Half Hexie EPP non-fatal Problem

The other day I showed you the latest results in my EPP piece. As I was taking the picture, I noticed a piece that looks a little odd. Dots. Dots are the problem. That violet with white dots fabric n the middle is weird looking. Something about the dots intersecting with the white is unconventional. … Continue reading “Half Hexie EPP non-fatal Problem”

A Few More Half Hexie Stars

In between everything else I have going on, I have been working on the half hexie stars. I need about a million more stars, so I just work on them whenever I don’t have any other handwork pressing. I especially need white background stars so I have been concentrating on those fabrics lately. One problem … Continue reading “A Few More Half Hexie Stars”

Interesting Half Hexie Progress

I’d love to say this piece was in the finishing process, but it is so far from the finishing process that lying wouldn’t even cover what I was doing. I am, however, working on this piece. It is slow going, which is fine when I don’t have other handwork that I must do. Recently, I … Continue reading “Interesting Half Hexie Progress”

Half Hexie Progress

My half hexie EPP project has been languishing while I knit and sew on bindings, and do other handwork. It seems that I last posted about this project in July of 2017. I can’t believe I haven’t worked on it since then. I have been looking for the diamond papers I know I have that … Continue reading “Half Hexie Progress”

A Few More Hexie Stars

I have been working on the half hexie stars a tiny amount. They take a long time, as I have said. I finally was able to cut some more backgrounds, so I have been focusing on making background stars. I’ll have to see when I can add more stars to the larger piece. Making the … Continue reading “A Few More Hexie Stars”

Hexies on the Mind

Gerre talked a bit about putting the Merit Hexies together in a project at the last meeting. This discussion was swirling around in my mind when I went looking through my media library (where all the photos I have posted to the blog live). Yes, I posted this photo back in February 2014, but with … Continue reading “Hexies on the Mind”

Top Complete: Attack of the Hexies

Yes, yesterday I finished the last details I needed to do to prepare the top for quilting. The tasks required were: Finish back Make binding Trim top Stay stitch Saturday was a busy day, because I attended the CQFA meeting. I stayed after the meeting to sew with Sonja, Angela and Rhonda. It is good … Continue reading “Top Complete: Attack of the Hexies”

Hexies Return

The last time I seemed to have written about this Flower Sugar Hexagon project was way back in 2011. I didn’t think that much time had flown by, but Pam has made two hexagons, so I guess it has. My design walls have been empty for several weeks while I work on small projects; the … Continue reading “Hexies Return”

26 Projects 2020 #1

Finished 2020 Quilt Projects none yet! Finished 2020 Non-Quilt Projects This category covers bags, toys, aprons and knitting as well as other non-quilt projects. Speedy Pouches – finished January 2020 Doing Good Orange Strip Donation quilt – finished January 2020 White Improv Donation Top – finished January 2020 In Process The ‘In Process’ is used … Continue reading “26 Projects 2020 #1”

26 Projects 2019 #8

I have made a bit more progress. After my pillowcase frenzy from a few weeks ago, I have now used 117+ (gross) yards of fabric and close to 70 yards net. I am not 100% happy, however I can’t be anything but pleased with my progress.  Finished 2019 Quilt Projects Aqua-Red Sampler – finished March … Continue reading “26 Projects 2019 #8”