Hearts for Girl Scouts

Original post is on Instagram from the Stitch Supply Company. I have reproduced it here:

Stitch Supply Girl Scout Hearts
Stitch Supply Girl Scout Hearts

Our community has been struck with sadness this past weekend. We lost 3 Girl Scouts, a Girl Scout Mom, and another Girl Scout is in the hospital. While working on their community service project of picking up trash they were struck by a vehicle. Can you help wrap these families in love? We are organizing for each family to have a quilt – or 4 quilts total. We need your help to make this happen.

Details of the quilt blocks:
We will use Cluck Cluck Sews’ Heart Tutorial in both the 5″ and 10″ block sizes for the blocks in this quilt. Keep in mind the blocks will be 5 1/2″ and 10 1/2″ before being sewn together. Each heart will be green with a low volume background. The green should be a shade Girl Scout green. Think bright and cheery kelly or grass greens or shades there of. Small prints on these hearts are great. The background should be low volume in shades of white or cream. Small prints or bits of color are okay in the background. Solids are acceptable as well. If you need fabric, we will have cut blocks kits at the shop for those of you that can swing by and pick them up. Please press angled seam allowances towards the green fabric. Press the center seam open.

We are also looking for local volunteers for piecing the quilt tops together. We are also looking for volunteers to quilt the quilts. Please keep in mind they will have green cuddle for the backing. Batting will be provided.
Please mail or drop off completed blocks to:
Stitch Supply Co
913 S Hillcrest Pkwy
Altoona WI 54720

As per a timeline, we are hoping to have the blocks over the next two weeks, or by Nov 17th. We will add updates for number of blocks collection and amount needed as well go.

Thank you so much for all your help.
Stitch Supply Co.

October Donation Blocks

I was able to up my donation block production in October a little bit, which makes me really happy. I did forget to bring the blocks for the past couple of months to the meeting, however, so I will, with any luck, have a huge pile to bring in November.

I am working through some of the 2.5 inch squares I cut with the Accuquilt at Craft Night a few weeks ago. Going through one color scrap pile limits my options, though. Design challenge, right?

Ends Donation Top & Back n.6

Octagon 9 Patch Trimmings
Octagon 9 Patch Trimmings

A pile of trimmings from the Octagon 9 Patch have been laying around my workroom for a few weeks bugging me. I didn’t want to throw them away, but I also wasn’t thrilled about putting them ‘somewhere’ to be forgotten.

Finally, yesterday, I decided enough was enough and I would whip a donation quilt. A donation quilt would accomplish a couple of things. I would have something to show at BAM. I would be able to add some fabric to my fabric usage, but most importantly, those trimmings would be off my desk.

Ends donation top n.6
Ends donation top n.6

I found a light green Art Gallery solid that I thought would work pretty well and got to work. The quilt top when together pretty easily and I found a couple of fabrics I could use for the back, so the whole thing was done in a couple of hours.

September Donation Blocks

As usual I added to the stash of donation blocks that the guild needs to keep our charities well supplied.

As mentioned, I spent some time with the Accuquilt cutting 2.5 inch squares. I have to cut more scraps as my scrap drawers are overflowing. Aside from cutting with the Accuquilt, that is something I can do it bits and pieces of time I find while dinner is cooking or when I am waiting for DH to be ready to leave.

A number of the blocks were made at the BAM Retreat.

New Donation Blocks

I made a couple of donation blocks over the weekend. Just a couple. I can’t seem to get away from the turquoise, though green is definitely forcing its way into the mix.

I found a whole bunch of Bonnie and Camille 2.5 inch squares leftover from the Stepping Stones n.2 quilt. That means more turquoise, though some red and pink as well.

Column Donation Top Finished

The other day I talked about the column donation top. I was able to finish it fairly simply.

Column donation top - Finished
Column donation top – Finished

The large piece of batik has been burning a hole in my pocket – or whatever the quilt equivalent of that is. I decided to use it for this piece and some of the leftovers on the back. It isn’t an exact match to the turquoise fabrics in the blocks, but I think it works well.

I worried about the Dove block touching the large expanse of blue, but I think it works. I am pleased with the top and am glad to clear up a few leftovers into something that will be useful.

Column Donation Top in Process

Column donation top
Column donation top

Last week I found some extra half square triangles leftover from the Stepping Stones n.2 quilt. Not being able to focus led me to sewing them together randomly. I put a couple of blocks up on the wall and they happened to fall near the Dove block I didn’t use in the Aqua-Red Sampler. Suddenly I had an idea for a donation quilt top.

Column donation top in process
Column donation top in process

Yesterday I worked on it some more. It is nearing completion and I will have a top by the next meeting. I thought I would place the column in the middle, but I don’t have enough of the Pure Elements Snow to do it, so I’ll have to think of something else. I ended up sewing the two pieces of Snow together and sewing them to one side of the column.

This is a very ‘go with the flow’ type piece and not planned at all.

New Pet Bed

Red Peacock Pet Bed
Red Peacock Pet Bed

I have plans to cut up scraps with my Accuquilt Go! on Monday. I figured that I had to have somewhere to put all the schnibbles, so I made a pet bed.

In the past, I have put the schnibbles into the bag I keep clipped to the side of my cutting table. It is, however, nearly full, and why take that interim step? I will probably have enough scraps after my Go! session to fill the whole pet bed. Yay! More comfy pets.

Donation Blocks – August 2018

More donation blocks. I keep making them.

Not as many as last month, but each one counts.

Dot Donation Quilt

Dot Donation Quilt
Dot Donation Quilt

I finished the top over the weekend. I mentioned finding the squares before.

I didn’t assume or hurry and it really went together quickly. It has a light and fluffy sort of look to it.

The squares are about 5.25×5.25, which is a very strange size and really makes me wonder why I cut them. On the other hand, it is a good idea and I could cut 5″ squares and do the same sort of design.

New Donation Quilt

Dotty Squares -Donation Top To Be
Dotty Squares -Donation Top To Be

I found a pile of squares the other week and decided, Sunday, that I would quickly sew them together for another donation quilt. Fortunately, I had 42 and a 6×7 layout is a great size.

I got more than half sewed. It is super easy sewing, so I might get a few seams in here and there during the week.

Dotty Donation Top - half sewed
Dotty Donation Top – half sewed

I hope I don’t remember why I cut these and kick myself for sewing them together in another project. Fortunately there is no shortage of dots on white at my house.

Finished: Green Donation Scarf

Green Scarf
Green Scarf

I finally finished the green donation scarf I have been working on for months. I can’t remember exactly when I started it, but I think it was earlier this year (not last). I bought the yarn at Tuesday Morning on my way to visit MIL.

I started this scarf sometime before April, but after March 1. Before that was the Knight scarf and a hat/cowl set.

Anyway. This one will head to my mom who will use it to make gifts for the women at her local domestic violence shelter.

I’m not sure if I can make another in time to be included in the gift boxes. Let me know if you have a scarf you want to contribute.

Donation Blocks

Outside of the Sisters Retreat, I have had very little time to sew. We have a lot of house stuff to do and we can only do it all on the weekends. None of it involves a sewing machine. :(.

Saturday, we had a party to attend, but I a had time between a haircut and making food for the party to sew a little. I also had almost all day on Sunday, so I got a bit of work done. It was awesome.

I worked on finishing the Ends Donation Quilt n.5, but I also worked on some donation blocks.  Since I haven’t had much time to sew I also haven’t had much time to make donation blocks. I’ll have some time before the next meeting to get a few more finished.

I made the black with the leftover black scraps from the back of the Ends n.5 Donation back. I used the greys as the alternate and I know that isn’t very popular, but it is a good way to make some other people push their own envelopes.

I think I’ll use the aqua block for part of another Spiky Stars donation quilt.

Ends Donation Quilt n.5 Finally!

Ends Donation Top n.5
Ends Donation Top n.5

I finally finished the Ends Donation Quilt n.5. It seemed to take me forever, but as I said yesterday, I haven’t had much time to sew. I spent time arranging the yardage on Saturday. I did a bit of sewing, but mostly just arranging. That helped me finish relatively quickly on Sunday.

I think the borders made this piece look better. It looks more like a picture with a frame. It is so hard to tell when one of these quilts needs a border and when no border is required.

Ends Donation n.5 back
Ends Donation n.5 back

On the back I used some leftover black yardage, some of which is black-multi. Some of these blacks had never been cut into, so it was time to use them for something. Then, I used some of the leftovers from the border.

I haven’t done a leftover batting project yet. We’ll see if I have the time. Whoever quilts it at the guild may only get a back and a top. There might be enough of the back to make a straight of grain binding.

Ends Donation Quilt n.5

Ends donation quilt n.5
Ends donation quilt n.5

This process is going painfully slowly, but I took some time during the week to sew on the last two borders. I think the addition of borders looks good for this quilt. It kind of frames the strips and makes them look like a picture.

As I have said before, I am kind of thrilled that the leavings from backs can become something useful. Yes, I added some half yards of fabric to the dark grey and black leavings. I was going to donate that fabric anyway, so it is a win overall.

I can’t believe I have done five of these quilts so far. There are probably more in my future. You can see them all: