End Donation Quilt n.5

Ends Donation Quilt n.5 - half borders on
Ends Donation Quilt n.5 – half borders on

I kept looking at the latest donation quilt after posting about it last time and feeling like it wasn’t completely finished. I finally decided that it needed a border.

I was kind of surprised, because the Ends n.2 quilt really didn’t need a border. I guess each quilt has its own requirements.

I have put on two of the 4 borders. It has taken me forever it seems, as I haven’t had any time to sew since I returned from Sisters. I’ll get there.

I’ve done five of these quilts so far. You can see them all:

Ends Donation Quilt n.2 Finally

Ends Donation Quilt n.2
Ends Donation Quilt n.2

I saw Tim at the meeting and he had finally finished quilting the Ends Donation Quilt n.2. I wrote about this quilt top last in November. I thought the quilt was done a long time ago and Tim said I had taken several photos, but I can’t remember and can’t find any posts about it after the November post.

Tim did a great job and looks really good. While we are finding another place who will take quilts made by the group, we are saving these for the San Jose mayor’s gun buyback program. Those people who bring guns will also get a quilt.

Ends n.1 quilt

Ends n.3 quilt

Ends n.4 quilt

Ends n.5 quilt

Ends Donation Top n.5

In the course of putting away fabric and other supplies from the Stepping Stones n.2 project, I came across some rich looking prints that I didn’t think I would use in a quilt, but would make a great donation quilt. One was an Anna Griffin print from the Bailey line (or perhaps the name of the print was Bailey?). The other had a kind of scrollwork design on it. Both had kind of a blood red background.

Ends Donation Top n.5
Ends Donation Top n.5

I thought these prints would not only go well together, but also with the ends of the Triple Star. Happy to distract myself from tidying, I started in on a new Ends top. I finished the top last night and will make a back soon.

Ends Donation Quilt n.4

Ends Donation Quilt n.4
Ends Donation Quilt n.4

I finished a second donation top last Saturday. It was nice to be able to sew as much as I did that day.

I made this second top because I was too lazy to put away the rest of the taupe fabric. I knew I wouldn’t use it and I thought there was enough for a second top so I got to it.

I would have liked to add another taupe strip to the left hand side, but I ran out.

I am using a small white dot on aqua for the back. The background and the backing are all Moda so they are fraying all over the place. Once the quilt is quilted, it will keep someone warm and cozy.

Two tops in one day must be a new world’s record [for me! ;-)]

Ends Donation Quilt n.3

Ends Donation Quilt n.3
Ends Donation Quilt n.3

In between making another pillow, I made another Ends donation quilt. I have a number of ‘ends’ from recent quilts. After finding a large piece of Bonnie & Camille taupe, I decided I could make another donation quilt while I was doing other things.

It is about 42×42 and I have enough of that taupe and more strips to make another one. We’ll see. I am not sure what project I am going to work on next.

I kind of feel like I am on a roll lately.

Ends n.1 quilt

Ends n.2 quilt

New Donation Top

This quilt top has a connection to two other quilts. One is the Carpenter’s Wheel. The other quilt to which this top has a connection is the Ends Donation Quilt.

Ends #2 Donation Top
Ends #2 Donation Top

This top is second in a series (yes, I see more in my future) of quilts made from the leftovers of quilts after they have been quilted. I made this top from the leftovers of the back after Colleen trimmed it.

The back of the Carpenter’s Wheel was pretty big so there was quite a bit leftover. This top is about 48×48. I am in the process of making the back and sewing leftover pieces of batting together. While I am very much into fabric buying, using every little bit really makes me happy.

Tim said that he would quilt it when I am done making the back. I love his quilting, so this is an awesome development.

Finished: Ends Donation Top & Back

Ends Donation Top - March 2017
Ends Donation Top – March 2017

As mentioned, this top was sort of unplanned. It did, however, come together very well and last week, I was able to finish the top, back and batting.

I am a little sad to give it away as I really like it. Of course, I like most of the quilts I make as donations, but this one is particularly pleasing to me for some reason.

Ends Quilt back - March 2017
Ends Quilt back – March 2017

The back is fairly plain. Several large half yards of fabric and I was done. I also put the batting together with Heat Press. There might be more Heat Press than batting and I hope that the quilt won’t be stiff as a result.

I made it for a donation quilt, so off it goes.