Plowing through the To Do List

I spent most of the day with my in laws cleaning my MIL’s house. She is 91 and lives alone, but needs some extra help now and again. I spent my time cleaning her fridge and running errands for her upstairs. Everyone else worked on the garden except YM who scrubbed her outside stairs and … Continue reading “Plowing through the To Do List”

January 2017 To Do List

January To Do List In addition to the general sewing tasks I also list, January requires some additional work to get the year started: Decide on FOTY shape and size Make cutting chart for the year Update Fabric Usage spreadsheet for 2017 Update Fabric purchase spreadsheet for 2017 The sewing tasks remain: Wash fabric AKA … Continue reading “January 2017 To Do List”

March 2016 To Do List

2016 To Do List Quilt Christmas table runner – I thought about calling it done, because I was finished except for the very outer border. I was very much inclined to call it done, but thought the outer border would be flapping around while I tried to bind it, so I started to do a … Continue reading “March 2016 To Do List”

December To Do List

I really did make a lot of progress, so I just had to post and crow a bit. Quilt Christmas table runner Wash fabric AKA The Great Unwashed-I didn’t wash anything recently, but I have been pressing. Cut out Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote Finish sewing Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote -this was a gift … Continue reading “December To Do List”