Spiky 16 Patch n.2 Again

I have been looking at my three Spiky 16 patch blocks and trying to decide if I can get away with a quilt made from 3 blocks. As I mentioned, I need to make some HRTs and I haven’t had a chance to finish them up.

Spiky 16 Patch - offset test n.1
Spiky 16 Patch – offset test n.1

I had an idea to make sort of a square with the on point blocks offset. the effect wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Spiky 16 Patch - offset test n.2
Spiky 16 Patch – offset test n.2

I tried to offset the blocks again leaving space for a fourth block. It still didn’t work the way I expected. It isn’t what I want.

Spiky 16 Patch Long Layout Test
Spiky 16 Patch Long Layout Test

Finally, I thought about the Donation quilt that Kathleen and I put together from color blocks. This gave me my last idea of the day for laying out three blocks.

I don’t think three blocks will work, but I wish they would. I’ll get busy making more blocks

HRTs in Process

HRTs in May
HRTs in May

A lot of what I am doing at the moment is prep. Cutting fabric that I can’t sew together now, but will do so later. Pressing fabric that will be cut whose small pieces will eventually be sewn back into a large piece of something. This is the sad nature of Hunting & Gathering.

As I mentioned the other day, I have been cutting clues for more Spiky 16 patch blocks. I have quite a number of 16 patches waiting to be spiked, so there is a never ending need. For some reason that I can’t remember right now, I couldn’t actually get fabric under the machine, but I could cut and I cut a lot.

I have to say and I am really liking the Split Recs ruler by Studio 180 Designs. I can cut gazillions of these pieces without thinking twice. Watch the video!

Another Spiky 16 Patch

Spiky 16 Patch n.7
Spiky 16 Patch n.7

In between all that sewing for the Octagon 9 Patch, I made a few 16 patches and another Spiky 16 Patch. The center 16 patch is actually one of the 16 patches I made. Instead of putting in the pile and taking one of the centers I intended for the Spiky blocks, I just started adding bias rectangles to it.

I won’t be able to make anymore of these until I make some more of the left facing HRTs. I am almost all out and I always forget to make them.

Now I have three blocks for this donation quilt. I am thinking 4 or 5 blocks will make something nice. I want to set it a big asymmetrically like the giant Sawtooth Star quilts I made. I’ll have to play around as these 16″ blocks are larger than the Sawtooth Stars.

April Donation Blocks

I have been working on the Spiky 16 Patch prep so I haven’t made as many regular 16 patches. These are particularly nice.

I have been cutting up new fabric, which means I have some fresh fabrics to use and that is always fun.

A Few More Donation Blocks

Again, I have been able to make a few of the 16 patch donation blocks for BAM. The HRT donation quilt has taken up a lot of my donation making time, but not all. I want to help the Charity Girls keep their supply of 16 patches fresh.

I am running out of foreground squares so I will have to get DH to haul out the Accuquilt for me and cut up some scraps before I can make many more. I have the additional HRTs to make, so I am not completely out of the game.

Repurposing Units

I know it is late, but I have been wanting to make some donation blocks for the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild.

As I was rummaging through an old project bin, I found some HSTs that were the right size and decided to repurpose an old Stepping Stones project. I only had a block or two and knew I wasn’t ready to make another Stepping Stones project right at the moment.

These blocks, once the fabric is cut, are very quick to make – simple 9 patch construction. the deadline is approaching so I will send these off very quickly.

I also played around with some layouts:

Perkiomen Valley Blocks -Layout n.1
Perkiomen Valley Blocks -Layout n.1


Perkiomen Valley Blocks -Layout n.2
Perkiomen Valley Blocks -Layout n.2

Michael Miller Donation Blocks

As I may have mentioned in one of my QuiltCon posts, I got some charm squares that are to be used for donation blocks for Quilts for Cure. Quilts for Cure is led by HollyAnne Knight and it was a pleasure to meet her. I am always pleased to make donation blocks and this seemed like a good opportunity.

Michael Miller donation blocks
Michael Miller donation blocks

I started worrying about it this past week. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about these blocks, which is not a good thing. Part of it was the charm squares. We had to make blocks from charm squares. I didn’t know what blocks to make! That is a weird feeling as I always have an idea.. I talked to Friend Julie, who was zooming along with her blocks, then I searched for “blocks with charm squares.” I found a tutorial for a block I could make and was willing to make.

Now I am zooming through these. I have made four, have two in progress and have another stack of charm squares to use.

I am looking forward to crossing another thing off my list!

March Donation Blocks

I am finally going to bring my giant pile of donation blocks to the meeting this week. Here is the latest group for your viewing pleasure.

I am so pleased with these blocks. While I think I made more, these are the only ones I can verify. A small, but mighty number! The pile grows exponentially and that is very exciting.

January Donation Blocks

January 2018 Donation Blocks
January 2018 Donation Blocks

Here are more blocks from January. I think my total for January was 25. I would have loved to get to one per day, but 25 is not shabby.

While I did cut a few new fabrics, this group represents blocks made from the last dregs of my donation bin.

After using up all that I could, I got out the Acuquilt and my new 2.5″ die (Christmas gift) and cut a bunch of new squares from scraps on my cutting table. There will be some duplicate blocks, but I am back in the business of making donation blocks.

One More Triple Star

Last Triple Star
Last Triple Star

I decided on a layout for the Triple Star quilt and needed one more block to make it look mostly balanced.

I made it mostly from the leftovers that I didn’t use in the other blocks. This makes it heavily made from warm colors. I decided not to worry about it as it wouldn’t stand out with all of the other blocks.

New Year Donation Blocks

I am making some donation blocks, but not as many as I had hoped so far this month. I am still working through the dregs of my box of 2.5″ squares and that is uninteresting. It will be good to get the dregs out of my life, though, so I am determined.

These are really different from those I made earlier in the month.

Planned Improv Block n.6

Planned Improv Block n.6
Planned Improv Block n.6

This is the last block before I put the quilt together. As with the others, I like the way it came out. I think I might like to consider making a whole quilt using Sarah’s technique, eg cutting much larger pieces, arranging them, calculating the background and then sewing the whole quilt together. I could possibly use this technique with the FOTY patches, though it might not be necessary.

2018 Donation Blocks

I started in on some new donation blocks for the guild.

I am still working through the dregs of my donation bin patches, so some of them are a little strange, but I am committed to using the fabrics I have cut before I cut more.

Not sure how many more I will make before the meeting, but I will try to make more.