Henry Softies

For some reason I like this pattern. I don’t make exactly as the pattern advises (anyone surprised?), but I get the job done. Periodically I make one and usually give it away as a way to make someone smile. Henry 1 Henry 2 Henry IV Yes, I forgot I hadn’t yet made Henry III and … Continue reading “Henry Softies”

Meet Henry IV

Meet Henry IV. Yes, I have made another softie owl and also called him Henry. It could be confusing, but think of those Tudor Kings. There were bunches of them. Wait until I make a Henry VIII. I’ll have to put something on him to reference the old king. There is something about these owls … Continue reading “Meet Henry IV”

Meet Henry 2

I made another Henry for another friend, which I mentioned last time. He is almost completely together. The last part is sewing up his bottom. He is also covered in lint, so I really need to use my lint roller on him. I had enough almost enough schnibbles (sorry, Amanda, I’ll have to refill my … Continue reading “Meet Henry 2”

Brown Strip Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting

I wouldn’t exactly say I finished this in record time, but I did work hard to get it done and off my design wall.These quilts aren’t difficult to make. The blocks can take some time, but go together quickly if the strips are available and I use the leaders and enders technique. This is the … Continue reading “Brown Strip Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting”

Book Review: Sew Gifts!

Sew Gifts!: 25 Handmade Gift Ideas from Top Designers by That Patchwork Place I wanted to read this book for a long time. I finally borrowed it from the library and found that the projects were all made from very appealing fabric combinations. Also, the photography was very appealing. There are several interesting projects. I … Continue reading “Book Review: Sew Gifts!”

Color My Quilt: Marty

Marty tried to torture me this month with her request. Brown. Yep. Brown. I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. Fortunately, I didn’t have go to the indignity of beige or baby poop brown. I had a chocolate fabric with the most fabulous lime, turquoise and orange dots. Haha! The shard is a little … Continue reading “Color My Quilt: Marty”

Various & Sundry 2018 n.2

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials I subscribe to the AllPeopleQuilt.com newsletter, which I often delete. I was just about to delete the Valentine edition (I am NOT making a V-Day quilt this year, despite my love of that heart quilt from QuiltCon) when I saw that they had a compilation of bag projects. The variety of … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2018 n.2”

Creative Prompt #358: Drum

A cylindrical container used for shipping bulk cargo. a communication device Virtual Drumming is a hub for drum set game where you can play and learn through digital sheet music about songs of the sixties. Freshwater drum fish drum lessons drum shields Talking drum – An hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa, whose pitch can be … Continue reading “Creative Prompt #358: Drum”

2015 Year in Review

Blog Posts: 365 Doing Good Projects: Black & Grey Donation Top Flower Sugar Donation Top Hawaiian Quilt Multicolor Donation Quilt Pink T Quilt Quilts: Box Full of Letters – finished 8/18/2015 Fabric of the Year 2013 – finished 4/2015 Fabric of the Year 2014 – finished 12/6/2015 Field Day Zipper – finished 10/2/2015 Food Quilt … Continue reading “2015 Year in Review”

December 2015: 26 Projects

I am reeling that it is December already. Sheesh! Finished 2015 Quilt Projects Fabric of the Year 2013 – finished 4/11/2015 Hawaiian Donation quilt – finished 4/7/2015 Pink T Donation Quilt – finished 3/3/2015 Russian Rubix – finished 4/2015 Box Full of Letters; finished 8/2015 and delivered Food Quilt #2; Finished 9/9/2015 and delivered Field … Continue reading “December 2015: 26 Projects”

Creative Prompt #339: Thanksgiving

Yes, I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t help eeking out a little bit more from the holiday that everyone forgets as soon as it is over. turkey Pilgrims stuffing Indians/Native Americans pumpkin pie Definition: “Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks … Continue reading “Creative Prompt #339: Thanksgiving”

Low Volume Journal Cover

I have been working with a lot of grey lately for the Carpenter’s Wheel experiments and for the Flying Geese exchange, so I have bits and bobs of scraps around. After making Henry IV, I thought I should make a snowy owl version. That led to me starting to piece leftover bits of grey and … Continue reading “Low Volume Journal Cover”

Creative Prompt #333: Crown

Crown Point Press Definition: “A crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by … Continue reading “Creative Prompt #333: Crown”