ColorPlay: Tile

I got back from a trip with my SILs and nieces to Disneyland and California Adventure on Sunday. As usual, I was overwhelmed by visual stimulation. I have previously written in couple of places about the colors and motifs I see at the parks. I do think I posted a photo of this mosaic/tile before, … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Tile”

ColorPlay: Windspinner

I took this photo in Tahoe. I really like those Windspinners.I can’t buy one, because DH gets sick. There are a lot of colors, if a person is careful with the little Palette Builder circles. I had fun looking for them. Despite my efforts, the default palette is still a bunch of neutrals.  It is … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Windspinner”

ColorPlay: Umbrellas

I’m always looking for photos with the most color possibilities. This week is no exception. I took this photo in Portland. The umbrellas were hanging down from the ceiling, covering the ceiling. It doesn’t have as many colors as I would like, but until I start playing with the Palette Builder, I always think the … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Umbrellas”

ColorPlay: deYoung Flowers

I took a few photos at a special exhibit held at the deYoung in late March. I can’t remember the name of the exhibit. They do it every year and it is up for a very short time. Someone chooses artworks and matches them up with floral designers who create a floral arrangement that matches, … Continue reading “ColorPlay: deYoung Flowers”

ColorPlay: Tile

I saw this quilt-like pattern of tile on one of my daily walks. The default is less neutral than normal. It actually looks somewhat beachy. I went for my usual monochromatic palette and came up with a series of blues. Sadly, the website was having a problem despite me switching browsers, so there are only … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Tile”

ColorPlay: Bar Color

I took a picture of this bar area before this restaurant stopped carrying gluten free noodles. I finally dug the photo out, because of the bright and cheerful nature and had some fun creating palettes. The default palette was less neutral-y than usual, which was a pleasant surprise. The red tones are an interesting addition. … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Bar Color”

ColorPlay: Crater Lake

Someone really should try to make dresses out of the blue that is this lake. It is an unbelievable color. Default: look! not all neutrals, though the tool couldn’t avoid neutrals completely. Palette 1: monochromatic. I worked hard to make sure the blues were different. One good thing about Kona is they have a lot … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Crater Lake”