Maureen’s Pincushion

In order to add a gift to Maureen’s bag, I made her a pincushion. Unlike the bag, the pincushion went together very smoothly. I had some of the pieces and parts from my last round of pincushion making on the cutting table. They weren’t crappy, just unused. I picked out some other scraps from the unsorted … Continue reading “Maureen’s Pincushion”

New Pincushion – Wonderclip Holder

Can a person ever have too many pincushions? This is the thought running through my mind as I decided what else to make for my second group of gifts. You might remember the Pincushion / Wonderclip Holders I made for the guild officers. I really like this pattern and decided to make another one to … Continue reading “New Pincushion – Wonderclip Holder”

Pincushion Gifts

I wasn’t be at the guild meeting yesterday, which made me sad. Kelly, of the Kelly bag fame, pinch hit for me with the officer gift bags. Thanks, Kelly. Many guilds give their officers quilts as thank you gifts. I am of the mind that we all have enough quilts, but a tote bag (simple … Continue reading “Pincushion Gifts”

Calico Creations, Mt. Vernon, Wash

If you thought Sew Creative was good, you will love Calico Creations. We found Calico Creations accidentally on our way to the post office. I had seen the listing on Google, but thought it was a chain upholstery shop. There is a decorating/soft furnishing shop with a similar name near me so I ignored the … Continue reading “Calico Creations, Mt. Vernon, Wash”

Book Review: Stitch ‘n Swap

I borrowed this book from the library in Kindle format. I kept it for a long time and then it was yanked from my digital bookshelf by the tyrant that is the app? Stitch ‘n Swap: 25 Handmade Projects to Sew, Give & Receive by Jake Finch This book is described as a guide on … Continue reading “Book Review: Stitch ‘n Swap”

UCAB Small Front Pocket Tutorial pt.1

Recently, I posted the tutorial for the second Large Pocket. That is one of the pockets needed to complete the Ultimate Carry All Bag by Natalie Patton. Next we are going to work on the first part of the small, interior front pocket In order to sew along, you will need to: Purchase the pattern … Continue reading “UCAB Small Front Pocket Tutorial pt.1”

Small Gift Ideas

I originally wrote this to support Bay Area Modern‘s various swaps and activities. Once their new website was live, the blog was discontinued. I think this is a useful post (and not just because I wrote it!), so I decided to rewrite it, update it and post it here. Please note: I haven’t tried all … Continue reading “Small Gift Ideas”

Book Review: Sew Gifts!

Sew Gifts!: 25 Handmade Gift Ideas from Top Designers by That Patchwork Place I wanted to read this book for a long time. I finally borrowed it from the library and found that the projects were all made from very appealing fabric combinations. Also, the photography was very appealing. There are several interesting projects. I … Continue reading “Book Review: Sew Gifts!”