AQ 2011 Creative Prompts

The Creative Prompt Project started on February 20, 2009.

This project is an exercise in creativity, so create a response for each prompt to help develop your creative habit. All types of artwork are accepted as a prompt response as long as they are basically family friendly. Did you create a dance? Write a poem? Make a rubber stamped card? All are welcome and we would love to see them.

Spend 5 minutes, if that is all you have.

Consider participating even if you start now and/or can’t create a response every week. Start from where you are, don’t feel like you have to catch up by creating a response for each of the prompts. While I would love to have a complete set of responses from each person, I would rather YOU have fun and work on developing your creative habit.

If you have an already completed piece of art that fits the prompt, please copy the link to the comments section of the appropriate prompt.

The Creative Prompt Project, also has a Flickr group, which you can join and post your responses.

2011 Prompts
1/7 – Pink

1/14 – Vision

1/21 – Froth

1/28 – Sassy

2/4 – Ink

2/11 – Kiss

2/18 – Illuminate

2/25 – Abundance

3/4 –Anniversary

3/11 – Beckon (#110)

7/1 – Forward (#111)

7/8 – Heat (#112)

7/15 – Stem (#113)

7/22 – [posted photo] (#114)

7/29 – Flight (#115)

8/5 – Breakfast (#116)

8/12 – Numbers (#117)

8/19 – North (#118)

8/26 – Wings (#119)

9/2 – Willow (#120)

9/9 – Aquarium (#121)

9/16 – Dress (#122)

9/23 – Butterfly (#123)

9/30 – Anger (#124)

10/7 – Dark (#125)

10/14 – Pumpkin (#126)

10/21 – Ghost (#127)

Join in with your responses and engage your creativity.

6 thoughts on “AQ 2011 Creative Prompts”

  1. this has interested me ever since I’ve watched
    the quilt rat do her prompts……
    How do I join in the fun and creativity?
    Do I come here and see the prompts or do you send them to me?

    Happy New Year

  2. I am thinking of going back to the drawing book for mine. Doing them in fabric has slowed me down! I miss the freedom I had with drawing. I will still add to the fabric one, as time goes on, but I think I need to start another one in the book. I posted the latest photo of the fabric effort today. It was a struggle to get as far as I got AND it took the fun out of it!

  3. I’ve begun the Creative Prompts and am starting at the beginning. I’m posting them to my flickr photostream and am excited to see how this helps my creative process. Thanks Jaye!

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