I was sitting at my computer working when I looked up and saw the sunset out my window. The digital couldn’t deal with the screens on the window so this photo is taken from my front porch.


You get a great view of my neighbor’s house!

I love the colors. They make me want to sew. I am not sure what to sew, but I want to sew. I have been thinking about making two ATCs as thank you gifts, but can’t quite seem to get started. I thought of using some hand-dyed rickrack that I have that I used on the quilt What Comes Next. We’ll see. I am not sure what else I would do or how to start, so I guess it requires more thinking.

I had hoped to receive Aja’s bullseyes for Feelin’ Blue today, but they didn’t arrive. Perhaps tomorrow.

Another project off the ‘to do’ list!

I finished some napkins today that have been hanging around for several months. I bought the fabric in August 2004 at APNQ with JCN. I washed, cut up the fabric and did the first round of stitching. I even did the miserable part, which is turning the napkins inside out and carefully pressing them. I like two sided napkins as I can use more fabric and they don’t have to be washed as soon. Then they just hung around waiting for me to do the topstitching. I topstitched around one a few weeks ago, but didn’t get to the last three until today. Now they are finished and I can move on. These are the fabrics I used.

Feelin’ Blue

I am working on the third in a series of bullseye quilts. All of them have been group projects and this is no exception. The most recent two, Seeing Red and Feelin’ Blue, have been made with two friends, JZS and Aja. Feelin’ Blue is quite monochromatic in feel and may work well in our bedroom.

Feelin' Blue on the Design Wall
Feelin’ Blue on the Design Wall

This is a photo of how it looks on the design wall without Aja’s quarter blocks.

Changes to the ‘in progress’ page on

I have been working on a lot of quilts and haven’t had the time to update my website’s ‘in progress’ page to show them all. I thought starting a blog, which is linked to my site would be better. This blog is not yet linked, but it will be when I get all the kinks worked out. Thanks for reading.