ColorPlay: Pressed Glass #2

Last week I talked about the pressed glass glassware I saw at Yoder’s. There was a lot of it and I decided to do a series of posts about the different colors.

Green & Yellow Pressed Glass
Green & Yellow Pressed Glass

The green and yellow weren’t my favorite, but I could appreciate the colors. The green also reminded me of my Jadite batter bowl.

The yellow is really interesting. There is a combination of milky and clear that I can see in the photo. (I don’t remember from the store)

The Palette Builder is a great and fun tool. Try it out! Let me know if you make anything with any of these palettes.

ColorPlay May12 - default
ColorPlay May12 – default
ColorPlay May 12 n.2
ColorPlay May 12 n.2

The default palette is predictably neutral based. There is one yellow and I guess Meringue can be either a neutral or not, depending on whether it is next t a neutral or next to a bright. It is kind of shocking how many neutrals can be found in an image where my eye sees mostly green and yellow.

A very smart reader pointed out that the camera has limitations on what it can see. I know that is true, but it still amazes me.

It was interesting do move the dots around for the first time on this image. I always get a little tingle when I do that. All of the circles were towards the top in the default image, so the green was not even touched in the default palette. I kept my range in the yellows and tried to get as many yellows as I could. I will work my way down.

ColorPlay May 12 n.3
ColorPlay May 12 n.3

The third option is a combination of neutrals and greens. It is fine.

I got two marginally different green palettes out of this image. While there are some similarities in the exact shades, which makes sense, there are no duplicates in the palette. This is a good thing about camera images. The camera can pick up the differences in shades and tones found in shadows and in bright light.

ColorPlay May 12 n.6
ColorPlay May 12 n.6

Finally, I wanted to play around the Jadeite looking pieces on the bottom. I was concerned there would be too many lights for Kona, but I don’t know how many lights they have so I decided to see what I got. I was surprised to see the tool register so many darks. I did stay towards the back of the case, I’ll admit that, but still. The pieces seem lighter than the pieces one shelf higher.

I could have gone on and done more palettes, but I had to get on. Enjoy!

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