Flying Around Returns Again

Flying Around - mid July 2019
Flying Around – mid July 2019

In between a lot of work (actual work, the kind I get paid for) and work on the Orange Strip Donation Top, my main project for the weekend was Flying Around. I had a goal of getting the borders on the top part of the quilt finished. The left hand side was easy compared to the right. The right side was difficult, but the border is off the design wall. It’s really annoying how often this problem affects me. I know I should make smaller quilts, but my ideas make it impossible.

The top center is looking a bit weird and I am trying to decide if I need to rip it out. I am thinking that I can move the section right above the blue Friendship Circle up and add some more Flying Geese to connect the ones already there.

Friend Julie talked to me about the piece on Friday and that really helped. Sometimes getting an idea of what others are seeing is a good thing.

Keep in mind as you look at this piece that much of it is not sewn together, so it looks a little weird.

Flying Around Again

After a few weeks of hiatus, I finally spent some time on this project again this past weekend.

Flying Around- late June 2019
Flying Around- late June 2019

I was feeling bad about Flying Around – sort of uninterested and not getting anything done. What I needed was some time to work on it. This is not a sew and think about something else. This is a thinking project. Every seam I sew requires thought. These types of projects require time and no interruptions.

I got into the groove and made some good progress. I added a purple Friendship Circle, which you can see adds a lot to the piece. It isn’t sewn yet, so we will see some better photos later.

I also sewed some sections together, which makes it look more like a quilt.

Flying Around Progress

Flying Around - mid-May 2019
Flying Around – mid-May 2019

Yes, I think I will call this quilt Flying Around.

I was sort of avoiding this project because it is hard. I had the first dedicated time in 2 weeks on which to work and I just decided to do it. Often I decide to sew two pieces together. Two pieces become two more and suddenly I am in the middle of it and enjoying myself. That is what happened on Sunday.

First, I was thrilled to be at my machine again. I loved the travel, but really missed sewing. I did bring some handwork with me, but just didn’t do it.

Second, I was excited to be making progress and I really felt like the part on which I worked just went together. That is not to say I don’t need to do some ripping, but this piece is difficult because I have an idea and not a pattern. Nobody is telling me how to piece it or which piece to put where. It is an intellectual challenge, but it is difficult.

I have to work on the edge of the upper right hand corner. It is off the design wall, so I haven’t concentrated on it. I will need to do so soon, though.

Slow Flying Geese Progress

I have been making slow and steady progress on the Flying Geese quilt. I have done a lot of cutting and some sewing.

Flying Geese piece - early May 2019
Flying Geese piece – early May 2019

I am trying make a color wheel effect, though it will be subtle in the finished product. As with FOTY 2017, my design wall isn’t large enough to contain my piece. This means I have had to sew parts together in order to put various parts on the wall. You can see the squished green bits on the right.

I am struggling with keeping pieces in the right place as I sew and the piece shrinks. I experienced the same thing with FOTY 2017 and got through it. I will here, too.

In the course of making this quilt, I had some thoughts about HSTs and update the Triangle Technique tutorial.

Progress on Flying Geese Quilt

Flying Geese Around & Around- in process, April 2019
Flying Geese Around & Around- in process, April 2019

I spent a very happy day on Sunday working on my Flying Geese quilt. I really have to think of a better name for it, but for now, that is what I am calling it.

This is a difficult quilt on which to work, because when it is unsewn it looks messy and the pieces look out of place. When it is partially sewn, pieces still seem out of place. Still, seeing the Friendship Star block starting to come together is a good thing. It still a bit confusing, because the other pieces around it are not sewn together. I can start to see what is happening with that one section.

Flying Geese Around & Around- in process, detail, April 2019
Flying Geese Around & Around- in process, detail, April 2019

I am pleased with how the blue section is coming together. I am not sure if I like the Flying Geese so close to the top of the Friendship Stars, but in that case, I guess it looks ok.

You can see, also, that I have cut a lot more of the grey background squares, which is helping to make it possible to put the pieces together.


This piece is making me think about Kelly’s Round Robin. I don’t know if she every put it together or what she thought of my work. Anyway the piece has been on my mind.

Flying Geese

I was a very good girl on Sunday and spent most of my sewing time making sleeves. I am entering a couple of quilts in the Fair and they need sleeves. Also FOTY 2017, now finished will need a sleeve. Since I was doing finishing tasks anyway, I made a sleeve for it as well.

Flying Geese - Mid May 2015
Flying Geese – Mid May 2015

Partway through the drudgery, I decided to branch away from my UFOs and project lists. I decided to start on a new, fresh quilt project that I designed. I decided I would set the Flying Geese from the exchange I did. the photo, left, is a selection of the FGs I made and received in the exchange.

I did the Flying Geese Exchange with a friend in 2015. We might have started in 2014. I don’t really remember. I have been hoarding these FGs since then waiting for the right time to start.

I thought a lot about designs and looked at many inspirational photos of Flying Geese blocks. I was particularly enamored of a block shown by Moda that has its roots in the Dutchman’s Puzzle block, a block I like very much and is usually in my sampler quilts.  I created the design on my way home from the North Coast while DH drove. I was inspired by the Round and Round quilt by Camille Roskelly and have incorporated her reimagining of the Friendship Star block into my design. I am really excited about it, especially now that some FGs are on the design wall.

Flying Geese Exchange Quilt - starting design work
Flying Geese Exchange Quilt – starting design work

So, as I was working on the sleeves, which, have I mentioned, can be quite tedious, I did little tasks on the FGEQ (not sure what I will name this quilt yet). First, I got out the boxes of FGs. Then I printed the design, then with FOTY 2017 off the design wall, I started following my design to put FGs in place on the design wall. The photo doesn’t make it look like much, but getting all the FGs on the design wall helped me realize that I needed also to put the HSTs on the design wall. I thought I could hold off, but I needed to do it.

Flying Geese with Friendship Star blocks
Flying Geese with Friendship Star blocks

Using my Triangle Technique, I starting making HSTs. I just thought I would make a few to get the idea, but the more I made, the more I wanted. This quilt is evolving in such an exciting way. The layout of the Flying Geese does work! That is really great. The Friendship Star blocks really fit in. They look great.

I used some Queen Street fabrics I had leftover from my Queen Street mania from a few years ago and the BAMQG IRR. I have started in on a selection of those for the blue area. I am thinking of a color wheel kind of effect, though I don’t know if I will put them in color order.

There will be a lot of fiddly sewing and, perhaps some partial seams to get this baby together. I posted the last picture on IG and got some great responses. I can’t wait to see how it looks with more finished.

Right now I know I have to face the following challenges:

  • Sizing everything. Math isn’t my forte and I think I have selected a size HST that will fit with the FGs, but one can never be sure.
  • Right now it looks like I have more than plenty Flying Geese. What do to with the extras will be something to consider. I’d like to use them all, but that may not be possible. There could be possibilities for a half border or something.
  • Perhaps I should double up the FGs so they stand out more? That is a ‘make visual decisions visually’ problem and I will have to look and see.
  • How big? I want to put more Friendship Star blocks in the corners. Will that make the quilt too big?


Thinking about Flying Geese

Last year (???) or maybe the year before I did a Flying Geese exchange with TFQ. I know you have seen the design I am considering. I have been thinking about the Flying Geese themselves.

I wanted to look at them all together. The photo of the ones I have previously posted are above. What do you think?

Last of the Flying Geese

Last Batch of Flying Geese
Last Batch of Flying Geese

I took a photo of the last few Flying Geese I made before I went on vacation.

This is a cheerful bunch and I am pleased with them.

My next step is to make a block, per my design, and see if it works. The Round and Round pattern is a genius way to use the Friendship Star and I really like the pattern. Combining it with the Flying Geese will be an interesting challenge.

Flying Geese Design Thoughts

I was thinking about the design for the Flying Geese I have been getting and making for the Flying Geese swap with TFQ. We have been sending each other photos of interesting Flying Geese quilt designs.

Possible Flying Geese Design
Possible Flying Geese Design

The other day I was at In Between Stitches and I saw a version of Camille Roskelley’s Round and Round pattern. I really like the way she combined a bunch of small Friendship Stars into something fantastic. Seeing this quilt and thinking about the Flying Geese gave me an idea. Driving home from the North Coast, I sketched out an idea.

The image left is about the third draft of my design. It isn’t quite the way I want it and there are no sizes involved. Still, the Flying Geese portion is pretty much the way I want it.

Possible Flying Geese Design #2
Possible Flying Geese Design #2

I don’t want the Friendship Star blocks to be lined up the way they are in the picture above. Draft n.2 is much more asymmetrical than the picture above and more the way I would want the whole quilt.

What I don’t know yet is:

  • what sizes I will make the Friendship Star blocks
  • whether I will have half or quarter Friendship Star blocks along the border or only finished ones
  • if I will fill in more Flying Geese around the edges

Even though I have not decided to make the Flying Geese quilt, I like this idea. I get to use the Round and Round block and the Flying Geese are not lined up. For some reason that appeals to me.

Flying Geese Swap Update

Flying Geese Swap - mid December 2015
Flying Geese Swap – mid December 2015

I have been making and receiving Flying Geese all along. I finally decided to do an update as the group was getting kind of large and was taking up space on my design wall. Also, the last update I did was on November 14 and that seems like a long time ago.

If I did the math correctly (50 weeks x 4 geese each week), I have at least 200 right now. It doesn’t seem like enough, though. I think I must have more. I am kind of amazed at how easy it is to make these blocks and to have them add up in number. I really want to sew up all the patches I have cut. I am trying to restrain myself.

Some of these TFQ won’t recognize, because I haven’t send them off yet.  They were part of the Wacky Weekend Work I did. Flying Geese make good leaders and enders.

Flying Geese Swap Report and Update

Flying Geese Exchange - November 2015
Flying Geese Exchange – November 2015

I have another batch of Flying Geese blocks to show. In light of my post on inspiration for this project, I also spent some time on Pinterest looking at Flying Geese quilts. I finally feel ready to start thinking about a layout. I am not sure I want to sew a quilt, but looking at designs is finally fun.

This group of blocks looks much more Autumn-ish than previous groups.

Flying Geese Inspiration

Moda Flying Geese Blocks
Moda Flying Geese Blocks

TFQ recently sent me a link to block that I really like made from Flying Geese. It was on the Moda Instagram feed and I can’t tell if it is a historic block or if the maker added another FG to a Dutchman’s Puzzle block.

We have been doing the Flying Geese Exchange, which I highly recommend, BTW, and I have started to look around for interesting design in which to use the Flying Geese. I have begun to start thinking about something interesting to do with the blocks. TFQ is clearly on the same page.

The blocks above are from the Moda Instagram feed. I have always liked the Dutchman’s Puzzle block and actually made one for my first Sampler quilt. This block puts a little twist on the idea, but it might be just enough to keep me interested.

Mary Fons posted a link to a block she made, which I originally thought would be great for our Flying Geese. After looking at it again, I don’t think it will work. I still like it, but there is an extra color that exaggerates the motion in the block. Our Flying Geese do not have that extra color. Of course, we could still put the block together, but  we would miss out on the motion.

Love of Patchwork and Quilting had a block made from Flying Geese (Issue 24, Darling Dorothy) that is mildly appealing. I don’t think it will work for me for a whole quilt.

So you can see where my head is with these Flying Geese. Any ideas? Any interesting ideas?

Flying Geese Exchange

Flying Geese Swap - October 2015
Flying Geese Swap – October 2015

TFQ and I are still working on the Flying Geese exchange. We will through the end of the year, at least. I think for both of us this swap is keeping our heads in or keeping us on track.

It is nice to have something to do every week.

The FGs shown in this post are a combination of my contributions and TFQs. I think they go really well together. This group is very bright and cheerful.

I am not sure what I want to do with them. I have been looking at different layouts for all of these FGs and haven’t found one that I like yet. It is early yet.