October Donation Blocks

I was able to up my donation block production in October a little bit, which makes me really happy. I did forget to bring the blocks for the past couple of months to the meeting, however, so I will, with any luck, have a huge pile to bring in November.

I am working through some of the 2.5 inch squares I cut with the Accuquilt at Craft Night a few weeks ago. Going through one color scrap pile limits my options, though. Design challenge, right?

Ends Donation Top & Back n.6

Octagon 9 Patch Trimmings
Octagon 9 Patch Trimmings

A pile of trimmings from the Octagon 9 Patch have been laying around my workroom for a few weeks bugging me. I didn’t want to throw them away, but I also wasn’t thrilled about putting them ‘somewhere’ to be forgotten.

Finally, yesterday, I decided enough was enough and I would whip a donation quilt. A donation quilt would accomplish a couple of things. I would have something to show at BAM. I would be able to add some fabric to my fabric usage, but most importantly, those trimmings would be off my desk.

Ends donation top n.6
Ends donation top n.6

I found a light green Art Gallery solid that I thought would work pretty well and got to work. The quilt top when together pretty easily and I found a couple of fabrics I could use for the back, so the whole thing was done in a couple of hours.

Finished BAM Color Round Robin

Finished: BAM Color Round Robin
Finished: BAM Color Round Robin

Yes, the second finish I am reporting this week. The BAM (BAMaQG) Color Round Robin is now also finished.

It is definitely cheerful and fun, but I am not a fan of the overall piece. It has nothing to do with anyone’s contribution. Everyone did a fantastic job.

I am not sure what I don’t like about it. I certainly don’t hate it.

It will go off to it’s new home as soon as I finish the Sealife quilt-let and can find someone heading to the EU.

Retreat Day 3

I slept better on the Saturday night of Retreat, but got a slow start in the morning. I ate too much the night before and my stomach was unhappy.

BAM 2018 Retreat Nametags
BAM 2018 Retreat Nametags

Helen took a lot of great photos, including one of the nametags made by the committee. Even though we weren’t asked to, everyone wore their nametags religiously throughout the retreat. As a bonus, nobody who attended the retreat has an excuse not to wear a nametag to a meeting.


MetroScape Block n.3
MetroScape Block n.3

I was still feeling like I didn’t get enough done, so I thought I would start sewing on the All Rolled Up Tote. I like the Crafty Gemini method of teaching, but the requirement to watch the videos can be inconvenient. I found it not to be conducive to a shared sewing environment so I switched to working on the next MetroScape block. This was a good call as it inspired questions about the ruler and about curved piecing.

Group Sewing
Group Sewing

People really made progress. I documented a bare sliver of the massive number of projects on which people made progress.

Bonnie made a pouch
Bonnie made a pouch

I admired Bonnie’s California poppy/quail pouch. The wide mouth pouch was a retreat project led by Theresa. I didn’t make one at the retreat, but a number of people did and they came out very well.

I shared the photo with SIL #2 and she wanted to know where the fabric came from. Bonnie and I looked at the selvedge and came up with Suzan Ellis for Northcott LL#655 State Birds California quail. I remember this line, I think. Bonnie said it was from a few years ago. I did a quick Google search and didn’t find any yardage to speak of.

One organization to which I belong would go crazy over that pouch, but I did not suggest that  she donate it to them. One thing I don’t like is when people don’t value handwork and Bonnie spent a lot of time on it so I don’t think she should donate it. I do think that she should join the NDGW and I proposed it.

Nicki showed off her dual merit hexie and 9Patch challenge piece. There was a lot of well deserved praise. She is using her 2017 merit hexies to embellish her 9 patch challenge. It is wonderful to see all the different ways that people are using their merit hexies. Very different from mine.

Mary's quilt
Mary’s quilt

Mary finished the top for her linking-design quilt. I know that quilt is a pattern with a name, but I don’t know what it is. Except for the half blocks on the side, it is a very effective design. She picked great colors as well.

You can also see the BAM merit sash. Every year there is some kind of hat or sash that people get to embellish and wear after finishing a project. This is in addition to the extra raffle tickets we get for finishes.

Gerre's donation top
Gerre’s donation top

Donation tops get 4 extra raffle tickets. Gerre put a top together and received more tickets. The top she put together is similar to the one that I put together.

The blocks are from kits put together by Peggy and Michelle and were fairly easy. I think the tops are too small, but Peggy assures me that they are a great NICU size. I know I feel the way I do, because the quilts I make are large. Even my small quilts are large.

Sarah's quilt
Sarah’s quilt

Sarah, the famous Sarah of Planned Improv fame, finished putting together another stellar quilt. Why do I like other people’s quilts better than my own?

BAM 2018 Retreat Group Photo
BAM 2018 Retreat Group Photo

We were able to take a group photo to memorialize the event. It was a great time and I am glad I was able to attend.

September Donation Blocks

As usual I added to the stash of donation blocks that the guild needs to keep our charities well supplied.

As mentioned, I spent some time with the Accuquilt cutting 2.5 inch squares. I have to cut more scraps as my scrap drawers are overflowing. Aside from cutting with the Accuquilt, that is something I can do it bits and pieces of time I find while dinner is cooking or when I am waiting for DH to be ready to leave.

A number of the blocks were made at the BAM Retreat.

Retreat Day 2

I didn’t sleep well after the first day of the retreat. New bed, weird noises, the usual. Nothing crazy, but I do like my good sleep.

Retreat prizes
Retreat prizes

The Retreat Committee started off the day by giving out retreat prizes. They had amazing prizes this year including a Daylight Slimline standing lamp. I really wanted that, but someone else got it.

After that I was focused on the V&Co Aurifil thread box. We get more raffle tickets when we finish things, so I got some for the charity work I did (described below).

Quilting the Sea Life quilt
Quilting the Sea Life quilt

I am almost never alone now after years of spending a lot of time working alone, so it was a novelty to be in a hotel room alone and I stayed closeted away for quite awhile on Saturday morning. After finishing my tea and writing in my journal, I had very few excuses to stay in bed, so I got up and got moving. After a big breakfast and a small walk, I got busy on quilting the Sea Life quilt-let.

Yep. I did my own quilting. I finished as much as I am going to do, quilting-wise, on it, but I do need to make and apply the binding.

The Sea Life quilt was my major activity. I was ready for some piecing, so I made a charity top and put together some 16 patches. The charity top (bottom right) blocks were made by someone else and I just put them together. Three seams and I was done. I used the charity top and blocks and to get over all that quilting on the Sea Life quilt-let.

The time has really flown by. It isn’t enough and I don’t know that I have accomplished enough. Of course, I accomplished more than I would have at home, but, still, I had hoped to accomplish much more.


Retreat Day 1

Cramming my stuff into the little car
Cramming my stuff into the little car

BAM’s retreat started on Friday. I did not go to the gym Friday morning, though I did go for a walk. I could have gone to the gym and that was my plan, but I decided I wanted to relax a little bit and not rush around.

The night before DH decided he needed our larger car on Saturday to ferry people to the football game, which left me with our small car. I pared down projects a little bit, though not much. We packed some of my gear on Thursday night so I would mostly be ready to go. I had space, but used most of the available area to cram sewing supplies in.

BAM Sew Happy Retreat
BAM Sew Happy Retreat

Rhonda was kind enough to save me a seat. I sat between Sonja and Liz while I was across from Gerre and Rhonda. Our side of the room was relatively quiet, compared to the Mary-Amy side of the room, which was hilarity personified. We did talk about the Supreme Court nominations quite a bit. What a fiasco.

BAM pillow swap pillow
BAM pillow swap pillow

One of the first things I noticed was that Maria brought the swap pillow I made for her. She is using it to make the hotel chairs more comfy. Gerre also had a pincushion I made and the EPP kit I made. She was showing them off, which was sweet. I am really glad to see people like my work and use what I make.

The tables filled up quickly as people trickled in throughout the day.

People also started working on charity right away. I made a block as I pieced my MetroScape blocks.  I used my own fabrics, but it doesn’t really matter. I’ll make more tomorrow. Claire finished a Spiderweb quilt that Liz had made.

Peggy's Improv Flying Geese
Peggy’s Improv Flying Geese

Peggy made a really cool quilt top from the additional blocks made when we used the Chevron design. It is kind of improv Flying Geese-y.

Thanksgiving tablemat quilting
Thanksgiving tablemat quilting

After finishing the purple dot MetroScape block, I turned to the Thanksgiving Tablemat. I started quilting the center. I didn’t have the right green for the background, so I stuck to the lines in the center.

As I put on the binding, I saw the back and realized that the tension was terrible. Not anywhere near good enough to salvage, so I ripped it all out, finished putting on the binding (still need to join the ends) and called it good. The piece doesn’t have a ton of quilting, but it has enough for its purpose.

The Retreat Committee is really well organized. Everything is going very smoothly. We have a HUGE array of prizes that will be distributed throughout the weekend. We got a bunch of raffle tickets just for arriving. I put most of my tickets in the cup for a Daylight Slimline lamp. I don’t think I really need it as my lighting situation at home is good, but it would improve the situation so much. It is making me think of reorganizing and revamping my workroom. That is such a HUGE project that thinking about it when I am not anywhere near home is the only way I can deal with it.

On to Day 2!

New Donation Blocks

I made a couple of donation blocks over the weekend. Just a couple. I can’t seem to get away from the turquoise, though green is definitely forcing its way into the mix.

I found a whole bunch of Bonnie and Camille 2.5 inch squares leftover from the Stepping Stones n.2 quilt. That means more turquoise, though some red and pink as well.

Column Donation Top Finished

The other day I talked about the column donation top. I was able to finish it fairly simply.

Column donation top - Finished
Column donation top – Finished

The large piece of batik has been burning a hole in my pocket – or whatever the quilt equivalent of that is. I decided to use it for this piece and some of the leftovers on the back. It isn’t an exact match to the turquoise fabrics in the blocks, but I think it works well.

I worried about the Dove block touching the large expanse of blue, but I think it works. I am pleased with the top and am glad to clear up a few leftovers into something that will be useful.

Column Donation Top in Process

Column donation top
Column donation top

Last week I found some extra half square triangles leftover from the Stepping Stones n.2 quilt. Not being able to focus led me to sewing them together randomly. I put a couple of blocks up on the wall and they happened to fall near the Dove block I didn’t use in the Aqua-Red Sampler. Suddenly I had an idea for a donation quilt top.

Column donation top in process
Column donation top in process

Yesterday I worked on it some more. It is nearing completion and I will have a top by the next meeting. I thought I would place the column in the middle, but I don’t have enough of the Pure Elements Snow to do it, so I’ll have to think of something else. I ended up sewing the two pieces of Snow together and sewing them to one side of the column.

This is a very ‘go with the flow’ type piece and not planned at all.

BAMaQG Color Round Robin Returns

BAMaQG Color Round Robin
BAMaQG Color Round Robin

Along with the Octagon 9 Patch, the BAMaQG Color Round Robin came back from my quilter. I really like the quilting. There are different motifs in most of the non-background areas. I have to sew down the binding and then send it off to its new owner.

I don’t dislike this quilt, however it is not a favorite. I do really like the quilting that Colleen did.

The bits in each of the areas with printed fabric look great.

Color My Quilt: Gerre

Color My Quilt: Gerre's shard
Color My Quilt: Gerre’s shard

Gerre brought her blocks to the meeting last month and laid them out. I talked about this process earlier in the week (better late than never!). During that process, I realized that my shard was not among the ones she brought. I looked up all the Color My Quilt posts and don’t think I ever made her a piece. I was really sad about that, so I got busy.

This one isn’t as long as I thought it would be and is more buttoned up than the other shards, but I hope she will be able to use it.

Color My Quilt: Marty

Color My Quilt: Marty (Sept. 2018)
Color My Quilt: Marty (Sept. 2018)

Marty tried to torture me this month with her request.


Yep. Brown.

I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. Fortunately, I didn’t have go to the indignity of beige or baby poop brown. I had a chocolate fabric with the most fabulous lime, turquoise and orange dots. Haha!

The shard is a little bit of an odd shape, but that is ok. Marty will just have to deal. I hope she likes it.

Color My Quilt: Marty - Brown made fabric
Color My Quilt: Marty – Brown made fabric

I had made some fabric using browns sometime ago. I can’t remember for what reason, so I just decided to toss that into the pile for Marty as well. Despite my best intentions, I am not going to make a journal cover from browns. I might have been thinking of making another Henry, but that can wait. I want to make a white one first.

Color My Quilt: Gerre’s Shards

Last month, Gerre brought her shards to we could all look at them. Gerre has left her handbag at home, so didn’t have her phone and couldn’t take photos. I volunteered and texted her photos as I took them. There are a lot of photos!

Being the opinionated ladies that we are, we all had opinions about placement. It was kind of fun to work with other people moving shards around. I think Gerre was kind of excited, too, as it gave her ideas about placement.

I had issues with the plum (see upper part of first photo, left). I thought the plum should be dispersed throughout the quilt.

We also tried to move the white around so it wasn’t all clustered in one place (see bottom two rows).

There was advice about putting the pieces together into chunks and cutting pieces up. I think it got people excited about layout.