Peacock Top Complete

I finally finished the Peacock top. The photo looks a little odd, because my design wall isn’t large enough for the whole top so it is bent around the corner and taped to the fabric closet door.  Still, done is done albeit large. I also finished the back this past weekend. I knew it would … Continue reading “Peacock Top Complete”

ColorPlay Peacock

Since we have been obsessing over the Peacock, I decided to use the Peacock piece, as is, for ColorPlay this week. Ok, I have been obsessing I would have cropped out more of my design wall, but decided just to leave it in and see what happened. Since the colors are all cool colors, I … Continue reading “ColorPlay Peacock”

More Peacock Progress

I spent several hours over the weekend working on the Peacock. I was determined to make progress and I did! I am pleased with the progress that I made. Several hard decisions were made and lots of sewing was completed. I spent a lot of time on Saturday making the smaller hexagons large enough to … Continue reading “More Peacock Progress”

Progress Finally – The Peacock

It has been hard to get going again on the Peacock. I don’t know why. I think it required contemplation and I really have just had snatches of time here and there over the past few weeks. Some projects require concentration and no progress is made without the time and mindspace for concentration. The problem … Continue reading “Progress Finally – The Peacock”

The Peacock – a Bit of Progress

Push has really come to shove on this project. I have to decide how to arrange the solids in the upper right hand corner. I have some strips cut and some ideas percolating, but this is where my design and construction style can run into problems. I think the blues I have on the right … Continue reading “The Peacock – a Bit of Progress”

Peacock Details

As I mentioned the other day, I was able to piece in some of the small blocks. It isn’t a very linear or straightforward process and there is a lot of fiddling that goes on. One issue I am having is with measurements. I know each row is 3.5″ wide, so I have cut solids … Continue reading “Peacock Details”

The Peacock Progresses

During the past little while, I have been flinging curses at the Peacock as it sits on my design wall, taking up space and glaring smugly at me. No more. I made two cuts on Sunday and was off. With those two rotary cut strips, everything changed. Finishing the piecing actually became possible…. no probable. … Continue reading “The Peacock Progresses”