Creative Spark #28: Give it Away

“We are often able to rise to our highest self if it is for someone else” (pg.118). This quote had a profound effect on me this week I worked very hard for the past month on a work project. In the past week, I spent every spare work moment on this project. I gave it … Continue reading “Creative Spark #28: Give it Away”

Creative Spark #27: Share Your Work

“Artist Marcel Duchamp believed that his work wasn’t finished until it was seen by people–that the viewing completed the work” (pg.113). This is an interesting quote and it makes me think. I always show my quilts, at least to the guild, before they go wherever their final destination ends up. As much as possible, I … Continue reading “Creative Spark #27: Share Your Work”

Creative Spark #25: Make a Soul Box

A Soul Box is a way to do “soul archaeology…while making a meaningful reminder of what is most important to you?” (pg.105). In this chapter, Bloomston gives the reader a list of supplies to make an actual box. This is a very physical activity. Sometimes, making something that is not in our regular media leads … Continue reading “Creative Spark #25: Make a Soul Box”

Creative Spark #24: Shine Your Light

“You have to let go of the feeling that you don’t deserve to be happy or that you could never have the freedom that you seek” (pg.102) In my journal, at the back, I make a list of the small sewing achievements I make every day (in a good week). It might be something like … Continue reading “Creative Spark #24: Shine Your Light”

Creative Spark #22: Find Your Voice

This has been a difficult week, so I decided to sit down and work on a creative spark post. These posts take a while, but I usually end up happy after I am done. Or, at least, distracted. Carrie Bloomston shares an Alan Alda quote with us that exactly explains the subject of this spark. … Continue reading “Creative Spark #22: Find Your Voice”

Creative Spark #21: Fear

This is another spark I don’t want to confront or acknowledge. Bloomston, however tackles that exact issue in the first paragraph of the spark by saying “Creativity is my own version of anti-anxiety meds**. It’s a self-made panacea and it is usually effective….You can’t stay stuck in your fear if you are already wandering to … Continue reading “Creative Spark #21: Fear”

Creative Spark #20: Mission Statement

This feels just like a vision board. Bloomston says “your mission statement is one way to water your grass” (pg.85). I’ll have to believe her and try. “In this chapter we’ll write a so-called non-business ‘business’ plan — a creative mission statement” (pg.85). In the course of this exercise, she asks us to toss out … Continue reading “Creative Spark #20: Mission Statement”

Creative Spark #19: Vision Board

Go and get your Little Spark book. We are back to fostering “a beginning, a seed, a whisper” (pg.6). Today  is all about vision boards and this is not my thing. Perhaps I don’t believe they will work, so they don’t work, though everyone who has used one says they do work. Perhaps I am … Continue reading “Creative Spark #19: Vision Board”

Creative Spark #18: The Pleasure Principle

I went to work on Tuesday still on a high from the sewing I completed over the weekend. I felt so good and wanted another day to prolong the feeling. I guess that is why it is so hard for those in recovery. This spark is about seeking pleasure. “Your life is full and, no … Continue reading “Creative Spark #18: The Pleasure Principle”

Creative Spark #17: Inspiration

The first headline of this spark is “Follow Fireflies. it made me think of my ‘What If’ game. The first line also sent my mind spinning. It reads “Inspiration is everywhere you look” (pg.73). I had just been walking down a street I frequent when I saw the decoration/gargoyle on a house. I thought it … Continue reading “Creative Spark #17: Inspiration”