by Quilts Inc. We were both excited. Fresh off the blogs from Spring Quilt Market, … Continue reading “The Princess and the Pea”

Various & Sundry Saturday

I have a lot on my mind…again. My Tivo is taping Fons & Porter periodically. I didn’t ask it to do so, but it started doing it on its own and then I started to watch them. It is nice to be immersed in quiltmaking for a few minutes and get a different perspective. Recently, … Continue reading “Various & Sundry Saturday”