Various & Sundry 2018 #11

Quilt World News

Donate to the International Quilt Study Center. They are 10 years old and asking for $10.

The Ruby Star Society has been announced. The designers from Cotton + Steel have formed this new association. Their new fabric collection is expected in the Summer of 2019. They will be working with Moda. The Fat Quarter Shop has a blog post with a link to the video they posted on Instagram. I am kind of sad about the Moda connection. Moda does have great designers, but their greige goods are too ravely for me.

Take the QuiltCon survey.


Charlotte Scott, the Slightly Mad Quilt Lady, wrote a great blog post on the differences between silk organza and tulle.

All People Quilt has a great video called Add Binding with an Easy Invisible Join. It is a little over 4 minutes, doesn’t require any special equipment and is straightforward and easy. I have used it three times recently and it is easy to follow. It is a lot easier to follow than trying to use the Fons & Porter Binding Tool that I have been using. An added bonus is that the technique doesn’t require any special equipment.

Annie’s Crafts has a scrappy binding tutorial that looks interesting. I haven’t tried it. Cost is $19.99.

I found a group called the Bay Area Sewists. They have some good benefits if one joins. Sadly, it is located a little far from my sphere, but some readers might find a home there.

Abby-Shane of Bay Quilts has a GoFundMe page for her dog, Riley-Jay (no relation 😉   ). she is trying to raise $6,000.

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is partnering with the San Jose Police Department on the gun buyback in December. Now they need a little money to help with the program. Check the GoFundMe site to contribute. You can also send a quilt to the museum that will be given to someone who sells a gun. Even if San Jose is not your area, help get guns off the streets.

Laura Kemshall talks about garment sewing on a recent post. She has some links to documentaries about the environmental devastation of fast fashion. She provides a link to garment sewing tips on the DMTV blog as well.

April responded to my Ring Toss post with the information that “Jenny from One Block” is the name of a pattern booklet and Halo top is one of the projects in the booklet. She provided a Fat Quarter Shop link, which I have provided for you. The FQS link shows some of the other projects, which are mildly interesting. It is also interesting that the pattern booklet has more than one project. Perhaps there are not enough projects to call it a book?

On Instagram, @Lillyellasworld has a sew-a-long happening for the Undercover Maker’s Mat. The pattern is free. Despite the foundation piecing, I am thinking of making one for retreats. I can’t see using it at home, but it would be really useful to keep everything organized on retreats. I know you are wondering about the Crafty Gemini Sewing Machine Table Mat & Organizer. I made it (and am not showing  it to you yet, because it will be a gift, so stay tuned) and am not super happy with it. I didn’t do a crappy job and it isn’t ugly, but it isn’t for me. It’s possible I won’t like the Undercover Maker’s Mat either in which case I will try the Love of Patchwork & Quilting version or one of 5 dozen other free tutorials that are available.

I read the AllPeopleQuilt newsletter. They had a link to the One Milllion Pillowcase challenge, which I thought might be useful to reiterate. The newsletter also had a lunch sack gift bag pattern. If you want a super simple gift bag pattern (use fabric, don’t keep buying paper wrapping paper), I have a pattern on the tutorials page. These gift bags are reusable, so you get to see your fabulous fabric every year and you don’t have to make a Christmas quilt. You can also use them for other holidays or events by switching out fabric.

Sunshine Linus has a whole list of free patterns they use to make items for populations in need. Walker bags, wheelchair quilts and weighted blankets are among the projects.

AgileJack has a zipper pouch tutorial.

The Sew Powerful Purse program “helps girls get the supplies they need to stay in school all month. It also supports seamstresses in Lusaka, Zambia in a thoughtful and wise way.”

Bonnie Hunter has put out the introductory post for her 2018 mystery quilt, which starts on November 23.


After reading my post about the Westchester Dolman top fabric selection, Glenna sent me a site about making selections for clothing fabric online. I don’t know how many more garments I will make, but I always say that, don’t I? She also said “There is also a podcast “Love to Sew” – February 5, Fabric 101 at around 23 min – they talk about weight and give you some websites.” Perhaps we can all learn together. Thanks, Glenna!!!

Weeks Ringle wrote a post about quilting magazines as an endangered species. Mostly it is a reassurance to her customers that their publications will not go away. She makes one good point, though. The magazine production process has such a long lead time that the fabrics used are not longer available once the magazine comes out. This makes me thinking of the whole fabric design and production process (in a very superficial way). People who buy magazines can’t find the fabric in the quilt. Designers want to put out as many fabric lines as possible so they can make some money. Fabric companies want fresh new stock and can’t keep everything in print. The quilting customers only have a certain amount of money and can’t buy everything. Also, customers (at least what I have seen and heard) are overwhelmed by their own fabric collections and have cut back on buying. It sounds like a perfect storm business model that no longer works. I like to be inspired by quilt magazines and almost never want to use the fabrics shown. I have done that once in awhile, though. Remember Fresh Fruit? We have to learn to see the pattern for itself and separate out the fabric, I think.

Try out the Tineye Reverse Image search. It isn’t Google. It is described at the beSpacific website as ““Using TinEye, you can search by image or perform what we call a reverse image search. You can do that by uploading an image or searching by URL. You can also simply drag and drop your images to start your search. TinEye constantly crawls the web and adds images to its index. Today, the TinEye index is over 32.1 billion images.
When you search with TinEye, your image is never saved or indexed. TinEye adds millions of new images from the web every day—but your images belong to you. Searching with TinEye is private, secure, and always improving…””

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

I mentioned that I bought the Halo Top templates from a shop called The Sewing Party that had a vendor booth at PIQF. I took a look at the online shop and really like the look of the fabrics in the shop.

MadamSew has replacement rotary cutting blades for a special price of $10.99. They claim to fit a variety of different brands of rotary cutters. I have not tried these blades and still use LP Sharp, because they recycle blades.

Alison Glass has a new line of stationery and paper goods. There are a few things in her shop now with more expected.

According to the Cutting Edge, the Olfa newsletter, “2019 is going to be a BIG year for the rotary cutter. It’s turning 40!! OLFA invented the rotary cutter back in 1979. It revolutionized the quilting and sewing industries!” Lots of exclamation points, I know. My first teacher did not teach rotary cutting to beginners, so I cut templates with template plastic and scissors for my first quilt. I am glad I did. It gave me a sense of how pieces are put together. Still, I wouldn’t give up my rotary cutter now.

I saw Unique Sewing Furniture at PIQF. They had a booth and their flyer says they are affiliated with Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers. They are a manufacturer of semi-custom sewing furniture, apparently based in Wyoming. I am casually in the market for a new sewing machine table, though my bank account does not agree. Their website is a little old and clunky. I’d rather see some thumbnails next to the product descriptions. As it is the visitor has to click on the model number to see a photo of the table. That makes for a lot of clicking back and forth.

Various & Sundry 2018 #10

In Search Of….

Martha Negley Classics Dahlia Plum Cotton Fabric PWMN063
Martha Negley Classics Dahlia Plum Cotton Fabric PWMN063

Remember I made a Sew Together Bag and the Tool Tote and a One Hour Basket with this Martha Negley Classics Dahlia Plum Cotton Fabric (PWMN063)? I think I want to make some more accessories for myself with it and I need yardage. Of course, the fabric is old and out of print. I have scoured the web. I keep coming up against a promising lead that, once followed, turns out to be sold out. If you have a real lead or some of this print that you don’t want or need, let me know.

Other Artists

I dip my toe into garment sewing periodically. I am not very good at it and having my SIL nearby to help is a lifesaver. Recently, Laura Kemshall posted about a t-shirt she made, which has a very nice shoulder design. It also looks like it fits well – or can be made to fit well. I like my t-shirts (and clothes, in general) to be fitted – not tarty. Crafty Gemini (Vanessa Vargas Wilson) also has the Westchester Dolman shirt. This is also fitted and the PDF is a free pattern on her site. You can buy a hard copy (no affiliation) and the video series talking about making the shirt. I have the pattern, but haven’t made it yet.

Charlotte, the Slightly Mad Quilt Lady posted this great quote on her blog “So I could easily make excuses. And sometimes I do. But excuses do not make good art.”

This video is the story of Philip Jacobs.

Amy Butler is leaving the quilting industry. The article doesn’t say what she will do next, but this seems so strange to me. Why announce you are leaving? Why not just quietly move on to other things?

Projects, Classes & Tutorials

Gretchen has some great tips on making a Jelly Roll Rug (yes, on my list, too) on her recent post in addition to posting links about the various tutorials that have been created to help making it.

Vanessa, the Crafty Gemini, has a free video on interfacings – when to use which and the usefulness of others.

Amy Butler has patterns on her website. The appearance of the patterns look really good on the page. the branding fits in with her other branding. Very professional.

Tools, Supplies & Fabric

I found a comprehensive guide on Aurifil.


The International Quilt Study Center’s quilt of the month for October is a Pine Burr piece. I’d love to make a quilt like this using brighter colors. It isn’t an easy quilt to make and this example is masterful. I think it would need some paper piecing, though not all paper piecing. It definitely isn’t a pattern for the faint of heart.

Around the Web

Sarah pointed me to a Beauty Pageant linky. Is that a fun name? It is an opportunity to show off your beautiful finishes. I looked at a few of the posts (only 3 available so far) and the author has posted some interesting projects – pillows, tote bags – no quilts yet. Link up and get some love on your projects.

Laura Kemshall is being treated for bowel cancer. She wants to contribute to the Lingen Davis Ruby Appeal to raise £1.25m by June 2019. She has a variety of ways she is raising the money including a Just Giving page, if you want contribute.

F&W shuts down more magazines: Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Modern Patchwork are the quilt magazines affected.

PIQF Finalist Image Quilt
PIQF Finalist Image Quilt

I got this via email as part of my entry of three quilts. I am not sure what it means, whether it actually means I am in the running for any kind of prize.

Various & Sundry 2018 #9

I got my spreadsheet working again and have used 50.99 yards of fabric net. Will I get to 100? I don’t know.

Projects & Patterns

Gotham Quilts has an organizer of the month project club. It has already started, but you can still join.

RainbowHare has some great patterns in his/her Etsy shop, I like the sewing machine cover caravan.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I bought this Westchester Dolman top pattern and video pack.

There is a Disaster Quilting Project. It’s not what you think. “The purpose of this site is to showcase the amazing artists who have transcended extraordinary circumstances through quilting.”

Splendid Sampler Sew-a-long is going on. Use the FB page to follow along.

If you want to make a pet bed after seeing my post the other day, I have two tutorials. One is regular and one is simplified. These were written by Amanda.

I do like this Basket Tote pattern from Sew Can She. It has a great shape.

Quilt Class & Other Tutorials

I was horrified to realize that I had posted the wrong size patterns on the Quilt Class lesson for curves called The Dove. I am really sorry! I realized this error when I was putting the Aqua-Red Sampler together. It is fixed and the directions themselves are correct and haven’t changed.

All People Quilt has a closure technique they call the Magic Invisible Closure. Others call it the ladder stitch. If you need to hand sew something closed, this is a technique for you.


The International Quilt Study Center has a quilt of the month feature. This month’s quilt is the Soldier’s Quilt, a piece made from military fabrics.

The MQG has a new website.

My friend sent me a link to a blog post about the 1718 quilt. This is the complex kind of sampler that I like. Even though I have no space for new quilt books, I bought a copy of the book anyway. You can too!

Apparently, the Smithsonian has a national quilt collection and has made a video about it. The video starts talking about the first quilts in the collection.

After watching the Smithsonian video, a video on the history of the Dear Jane quilt came up, so I watched that as well. I have read the book, but why not get a refresher? It was a lecture at a quilt show by someone who made (and finished!) a reproduction of the Dear Jane quilt.

I found a link to a book of Japanese wave and ripple patterns. It has been sitting in my inbox for weeks, but I decided to share it here since many of you look for free motion quilting (would work for hand quilting, too!) patterns and these would be great. Be sure and page through the book on the top of the page. It is awesome!

Other Artists

Sarah Goer has some doodles for free motion quilting on her blog post. I like those little pieces of paper.

Charlotte talks about block printing on fabric in a recent blog post.

Exhibits & Contests

Entries for QuiltCon are now open and will close on November 30 (the YM’s birthday, BTW). The QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge is now taking applications. This year’s theme is small piecing.

  • QuiltCon registration is now open — there are still plenty of great workshops and lectures, including Sherri Lynn Wood’s featured lecture. Check out the catalog and schedule here. Changes for QuiltCon 2019 include the Awards Ceremony moving to Wednesday evening, and the addition of Sewing Lounges!

Scott Fortunoff, the new owner of Free Spirit Fabrics ( and other great brands) has a contest posted on his blog: visiting quilt shops!

Books, Fabrics, Supplies & Notions

I get an email from Paintbrush Studios about various things. Today I got one about a new fabric line called Launch Party. I don’t have small boys at home, but this fabrics makes me want my 10YO back (for a few minutes, at least). The robots, aliens and rocket ships are fabulous. One of the robots looks like Rosie from the Jetsons. Also the dots companion print are wonderful.

I found an article on Philip Jacobs. Sigh! I love that man’s designs so much.

Janome is releasing sewing cards every few days. These have useful sewing information printed on them. The first one has yardage info. the second one is all about needles.

You know I love Judy Martin. I do. You should, too. She has recently embraced online publishing, so her books take up less space on your shelf and may come faster. She says she can also publish on more esoteric quilt subjects without worrying about recouping her printing costs. While I like printed quilt books, I am a fan of esoteric quilt topics as well. Judy writes in a recent newsletter (though not the latest, I don’t think):

I’m a strong proponent of pieced borders. It wasn’t always thus, but since 1994 when I wrote Pieced Borders with Marsha McCloskey, I realized almost every quilt is made better with a pieced border. Since that time a quarter century ago, I’ve designed a pieced border for most of my patterns.

For a while I’ve had a hankering to gather a bunch of my designs and talk about what the borders bring to the quilts and what I considered as I planned them. So with the prospect of e-books removing some of the publishing shackles, I sat down to write Border Inspirations.

Border Inspirations isn’t a pattern book. You won’t find a single pattern in it. It is, however, an idea book and, as the title suggests, an inspiration book. And the ideas and inspiration aren’t limited to borders, though obviously that’s the focus. You can look at the quilts in this book and find color schemes and fabric choices you like, or quilt types or specific quilts that call to you. I don’t know about you, but seeing a lot of beautiful quilts all at once almost always gets my patchwork engine revving. I see beautiful quilts, and I want to make a beautiful quilt, too.

You don’t have to be the sort of person who can simply add a border to an existing pattern all on your own. Not everyone can do that. With Border Inspirations you can decide what border qualities impress you and then seek patterns that possess those qualities.

Border Inspirations won’t take any room on your shelf. It is 96 pages and sells for just $7.95. It has 82 large photos of quilts with pieced borders, with the pattern source listed in the caption. Download your copy today and get jazzed up about quilts with pieced borders!”

I don’t get many emailed newsletters since they just pile up in my inbox until I delete them unread. I think Judy’s newsletter is worth reading. Here are the instructions for receiving your own subscription:

If you’re reading a forwarded email and would like to sign up for your own free copy, use the link and enter your email address under “Subscribe.”

Various & Sundry 2018 #8

Creativity & Inspiration

I have to read a lot at work to gather information for a market intelligence report I am supposed to write at the end of the year. The other week I came across a Fast Company article that addresses quiltmaking: creativity blocks. I wrote about this in 2013, using a term “Creative Desert” which I still think is apt. Patience is the big one in the article, which I agree with. The author pointed out that allowing anxiety to infiltrate your process interferes with your subconscious working on the problem. One of my big tools is leaders and enders. I, either, sew squares together until I am so sick of it I can’t help but go back to working on a real project or I use scraps to make new fabric, like for my journal covers.

I saw an article about corrupt files, which morphed into an article about creative process and the stuff creatives collect. The article made me think about whether I am throwing enough work away to be truly making great works.

Patterns and Projects

I forgot about the Kansas City Star quilt blog. I went there after looking for quilt museums in Kansas for a friend who was bored visiting family. The post I read talks about a block of the month based on a diary. I love women’s diaries, so I took a look. The blocks are really nice. Calicos, but they could be put into modern fabrics – or batiks or anything more contemporary – and look really great as well.

Ricky Tims’ Legacy Quilt Club blocks will only be available through September. If you want to download them, go get them now. Don’t pay attention to the colors. Design your own palette. I would love to see a modern version!

You know I love to make books and never have enough time or the right tools on the machine to do it. I have to reset the machine and devote a chunk of time to book making. No leaders and enders always puts me off (what I really need is a bigger workroom with more machines set up for different projects!!). I found a video on making books and thought you might like to join me in book or journal making.

I made a charger case/cable container sometime ago and I use it all the time. It is really big, though. and I have been thinking I might like something smaller. Kathie of Katie’s Quilting Corner posted a link to a pattern that is really useful looking. Thanks, Katie!

Doing Good

Support Laura Kemshall in helping the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in raising  £1.25m  before June 2019. She is making an EPP star quilt. There is a button for a £10 donation on the site. There is a PayPal option to make it easy for US contributors. She was trying to raise £2500 and has already raised over £7600, which is fantastic and will help so many people. I know there are many people in need. One small act of kindness to this appeal or another will help make the world better.

The Covered in Love block drive is back on. Check the blog for needs and wants. It is a great way to use up scraps or try a new block.


Laura Kemshall teaches how to English Paper Piece in her free video on DMTV.

The Girls at Culcita have a series of videos on learning to quilt. The one I saw was about resizing a quilt pattern! I haven’t done a tutorial on that and now I don’t need to.

I found a great article on organizing your workspace. I was reading it for work, but think there are some ideas I can use in my workroom as well. My favorite tip so far is the binder clip tip. I know there are beautiful binder clips available and this might be just the solution we need at home for our charging cords.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

By Annie has a post that includes a checklist of things to think about when you buy a new machine. She gives the reader her preferences for things she can’t live without.

According to the Edgestitch blog, Joann is getting a face lift.


Cabbage, Carbage, Garbage – the history of schnibbles. I saw a reference on Barbara Brackman’s blog, which referred me to a longer more detailed article on the Dreamstress’ blog.


Francis is taking a break in August before she resumes publishing chapters of the Friendship Quilt 1933 podcast.

Definitely weigh in on the chocolate/no chocolate/occasionally chocolate debate!


I love office supplies and stationery and pens. My favorite pens are Zebra Sarasa (Sarasa Zebra?) in 0.7 and Pilot G-2 o7. I have lots of colors and use a different color every day at work and a different color each time I pick up my journal. Leuchtturm1917 are my favorite notebooks now, but I still like the Miquelrius as well. is my new favorite pen supplier, though I do enjoy a good Japanese stationery store as well. If you need people who like stationery and office supplies a tribe formed on Twitter the other day.

Then I found Notebook Therapy. Sigh. I love those Japanese calligraphy pens.


I had a bad reaction to an email message earlier this month. It made me take a look at my reactions to things. The email came from out of the blue and I was one of the people criticized in the email, though not by name-just as a result of work I had done for the group. The meeting was the next day and I declined to attend, still licking my wounds. I get criticism on this and other posts – people who only post a comment when I have missed something or neglected to finish my thought. I know that people:

  1. care deeply about things
  2. forget to remember that I can’t see your face or body language when they write their quick email “to help”
  3. want to share their thoughts and are often busy, have too much to do and too little time to do every thing
  4. forget that I don’t get paid to write this blog

This is not a perfect blog. I go back and fix grammar or bad sentence structure, but I am often writing quickly on my way to another task, which is a less than perfect environment for my multi-draft style. I greatly appreciate it that you take the time to read my musings. I am responsible for my own reactions to emails, comments and actual face to face conversations. I would like to suggest that you think about your tone when you are thinking about sending off a ‘quick note’.

Various & Sundry 2018 #7

Patterns & Projects

Noodlehead has a pouch pattern called the Petal Pouch. It has such a lovely shape.

ByAnnie has a new pouch pattern called Clam Up. It should come as no surprise to anyone that it looks like a clam. There is a video about it as well. The pouches come in multiple sizes.

HollyAnne has a tutorial up about making string blocks. The tutorial is a part of her stash busting project

Brimfield Awakening

Brimfield Awakening

Brimfield Awakening is a pattern company that creates EPP patterns. I saw one, Brimfield Meadows, on Instagram that other day that I really liked. I bought another one of their blocks at QuiltCon (possible for Aqua-Red Sampler???). I like the one that they posted today on Instagram (left). It is fun and cheerful and interesting.

Northcott sends me a newsletter periodically and this month new fabrics for Halloween are coming out. One free pattern is called Elegantly Frightful Oven Mitts. This would be a great swap gift or hostess gift. Other free patterns by Northcott and their designers are found on the patterns page.

HollyAnne gives some ideas on her blog about how to make any quilt pattern scrappy. I have a different idea of making quilts scrappy, which you can read about, also.

You know what a huge fan I am of fabric gift bags, right? I got an AllPeoplequilt newsletter and they have a pattern for a fabric gift bag that has some nice features. I didn’t look at the pattern, but feel free. I want to cover the world in fabric gift bags and don’t care whose pattern you use.

Other Artists

Ricky Tim’s lost his home in a fire burning through the Colorado area where he lived.

Erica Arndt partnered with RomaQuilts to create a free video Jelly Roll Rug tutorial. You have to buy the pattern as this video doesn’t replace the pattern

I love the “linked 8 pointed star” on the Em’s Scrapbag site. I found this when I clicked on a few links after uploading my Design Wall Monday link last week. I wonder if it was originally a Kansas City Star, Laura Wheeler, etc pattern? I’ll have to look into it (in my copious amounts of spare time).


Mel Beach talks about her process for creating her Prince entry in the Cherrywood Challenge. Cross your fingers that Mel’s piece will be accepted.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

I found a new source for bag hardware. They have some nice options! Have you ever heard of butterfly connector hooks? No? Me neither, but I want to use one for something!

Paintbrush Studios has an interesting pattern. The squares overlap and have different sized sides. This pattern features the Ring Ring line, another line with vintage telephone motifs.

There is a new learning site called Bluprint. It seems to be like Craftsy or Creativebug. They have free trials and a special for $100 for the first year or $9.99 per month. It seems like the per class model is going by the wayside. Angela Walters is one of the teachers. I haven’t tried it.

  • Update 8/1/2018: AQ Reader Lucy writes that BluPrint is a rebranding of Craftsy Unlimited. She points other readers to the Craft Industry Alliance article

I saw a history of Crayons. I have either a 72 or 96 box, but I understand the new standard (??really) is 120! WOW! That is a lot of colors. They updated the chart in the post and it is interactive and fabulous. You know you love crayons. 🙂

Japanese Class 15 is a blog about vintage sewing machines. My mom has an Emdeko and I happened to find a post about that machine. It is a good reference.

Thanks to Sarah Ann Smith for pointing out a blog post on trouble shooting skipped stitches.

I happened cross this shop, Modern Quilting, and thought some of their fabrics were quite beautiful. I like “Dear Mum.”

Copyright & Legal Stuff

A court opinion came out recently that will have everyone who posts photos on the Internet up in arms. The ruling is very narrow, as explained in a recent article. The use has to be non-commercial, even if posted on a commercial site and previously published. In the case mentioned, the phot also did not have any indication that it was copyrighted. This is an odd aspect as everything we create is supposed to be copyrighted whether we put a notice on it or not. If you put a notice on the work, you gain additional protections and rights, but an artist isn’t supposed to HAVE to put a notice on the work. I suppose that will be a reason to appeal. Also the judge said the artist was not financially harmed. As it pertains to this site, all of my photos are copyrighted. If you can’t see the copyright notice, trust me it is there. I am happy to work with people who want to publish my photos. Contact me.

Various & Sundry 2018 n.6

I am kind of slacking on Various & Sundry posts this year for some reason. Oh well, life, I suppose, or just busyness.

Doing Good

I have mentioned Covered in Love projects before. Valerie of Evening in the Garden Quilts contributes regularly. If you need just need to sew, this group will take all the blocks you can make and they give you the pattern. The May-June ask is for X-Plus blocks like I made for the BAMaQG pillow swap. This is an ongoing request, so you can keeping making those blocks as long as you want.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is partnering with the Mayor’s office in a gun buyback. For each gun turned in, the owner will receive cash and a quilt. The museum is collecting quilts for this endeavor. Find out more on their page. is collecting blankets for an exhibition at he Museum of Design in Atlanta that will eventually be given to refugees and others in need. The website reads:

Welcome Blanket will be part of MODA’s “Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism” exhibition, from June 3 to September 9, 2018. Betsy Greer is the curator.

Please send your Welcome Blanket and note by August 25, 2018 to:

Welcome Blanket
1315 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Sadly, Stanford has changed its criteria for donation quilts so the guild will no longer be giving them quilts. For now, my guild has nowhere to donate quilts. The Charity girls are looking for a new place. It makes me sad, though Stanford is trying to minimize infection, which I can understand.

Tips, Tricks, Projects & Tutorials

Judy Martin has a Block of the Moment up on her site. Did you see it?

I found a definitive name for the regular graph paper we all use for various things. It is called Cartesian graph paper. How did I never know that? I found the definition in the very comprehensive and fabulous All Points Patchwork by Diane Gilleland. It is a good day when I learn something new.

The Splendid Sampler 2 has started. Alex Veronelli designed the first block, which is available and people have already been showing their versions. Rebecca Bryan designed the second block, which is available. Pat Sloan has a discount for Oliso irons on Rebecca Bryan’s post as well.

Quilt Bias Binding Tips

Quilt World News and Events

One of my librarian friends sent me a link to an article about the Centennial Quilt Guild’s program at the King Bruwaert House.

HollyAnne, over at String & Story, is doing a Summer Stash Busting Project. The first post has videos and lays out the plan for the whole summer.

Edgestitch had an article about the Cotton & Steel designers leaving. As mentioned, it “sounds as though RJR was having difficulty with technology, and deliveries weren’t being made to quilt shops in a timely manner, record-keeping and accounting was faulty, with a lack of training and many other issues that make or break businesses.” As soon as I hear what happened, I’ll report here. Who knows if we will ever hear the whole story, though?

Have you listened to Frances’ new podcast? It is a serialized version of a new book (??) called Friendship Quilt, 1933. I have listened to the first two episodes and am about to start the third. I download it from Google Music, which seems to take a bit to download each episode (yes, I have settings configured correctly), but eventually does it. Find out more on the site.


I saw an article in the Paris Review on a lowly desk calendar turned work of art. If you have a desk calendar (rather than just Outlook or Google Calendar), you, too, can add a little art into your work schedule.

Need some color inspiration (in addition from my periodic ColorPlay posts, of course!)? Take a look at the tropical fish webcam.

I got this straight from ResearchBuzz: “File this one under given-value-of-useful, but it’s pretty neat. Hyperallergic: Create Your Own Art Catalogue from LACMA’s Collection. “Ever wander through a museum and fantasize about organizing your own exhibition, rearranging a gallery, or putting together all the artworks you love most into one room? A new tool developed by the Hyundai Project at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) allows you to imagine what this might look like. With Collator, you can compile and publish your own book (or catalogue, if you will) of artworks from the museum’s permanent collection.”

Fabric & Supplies

For those of you who have been to PIQF, I am sure you have seen the Heartway booth. They have interesting Japanese fabrics, buttons and unique patterns. They now have a new website and online shopping site. There are lots of cute animal prints.

If you need to know how to dispose of your craft supplies, the National Library of Medicine has a database of household products called the Household Products database. You can look at safety data sheets, information on how to dispose of the product and other information. There is an arts & crafts section so you can get right to the relevant types of products.


“For a long, long time it seemed to me that I was about to begin real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.”

– Alfred Souza

Various & Sundry 2018 n.5


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Fabric, Products & Supplies

Cotton & Steel is losing all of its founding designers! No details as to why, but Craft Industry Alliance has some news and RJR will be continuing with the brand. I have to say that I haven’t been buying the designs from Cotton & Steel lately. They just weren’t me. Stay tuned.

Tula Pink’s new Zuma line (with seahorses!) is available at some sites for pre-order.

I never heard of Wefty before, but got to know more about the company when I read her post about Quilt Market in Portland.


Meander Publishing is closing both Machine Quilting Unlimited and Modern Quilts Unlimited magazines effective immediately. “The final issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited (July/August 2018) will be distributed in digital format only, not print. There will be no more Modern Quilts Unlimited issues.”

Projects & Tutorials

Sarah Goer turned me on to Fabric and Fiction. I read to much via audiobook to participate, but I love the idea. I don’t know where they are in the cycle, so take a look and see when you can jump in.

In Color Order has a tutorial for a patchwork drawstring bag.

Holly of String & Story created a video that will start you off on FMQing feathers.

Other Artists

Quiltmaking is a wonderful thing. I love the way different people can take a block and make it look completely different. As you know, I am using EPP papers for my half hexie star quilt. I found a post on Instagram using the same papers, but with a different and clever look!

I was pleased to see Peg, a librarian friend who now quilts, is making a fabric of the year quilt with her 2017 fabrics.

Remember my post about Symmetry? Here is a library that has gorgeous symmetry! I am sure the angle of the photo had something to do with it, but it is still a great photo. Yes, I now follow the photographer on Instagram.

Happy Birthday, Modern Quilt Studio.

Various & Sundry 2018 n.4

Quilt World News

The Quilts for a Cure winner was not me. 🙁 or Julie :(, but I am sure the winner is thrilled. You can read more about it in the Quilts for a Cure newsletter.

Keepsake Quilting has been ripped from the claws of F&W and is in the process of being revitalized.

Pat Sloan is talking about the charity project on which she is working on her blog . I found post when everyone was on block 4. The project supports St. Jude’s Hospital and Moda is also involved. There is a video that goes along with the post. They ask for a $5 donation for each pattern download. Another way to do some good.


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Patterns, Projects, Tutorials & Classes

Deirdre showed me this Ultimate Carry All Bag. The sample is made from beige. While I am all for light colored interiors, I don’t like the boring look of this project. Still, fabric aside, I think it would be a useful bag.

Gretchen, a regular reader and contributor to the blog read about an addition to Tucker University, which was mention in V&S n.3. Tucker University has teamed up with Siesta Charms to reward your learning. This is a wholesale opportunity, so you have to visit your LQS and tell them you want those charms.

Need a patchwork, drawstring bag? In Color Order has a tutorial. You can use this pattern to make gift bags and also to use up scraps.

At some point in my life I have to learn to do a good machine binding. I have tried, I have practiced, though not enough, and my machine bindings still aren’t up to my standards. Sew At Home Mummy has a machine binding tutorial that I might try. Tim likes Sharon Schamber’s machine binding with glue technique. This is a video and the music that plays at the beginning is a little startling – classic, perhaps Baroque? Sounds a bit Gothic cathedral-ish to me. I haven’t watched the video yet. Another technique to try.


Pam from Hip to Be a Square Podcast and The Stitch TV Show has posted a video on selecting fabric.  The video talks about starting with a focus/feature fabric. You can see other ways to select fabrics in my tutorial. Remember, choosing fabrics is very personal, so do what you like.

Tools, Products, Fabric & Supplies

I have an Oliso iron. I bought it from MassDrop when I shouldn’t have and REALLY like it. Lately, the feet have started to act up. I contacted Oliso and they provided some instructions, which were essentially how to reboot my iron. It worked a little bit, but quickly went back to acting up. Apparently they have a replacement program, so I sent my iron off and am waiting for a new one to arrive. In the meantime, I have a cheap one that my stepfather fixed that I use as a backup and it is working fine for what I need. I got this process started by contacting Oliso via their website. Ryan, the customer service rep who helped me (consistent service gets high marks) through whol process was very patient.

Bernina 7 Series machine have special oiling instructions. Information is available on a recent Edgestitch post. I do not have a Bernina, so I haven’t checked the information. Consult with your technician or deal if you have one of these machines.

Culcita’s modern fabric club will be shipping Santa Fe by Cotton & Steel next.

Various & Sundry 2018 n.3

Feedburner Email option
Feedburner Email option

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Quilt World News
Have you ever heard of The Quilting Company? No? Me neither. Well, it is a new organization made up of Fons & Porter, Quilting Quickly, Easy Quilts, Quilty (I thought that mag was dead! Glad to see it is still around), McCall’s Quilting, McCall’s Quick Quilts, Quiltmaker, Quilting Arts (WHAT???) and Modern Patchwork. I checked out their site. No sign of even the archives of Quilter’s Newsletter. 🙁 Their site is about sales. They have kits and patterns and fabric right up front with no warm and fuzzy letter from the editor. When I went to the Discover & Learn link, I found that they have online classes. There are a variety of different certifications, such as Sulky Teacher Certification ($199), APQS Longarm Certification ($499) as well as regular classes. Some of the regular classes are needle-turn applique’ with Jan Patek ($49.99), a variety of Log Cabin quilt classes ($24.99), Anatomy of a Bag ($40), Essential Math for Quilters ($25), and a whole lot of other classes for a variety of prices. It seems they have free classes, but I didn’t see any to click on.

There are galleries of quilts from each publication of quilts and projects. The quilts open in a new window where there aren’t any other photos of the quilts from the main page (only a lifestyle shot for the ones I looked at), then all the links to buy the various products needed to make the quilt. I would have at least put up additional photos. There is a section of free quilt patterns and a newsletter you can join.

I truly don’t believe that everything in the quilt world should be free. I believe that people should be paid for their designs, patterns and work. This site is all about sales. There is nothing cheerful or friendly to make me want to look around and, perhaps, get interested in a pattern or project. I know the site is new and is probably being built out, but they need to pay some writers to add content, get some photographers to add photos to the project pages and, generally, beef up their offerings. Beyond that I am not sure what to think except one of some magazine (blog, website, IG feed) needs to write a column called Quilt World News so I don’t find out about this stuff in an ad. Perhaps one does and I am missing it?

Another organization I came across was the National Quilter’s Circle. Where have I been? They claim it is free, but you can’t see anything without entering your email. Once you enter your email “you have been invited to become a premium member.” Hhmm. Cost is $5 (cheap) and they also have online classes, but still. I can’t see anything, so how do I know if the information will help me? Once you put in your email, you can see a sample video (I haven’t watched any yet). They say they have videos, projects with new videos every week. I’m not joining even at $5, but it could be interesting and cheaper than $25 or $49 of The Quilting Company. After a week or so of receiving the National Quilter’s Circle emails, I might sign off. I get at least one email every day and 1-2 times per week they are offering me a deal to join.

Projects, Patterns, Classes & Tutorials
If you need to dip your toe into bag making, then the Crafty Wench’s Pool tote looks easy and has some things going for it. Despite the fact that I haven’t made the project, I read through the directions and like:

  • the shoulder strap and handles features
  • she makes the strap early on in the project and you know I like having the little parts of the project done first
  • her cat looks like my old cat Spooky
Vintage Modern Pincushion
Vintage Modern Pincushion

I updated some of the pincushion posts to make the pattern information clearer. One pincushion I like to make looks like a little cake. I love this pincushion and may have to make some more of them! It is a pattern from Fig Tree & Co called Petite Gateau. I bought the print pattern at PIQF, but she has a downloadable version, if you want it NOW.

Tim's pincushion in the wild
Tim’s pincushion in the wild

The other pincushion I make is the WonderClip pincushion. I found the pattern in Love Patchwork and Quilting, issue 39. It is available digitally in the Apple and Google Play stores. I don’t know if the print issue is still available.

Tucker University is a program from Deb Tucker of Studio 180 designs, the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star ruler, Wing Clipper ruler and many other products. This program allows shops to get a kit for demos and classes. You, as a LQS customer, can look at the available classes (you know you want to make a Hunter’s Star quilt with the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler!) request these classes from your LQS. Shops can subscribe to the classes and get a bonus if they subscribe for a year. The program looks interesting.

Normally, when I make a pillow cover, I just make the back out of two smaller pieces of fabric and make sure they overlap. At some point I got a catalog from Spoonflower and saw that they had a tutorial for putting in a back zipper closure. In an upcoming swap for my guild we are making pillows. I decided that I would try this method. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I visited the Quilts Illustrated site to see if they had zippers (they do). I bought a zipper from Elkhorn Quilt Company at QuiltCon to complete the Quilts Illustrated Tool Tote pattern I bought, but now that I have decided on fabric colors for the bag, the zipper is not the right color. As I was looking through the site, I was reminded of the cutting pages. The pattern I bought comes with little tags you can attach to your cut pieces to keep them in order. QI has PDF versions if you need more.

Need to make some aprons and want to make them from free patterns? AllPeopleQuilt has a post with 5 free patterns.

I updated my Half Rectangle Triangles tutorial page with a technique by Latifah Safir. I saw an episode of Fresh Quilting where she talked about a quilt she made with the HRT shape. She has a nice handout, though she doesn’t talk about different sizes of rectangles or the ending size of the patch made with this tutorial. I also added Jacquelynne Steves tutorial, which does have some math included to help with determining finished sizes. I haven’t found a complete chart yet that allows the maker to look up finished sizes and find cut sizes.

As you know from my mentions of the Organizer Club I joined, the Crafty Gemini is my new best friend. 😉 She put out a new video on taking body measurements and how those measurements relate to sizes on patterns.

I updated the Quilt Class: Curves tutorial with a new resource. I watched Fresh Quilting and came across the Curves Survival Guide by Jen Carlton Bailly. I’d like to try this, but I might just stick to pins. Since I pre-wash (the living daylights out of) all my fabrics, I don’t wash them after I finish them. I am not sure I want glue in my seam allowances. Still, it is an interesting technique.

The MQG has articles, patterns & Videos available to MQG members. Check it all out on the Resources page!

  • Articles – New articles from the modern quilting community are published each month! » Learn more
  • Patterns – Quilt of the Month patterns and additional bonus patterns are available year-round » Learn more 
  • Blocks – Each month, the MQG publishes a block pattern with loads of variations on how to use it in a quilt. Block and quilt patterns are available here. » Learn more
  • Fresh Quilting – All episodes of Fresh Quilting seasons 1 and 2 are streaming online for MQG members! See them all here. » Learn more

Tools, Notions, Supplies & Fabric
If you want to know how thread is weighted, Aurifil posted recently on their Auribuzz blog about that very topic. It isn’t a very long post, but very interesting and has a challenge for librarians at the end! Their blog is very graphically oriented and that makes it a little difficult to navigate.

I was introduced to SewTites at QuiltCon. I got a couple of samples and find them to be strong. These are magnets described as “A way to “pin” when you can’t! Magnetic “pins” for sewing super thick materials, like leather or cork, or pieces that aren’t near an edge, like pockets on bags. Simply align the pieces you need to sew together, snap on the SewTites, and SewTite-ly!” I really like this idea for keeping layers together before sewing. I’d love to see these work for basting, but can’t see how to keep the quilt taut while sliding the magnets under the quilt. If you make bags, you might want to try them out.

Schmetz has a color coded chart for their needles on the web.

Various & Sundry 2018 n.2

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials

I subscribe to the newsletter, which I often delete. I was just about to delete the Valentine edition (I am NOT making a V-Day quilt this year, despite my love of that heart quilt from QuiltCon) when I saw that they had a compilation of bag projects. The variety of projects ranges from totes and market bags to pouches and backpacks. There are a number of options that look like they would make great gifts.

Sara Lawson has a great bag for taking supplies and tools to Sew Day or on Retreat. It is called the Oslo Craft Bag and it is free IF you sign up for her newsletter. The video to help make it also available. Videos seem to be all the rage.

You might remember the casserole carrier I received as a gift in the guild Winter Exchange. I saw a pattern for the same sort of project that looked interesting and useful as well.

Only 2 more days to get Sara Lawson’s (no affiliation-just a happy customer!) 4-bag video/pattern bundle. Check out the intro video to see the projects available.

Quilt World News

There is an article about Bonnie Hunter on the Quilting Company website.

We all woke up to the news that Coats was closing Freespirit. I must be a bad librarian because I had no idea Coats even owned Free Spirit. Well, good news! (if you have already heard) FreeSpirit is saved! The Fortunoff family, owner of Jaftex, a textile company whose holdings include Henry Glass, Studio E, A. E. Nathan, Fabric Editions and Blank Quilting bought FreeSprit. The Kaffe Fassett Collective, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Tula Pink will join Pepper Cory under the Jaftex umbrella. Scott Fortunoff, the owner of Jaftex wrote a wonderful blog post about the whole deal.

You can find out more about the company on their About page. I like the blog very much. It is thoughtful and entertaining.


Julie turned me on to an article on Hyperallergenic about (and titled) Quilts as Tools of Resistance. It was about the quilts at QuiltCon, which were tools of resistance. I was glad to see the writer mention the fact that quilts have been used to promote women’s agendas for change throughout the past few hundred years of history. The article includes examples of historical protest quilts. I find history often is left out of the modern quilt movement, so this article is refreshing.

I was so pleased to see StoryBee with our own Frances Dowell! StoryBee is a new video interview show from the Quilt Alliance. It is about 20 minutes long and the first one was very well produced. The questions were excellent and went past the normal ‘how did you start quiltmaking?’. The interview show is described as being “created exclusively for our members. It’s a way for us to say “thank you!” to our members and to come together to enjoy stories from prominent quilt lovers across the country (and the world)”. The first interview is with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Yes, according to the information you have to be a member to view the shows. You can find membership info on the Quilt Alliance membership page. There are various membership levels, which all seem very reasonably priced to me:


Individual Membership

  • Student: $20 (beginning March 1)
  • Friendship: $30
  • Album: $60
  • Sunburst: $90
  • Signature: $150

StoryBee is included in all membership levels, but other benefits for different levels are described on the page linked above.

No I am not taking over Frances’ blog, but it does seem like it today. Frances has come out with a series of short stories related to quiltmaking. Check out Margaret Goes Modern, the latest from Frances, who also wrote Birds in the Air.

Dale Drake, moderator for the AQSG list wrote recently regarding Underground Railroad quilts “You all might have already seen this – I’m catching up on my magazines and this is from the May 2017 Smithsonian, on the Ask Smithsonian page:

Q: “Did slaves communicate information about the Underground Railroad through their quilt designs?”

A[nswer] from Elaine Nichols, curator at the National Museum of African American History and Culture: “That idea was popularized in the 1999 book ‘Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad’, for which authors Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard relied on a South Carolina family’s oral history. But without documentary evidence, scholars remain skeptical.”

March 27 is the day that Marie Bostwick’s new book Just In Time comes out. It is available for pre-order now!

Quilts Out and About

UP Dorm Room 1979-1980
UP Dorm Room 1979-1980

I saw a photo of a quilt in a dorm room when I was in Portland visitng the YM a few weeks ago. The museum was closed, but we were looking at their hallway display.

It is a real quilt, too. Look at those Sawtooth Stars in the border!


Doing Good

Valerie over at Evening in the Garden turned me to on to a new donation block drive that might interest some of you who don’t have a well developed charity program in your guild or don’t belong to a guild. I may have mentioned this particular project before. Kat runs a project called Covered in Love where she collects blocks every month and makes quilts. She has a new block this month and is now accepting blocks. Covered in Love provides quilts to the families of patients who pass away in an East Texas hospital.

H&M Recycling Program
H&M Recycling Program

I had to get a couple of shirts during QuiltCon. I planned to wear one thing, and then ended up wearing another which left me short of shirts. While In the dressing room, I saw the sticker on the mirror (photo, left). This is great news! I don’t like giving crappy clothes to Goodwill even if there is a mending policy. This gives me another option when donation and pet beds won’t work.


I get a little annoyed at the ads on IG, though every once in awhile there is a gem. As you may know I love pens. I am particular, though, and extremely picky. has a pen sampler by color! They advertised the turquoise sampler in their ad on IG, which OF COURSE ended up as out of stock before I heard about it. They have other tempting colors as well. I am walking away. I am.

Various & Sundry 2018 n.1

Best wishes to TFQ for a happy birthday!

January always feels fresh and shiny-clean to me. It also goes by much too quickly and becomes February, which is always a month that seems depressing to me.  This year January is chaotic – too much family and work stuff is happening and I am running from one place to another like a crazy person.

I have resolved to finish up some projects and use some patterns that have been hanging around. I am not doing a ‘refrain from buying’ challenge like many, but I am trying to buy responsibly when I am in a quilt shop. I am also tracking what I use so I can use up more than I buy and use up more than last year as well. Liesl at Oliver+S talks about simplifying, challenges and setting deliberate goals. My personal take on the key to success is doing what works for you. When I see something I don’t want or need, I put it in the ‘to donate’ box.

Doing More Good

The past several months have been tough for California and other places. The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has launched an effort in support of the Thomas Fire Victims. Scott Griffin, VP of Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has designed a beautiful Perkiomen Valley Block to make as relief for Thomas Fires victims.  Click on the block name to view the size and fabric suggestions.  Choose any solids or prints you wish to use, lights and darks as indicated. All blocks go to superbuzzy (address is included on the block information file). There is no deadline on block submission, but we would like to get quilts assembled out to the needy folks in January and February as they begin to rebuild. The guild will assemble them into quilts for those in need after this devastating fire. VMQG will be arranging sewing and quilt finishing soon. If your guild is interested in participating in this project, please contact them at Review the other opportunities to help Las Vegas and the Wine Country at previous posts.


Fabric is a joy and a problem. We love it so we buy it, pet and look at it. We also dream about what we will make with it someday. Then we have to store it. Storage is always a problem no matter what kind of house you live in. thus the fabric spreadsheet. It was started, as far as I know, by Pam of Hip to Be a Square podcast fame. Others have taken up the mantle including Cheryl of my guild who has written another essay on the subject that includes a recap of her 2017 purchases and usage.

Tips & Tricks

Megan has some tips on using Jeni Baker’s drawstring bag pattern, specifically how to put the directional fabric so it is right side up on the lining. The pattern talks about using directional fabrics for the outer fabric, but apparently the information doesn’t work for the lining. has some storage ideas. I don’t think they are rocket science, but they do make me drool a little bit. I love those wire drawers. There  are 43 various article snippets to click through. I also like the washi tape idea-pretty and useful. Additionally, there are tags at the end of the article, so readers can find other related articles. If you click on the ‘organize your sewing space‘ tag, you can see examples of gorgeous sewing spaces. No solution will be best for everyone, because all of our spaces are different. Use these articles as inspiration.

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials

Charlotte Hawkes, of the Scrapitude pattern, has a newish pattern out, Summer Stars on Fawn Lake. Valerie put me on to it and I am sorely tempted, though my to do list is also on my mind.

Various & Sundry 2017 #16

Doing Good

Quilters in Petaluma are seeking blocks 6×6, 9×9 and 12×12 to be made into bed sized quilts. They can be sent to:
Sonoma Strong
C/O NorCal Sew & Vac
909 D Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

The requests I told you about last month are still valid. Check them out at: Various & Sundry 2017 #15


Tim posted a picture of the pincushion I made for him in use!

I like the Trail Mix pattern, though not the colors, from I’d like to see it in brighter, fresher colors. I wish they would make a few so people with different tastes can see the variations. It is free, so go download it for use when you have a lot of scraps.

Several clues for Bonnie Hunter’s Holiday Mystery quilt project have already been posted. Part One, all about making 9 patches, came out on Black Friday. Part Two came out recently. In it you make a bunch of Flying Geese. As usual, I am not doing it during the time of the mystery. I may do it later, but I am still working on En Provence, the mystery quilt from last year, so I don’t really see the point of starting a new mystery quilt. I also need to get some of my own projects off my plate.

City Quilter has a good deal on their Grand Central Pillowcase Kit: the kit makes two pillowcases for $28.

Tools, Supplies & Notions

Creative Grids has a full listing of all of its rulers. They suggest printing it and taking it with you when you go ruler shopping. I find this hilarious, but it is an excellent, comprehensive list to keep on your computer.


My Self-bordering essay has gotten a lot of traction, about which I am inordinately pleased. Have you read it? What do you think?

I have heard a lot about wall basting. Anything to get me off my knees and the floor. The fabulous Christa Watson has a tutorial. The tutorial includes a link to her free Modern Puzzle quilt pattern,

Various & Sundry 2017 #15

Doing Good
Help Sonoma County quiltmakers recover from losing everything. The Santa Rosa Quilt Guild writes on their website: “We are so grateful for the outreach by the quilting communities in California and throughout the country to help us recover from the effects of the fires in Sonoma County. Your heart and generosity are a perfect expression of what we quilters do. Calls for fat quarter donations through Facebook and Instagram were an unexpected surprise.

While they don’t ask for them, I would send NEW tools and supplies -rotary cutters, rulers, mats, thread, pins, Wonder Clips, sewing machines, machine needles, and other notions and supplies that a quiltmaker needs. If I had lost my home I would want to get sewing again ASAP. Of course, they might all be super busy.

Happiness Is A Warm Quilt is seeking donations of bed-size quilts (nothing smaller) and pillowcases for children affected by the fires. The Quilt Show has a blurb and some links. You can find them on Facebook or contact

As a reminder, there are lots of opportunities to provide some comfort to those in distress. Take a look at the post from the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, calling for blocks and quilts. Also, Quilts of Compassion is collecting quilts for Houston.

 Patterns, Projects & Tutorials
Bonnie Hunter has started her winter mystery quilt. This year it is called On Ringo Lake and inspired by a recent trip to visit family in Minnesota. No clues have gone out, but the Intro is available. Read this post, as it is really helpful for choosing fabrics. Clues will be published every Friday. The first clue will go live on Black Friday, November 24th. Excellent alternative to shopping! Remember that it is up to YOU to print your clues as they are released and to save them in a place where you can find them. This mystery will be retired from Bonnie’s blog on Feb 1, 2018 and placed in the digital downloads section of the Quiltville Store for purchase after that. I am not finished with En Provence, so I doubt I will join in. I do save the clues, though, since you just never know.
Tools, Notions, Thread and Supplies
Triple Star Rectangle-Spikes
Triple Star Rectangle-Spikes

The Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt uses a ruler I have heard about called the Folded Corner Ruler. This is by Antler Quilt Design. I wasn’t sure what ‘folded corners’ were so I watched the video on the Fat Quarter Shop website. I realized that I could use this for the Triple Star. Of course, I only have about 20 more of these types of units to make, though. However, you know how I love rulers. 😉 You can buy this at the Fat Quarter Shop, Amazon (yes I get a piece) or on the Bonnie Hunter site . It is out of stock everywhere, except on the Antler Design site. Some of the sites are not taking pre-orders. I did see some other rulers that seem to do the same thing when I was surfing around.

Other Artists

Have you seen Mr. Domestic’s butterfly?

I was very sad to hear about Nancy Zieman’s death. Her obituary is posted.

Carrie Bloomston is offering creative life coaching phone (or FaceTime) consultations on Mondays and Thursdays in November. The sessions are 55 minutes for $95 (+ $5.25 WePay fees). You’ll pay via WePay through the Sign-Up Genius form below. (All times are listed in Mountain Standard Time.) Email questions to and sign up online.

Various & Sundry 2017 #14

Check out the sale page, but don’t just check it out: Contact me to buy something! 😉

Patterns, Tutorials and Projects

QuiltnSew (Pitcher’s Boutique) on Instagram is selling a new foundation piecing of the Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the old version of the Disneyland sign. I am not a foundation piecing fan, but I love these designs and bought them immediately.

Kevin the Quilter just posted the conclusion of his summer mystery series called Sapphire Stars. I don’t know whether he will keep the steps up on his blog. Go and check his blog and get the steps if you like and want to make the quilt. He will also being doing a lecture and trunk show in Missouri, if you are in the area.

Other Artists

Thanks to Stashed for letting me know about Nancy Zieman. They wrote “Nancy Zieman, beloved doyenne of sewists and quilters around the world, has retired, following the diagnosis of terminal cancer.” She has posted some final words in a blog post. The post includes heartfelt words and pictures of the studio. She is very open about her illness.

As you may have seen on my latest Design Wall Monday post, Judy at the Patchwork Times is no longer hosting this ‘community event’. It is now being hosted by another Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

I think I first saw Kathy York’s quilts at PIQF. As I recall, the piece had many little squares made from brightly colored fabric, mostly solids or tone-on-tones. I recently had the opportunity to go to her blog and saw her piece, Floating in a Sea of Symbols. I love the layers shown in the water.

I was pleased to see that my friend, Pamela Allen, had a piece in Quilt National 2017.

Wanda of Exuberant Color has some great propeller (??) blocks posted.

Tools, Notions & Supplies

I needed a new Acufeed foot, because I couldn’t see what I needed to see when trying to quilt my tablemat. I was unsuccessful locating one locally, so Gerre recommended SewVac Direct. I was really happy with their service. They were quick and answered my questions quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them.


I noticed that Quilt National no longer has catalogs on Amazon. You can buy the 2015 catalog bundle and the 2017 catalog bundle through the Dairy Barn.

I know many of you do not subscribe to American Quilter. Through a series of magazine closures, I got a long, long subscription that will end soon, but has been going on for 10 years or more. I haven’t decided whether I will renew once my subscription ends next year, but I was nudged towards yes when I received (AND actually read!) this month’s issue.Much of what I like has to do with quilt world news. Most magazines just have projects, but I like to know what shows are coming, what new products are out and who is doing what as well as articles on *techniques* rather than just projects. AQ has made a lot of changes. They now include newer designers and the colors they use in the mag are brighter. AQ still has too many projects (I have enough on my ‘want to do list’ already), but one of their projects shows how to use a 45 degree wedge triangle ruler and gives instructions on testing what you already have at home to see if it will work. I was pleased that they didn’t automatically ask the maker to buy something new. The article on Pam Holland is interesting as well. Her style is contemporary and the description of her creative process is interesting. I was also interested to see the article on the Row by Row Experience. I didn’t know how that started and was glad to read about it. Kimberly Einmo’s column talks about reviewing and getting UFOs finished. The November 2017 issue is well worth looking at.

Doing Good

Sadly, there are lots of opportunities to provide some comfort to those in distress. Take a look at the post from the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, calling for blocks and quilts. Also, Quilts of Compassion is collecting quilts for Houston. Take a look at the quilt Valerie made for Las Vegas.

I saw the Palmateer Point Linky Party and immediately liked the pattern. I think this design could be great in modern fabrics. It would work very well with the 2.5″ squares our guild uses for donation blocks, though a smaller version would look great as well.

Kathy talks about the 70273 project in her Brainworm post. She writes in a very moving manner about the lists and her reaction to seeing her name on the list of blockmakers. Dachau really affected me when I went there. I look at what is going on in the world around me and wonder if there is a Holocaust going on now that we won’t know about for years. There is another moving post on Quilt 219 on the 70273 Project site.

Articles & Information

SewVac Direct has article on sewing room safety.

Various & Sundry 2017 #13

Help Those in Need

As many of you know Hurricane Harvey is still raging as I write this. I am sure we will be asked to send fabric, quilting supplies and sewing machines to those quiltmakers who lost everything. That time is not here yet, but other supplies are needed. Hobbs Batting is filling their trucks and driving them to the affected areas. Read about it on their IG feed. Of course, national and local agencies are taking donations and blood banks need blood as well.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

I picked up a Quilts & More magazine and then forgot about it. 🙁 I saw it in the [giant, endlessly teetering, some of these papers and flattish things done have a home] stack on my desk and leafed through it while my computer took its time booting up. In it I noticed that Windham has a cool new panel of the US. It is kind of mid century modern version of a U.S. map.

I recently saw an Instagram post with some fabulous fabrics. In scrutinizing the photo, I also saw a ruler. It turns about to be the Classic Curves Ruler by colorgirlquilts. I have never seen it before, but I am definitely interested. Have you tried it?

On the Blog

My links got away from me. I recently found a couple that were out of date for some reason. Gabi Campanario – Seattle Sketcher – was one of them. I love his drawings and his drawing style. Check out his site and his blog for inspiration.

I am horrified to say that I never updated the link to Sandy’s site after she moved hosts 12 years ago (exaggeration for the sake of emphasis). You should be able to use my blogroll to get there now.

I also updated the Quilts in Print page. Have you read any of these books?

Finally, will be giving a trunk show in September. In anticipation of that activity, I began looking through my blog’s Gallery to see what I wanted to bring to the show. As a result, I have also started adding more quilts to my gallery, especially older quilts. I don’t have as much information on those older quilts as I do on my current quilts, but I have made a start. Stay tuned.


We all know Spoonflower, but my friend told me about Shop Vida. It seems like the same sort of idea, but with more wearables – scarves, shirts, and wraps.

My friend had a skein of sari “yarn”. Sari silk is twisted over yarn or string, I think to make something like yarn that you can knit or crochet, etc. I saw a tutorial for making your own with fabric scraps. I am not sure it would work for something like my scarves, but it might work for a rug.

Other Artists

Melody Johnson has a cool improv stars project on her blog. I love the colors. Very cheerful. Very quickly she turned it into Moon and Stars. Fabulous!

Have you seen Sharon Risedorph’s website? She took the photos for Roderick Kiracofe‘s book, Unconventional & Unexpected:
American Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000. This is a gorgeous, well researched and interesting book. Sharon’s site shows more than just quilts. It is spare and the photographs are highlighted very well.


You can purchase the entire archive of American Patchwork & Quilting (1993-2016) AND Quilts & More (2005-2016) on a USB drive for $149.00 (probably around $165 with tax and shipping – YMMV). Go to their shop. While generally, I have enough projects. I am very tempted by this as it is a complete collection. It will also allow me to go through my project sheets and toss the paper. Also, there are a number of projects in Quilts & More that I have really liked and would like to be able to see what I may have missed. I will have a searchable archive. I think you get updates as well, because the ad says that a 2016 update is now available.

There is an article someone sent me about the health benefits of knitting. It was in the NY Times. It references the study that came out a few years about how quiltmaking helps brain health.